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Friday, December 12, 2008

Smokey Briggs

Sage Views

By Smokey Briggs

Politicians and money
go together like pigs and corn

A couple of weeks back, I promised myself, and She-who-must-be-obeyed, that I would quit reading the national news, quit reading the financial news, quit shouting at the talking heads on television, and only write columns about warm, fuzzy topics.

I was in a rut, she said.

I tried. In my defense, I’m supposed to be newsman, and newsmen are supposed to read and learn about the world’s goings on.

I cannot help it.

So, this week we learn that the Governor of Illinois was trying to sell our newly-minted president elect’s former senate seat.

And, it appears that Mr. Obama was trying to influence the selection, but wouldn’t meet the governor’s price.

Personally, I am astounded. Corruption in politics? Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Corruption in Illinois politics? – even more astounding.

Anybody out there who thinks that Obama did not buy the seat a few years back, one way or another, raise your hand.

Okay, now, everybody with your hand in the air, give me a call, I have some oceanfront property near Ft. Stockton for sale at a price you cannot afford to miss. Everybody else can remain here in reality.

But, even more earth shattering, we hear that Obama likes to smoke cigarettes.

Now, if this does not tickle your funny bone, something is wrong with you. “Democrat-socialist-wants-to-tell-everyone-how-to-live-their-lives but likes to indulge in the biggest liberal social no-no concocted since bludgeoning baby seals went out of style,” is such a great headline.

What wonderful, and visible, hypocrisy.

You can almost hear him telling his children, “Do as I say, not as I do, and hand over those candy cigarettes and that toy cap gun before you hurt yourselves.”

Next, we will find out that while he does not trust dumb-old Americans to handle firearms and sharp sticks, he is keen on the Secret Service having something better than a baseball bat to protect his skin.

Again, I would be astounded.

But, none of it will matter, because he, and all of his Republican and Democrat cronies are going to save our economic hides in the coming months, and we will not care that they are a bunch of crooked hypocrites that have been bought and sold more times than a blind horse at an auction barn.

Apparently, after reading the history books (that was a joke) they have decided the best approach to this government-policy created financial crisis is to repeat the policies used to combat the last really big, government-policy created financial disaster.

Those policies worked so well that a normal business cycle depression, caused by Federal money policy, became the Great Depression and lasted 12 years or so.

Herbert Hoover and FDR move over, here come George Bush and Obama.

The money chutes are open, and anyone that is someone is lined up for their share of your pie.

By the way, you and I are not “someone.”

So, the government is going to borrow money, sign our name to the note, and then loan it out to their buddies and damn-near no interest. In the process all the new money will drive inflation through the roof, and what money you have left will be worth a lot less.

The pay off for you and I, though, will be the fantastic profitability, great service and financial stability gained as Washington, D.C. takes over control of General Motors, Ford, the banking industry, and every other industry run into the ditch by current management.


Remember, this is the government that took over a Nevada brothel after a tax case, and ran the place into bankruptcy.

These boys went broke selling the two best selling commodities ever invented in all of human history?

I have even money that says with government leadership at the helm, the 2015 Chevy Tahoe will feature two donkeys hitched to the bumper, and a big sticker advertising how “earth-friendly” your new Tahoe is.

And, it will cost $11 billion dollars.

Any takers?

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