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Friday, January 4, 2008

Smokey Briggs

Sage Views

By Smokey Briggs

"It's me," and
that says it all

Dixie Jo is two and some months about now.

Ruby is now ten, and Carson Mae is seven, and I must admit, that so far, the terrible twos are one of my favorite periods in their development.

Dixie is right in the middle of them.

I know, most parents turn pasty white and tremble when they talk of the terrible twos.

And yes, Dixie has her moments as she begins the transformation from completely-selfish-proto-human into a completely-selfish-but-able-to-disguise-it-human-being.

But, along side those trying moments are moments that are absolutely delightful a different side of the same coin I suspect.

Her current greeting for me (and all others) is one such delightful moment. Somewhere in it is a deep, deep insight into the human condition, though I'm not sure I can put it completely to words. Often these days, especially when we see each other after an absence (say after a nap or a long day at work) Dixie will run into my arms yelling, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy It's meeeeee."

Not, "It's Dixie."

But, "It's me."

The tone of her voice and smile on her lips and in her eyes conveys a perfect contentment with just who "me" is and an absolute expectation that her presence will bring perfect contentment and joy upon whoever is presented with "me."

And, I must admit, it does. When I pick up "Me" I am flooded with perfect contentment and happiness.

But what a presumption this is on Dixie's part.

How blissful to know and expect that when you bestow your presence on someone with the joyful declaration that, "It's me," they will experience near perfect joy.

What a gift.

How wonderful to expect such a reaction to your very presence.

Apparently she is the missing piece of the puzzle that is my daily life, knows this, and graciously places herself in my arms so that I may be whole for a few minutes before chasing chickens, stealing her sisters' Barbies and trying to sneak dog food pellets from the dogs' bowls distracts her.

What seems a bit strange is she is right.

Picking up "It's me" produces a wonderful moment of joy every time. But how does she know?

Of course, maybe she doesn't know all of this even subconsciously.

Maybe, her declaration of "It's me" is simply a acknowledgement that she is alive, that she has not been alive so long that the wonder of simply existing has not worn off, and that being alive is wonderful.

Perhaps,"It's me," is simply her joyful declaration of existence. (And seems to really soften Dad up for the follow up of, "Cookie?")

If so, she lives in a better world than most of us who I suspect take our existence on this earth somewhat for granted, and fail to truly relish the fact that for now, we are alive to explore this world full of wonders.

Being the fine figure of a man that I am, I rarely bother with New Year's resolutions. Honestly I cannot think of much to improve on.

But this year, I think I will make one.

This year, I am going to declare, "It's me," to the world, more often.

Feel free to be overcome with joy when I do.

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