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Monday, June 7, 2004

County votes $7,500 to help fix rodeo stands

Staff Writer

Buck Jackson rodeo arena stands will be fixed soon thanks to an interlocal agreement between the Town of Pecos City and Reeves County.

Reeves County Commissioners met Friday afternoon to discuss the issue of fixing the stands and how they were going to pay for it.

Town of Pecos City Fire Marshall Jack Brookshire, after a routine inspection of the stands at the facility, had said that the stands were in dire need of repair, due to damages to the wooden supports from time and possible termite infestation. The stands were built over 60 years ago, according to Brookshire.

Reeves County Judge Jimmy B. Galindo contracted architect Lorraine Dailey to inspect the stands and give an evaluation on the condition and how much it would cost to repair them. Dailey is the architect for the Reeves County Detention Centers, including the newest addition.

Galindo was unavailable for Friday’s meeting and Reeves County Commissioner Precinct 3 Herman Tarin filled in.

“We had an architect and some of the engineers and they came out and looked at it,” said Tarin. “We really need to get those bleachers fixed. There’s a lot of work to do,” he said. Tarin said that the agreement calls for the county to appropriate $7,500 for the project. “Jimmy (Judge Galindo) had met with the rodeo committee and the city and they came up with the agreement,” said Tarin.

Tarin said that agreement calls for the city to appropriate $7,500 as well and the rodeo committee will pitch in $5,000.

“These funds will come out of the ending balance, since it was not budgeted,” said Tarin. “Do we get any of that money back if it’s not used?” asked commissioner precinct 1 Felipe Arredondo.

“I’m sure we can, if it’s not used,” said Tarin. “Galindo spoke to someone in New Mexico and the lumber should be in next week,” he said.

“They’ll start working on the worst part first and then proceed from there,” he said. “Who’s going to do the repairs?” asked Precinct 4 Commissioner Hivi Rayos. “The city and the road and bridges department,” said Tarin.

“I hope they have enough people, because right now they’re shorthanded,” said Rayos. Rayos was talking about the road and bridge department, which was downsized recently and some employees were transferred to the Reeves County Detention Center.

“Do we have the money for this? We’re running really low and probably won’t be able to make the payment until another two months,” said Rayos.

“We’re taking it out of the ending balance. This is something we have to do,” said Tarin. “I think we need to repair them,” said Arredondo. “What they’re suggesting is what I think it should be,” he said.

Arredondo said that they could have found a cheaper way to fix them and made a suggestion. “Every eight feet, there’s a column supporting it, if they can just reinforce it,” he said. “I think we can cut 1/3 in expenses and three weeks is not enough time to fix them the other way,” he said.

“I know time is precious and Galindo already spoke to New Mexico and the lumber will be ready,” said Tarin. “We need to get them fixed, so that they’ll last another ten years,” he said.

President of the Pecos Area Chamber of Commerce Al Gomez told the group that he knew it was a lot of money, but that it would cost more in liability if anything happened. “And we’ll look irresponsible,” he said.

“I think it will cost more than $20,000 if anything were to happen,” said Gomez. “Just by looking at the stands you can tell that they need to be repaired,” said Tarin. “I know money is kind of short, but it’s a must,” he said.

Town of Pecos City Manager Joseph Torres said that they had already met with Galindo and had a contract. “We need to move forward,” he said.

Town of Pecos City Mayor Dot Stafford said that they had put a cap on the amount that was to be spent on the repairs.

“We too, have budget problems, but this is something that needs to be done,” she said. Torres told the group that he had an employee that had worked on the stands 20 years ago and was willing to work on them again.

“We need to fix them, but do we really need a four-day rodeo?” asked Rayos. Rodeo president Clay McKinney said that they couldn’t fit that many cowboys into a two-day rodeo.

Tarin said that the county was always receiving negative comments. “There’s a lot of money that we have put out to the community, but all anybody remembers are the negative things,” said Tarin.

Tarin said that the tax rate had gone from 40 cents to 32 cents. “I know there’s problems with the prison, but there are still some good things coming out of it,” he said.

“We’re doing the right thing and no matter what we’ve done good,” said Tarin. “I think we just need to sign this interlocal agreement,” he said.

“Commissioner Rayos, you should look at the flip side, the more days that we have the rodeo, the more people that will come in and eat at our restaurants, use our motels and spend money in town,” said McKinney.

The interlocal agreement was approved and work on the stands should begin this week.

City council to consider rate hikes

Town of Pecos City officials will meet at 7:30 a.m. Thursday morning (June 10) at City Hall to discuss several items including, “Project Lifesaver.”

This program was introduced at the last council meeting by Fariss Murphy. It is a rapid response program to aid in locating and returning wandering adults and children to their families. She had requested to be put on the agenda again to ask for their cooperation.

Council members will discuss and consider ratifying an agreement with Johnson Control and All American Investment Group.

The group will discuss and consider an ordinance for a rate increase on electrical permits, gas permits, building permits, moving permits and fees for services from the Pecos Police Department.

Other items for discussion include: ordinance #04-06-02 utility department fees; a contract with Duncan Disposal; fidelity bonds and public official bond, hiring consultant for water and sewer rate study and changing the first council meeting in July.


Manuel Rubio, Kenneth Whitlow and Helen Hagar

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