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Friday, November 21, 2008

Smokey Briggs

Sage Views

By Smokey Briggs

for 2009

The election is over!

“Hurray,” is all that comes to mind.

Now we can get on with watching the next moron screw up this country. Frankly I’m fascinated how the change from fascism to communism is supposed to change anything.

My Republican friends are mostly in a funk since their party got handed its head in the election.

“Why?” is the question being asked by long faced republicans from Wall Street to Main Street?

“Because Republicans acted like Yankee-Communist-Democrats for the last decade,” I keep yelling, but their ears apparently cannot receive information on that wavelength.

For the Obamaites, though, I suspect the honeymoon will be short-lived when they find out what “Change” really means.

Change is Washington-speak for, business-as-usual.

Oh, there will be the diehards – the anti-matter particles that match the Bush supporters who spent the past six years making excuses for a Republican who made FDR look like a conservative.

Some folks, once they vote for a guy, apparently don some really good rose-colored glasses, and that is that.

Bush could have been naked in a dump truck on Pennsylvania Avenue, shoveling tax dollars out the back to welfare recipients from the ghetto to Wall Street, using the original Constitution for a folded-up sailor’s hat, holding hands with Nancy Pelosi, and the diehards would be explaining how his behavior is actually conservative.

I understand the emotion. It is human, and I have been accused of being one.

You see the same pattern of behavior when people buy Fords or Chevy’s or Toyotas. Once purchased, their truck is the ONE.

The idealistic socialists that voted for Obama will have their diehards too.

And, I suspect they will have their hands full conjuring excuses over the next four years as nothing really changes.

So, to cheer up my Republican friends I am going to make some predictions for this time next year:

Government will be bigger – at all levels – just like it has been every year for the past eight.

Inflation will still be eating a hole in what’s left of your savings account – just like it has been for the past eight years. Politicians will still be telling you the latest financial crisis was anybody’s fault other than theirs – and that only a whole bunch of your money can save the nation from financial catastrophe. (It’s like the captain of the Titanic taking up a collection from the passengers while he stands in a lifeboat and promises that their donation will save the doomed ship).

The people with the money will still be calling the shots in Washington, D.C. — just like they have for the past eight years.

Obama will be explaining how it may be another eight years before any meaningful troop withdrawal can begin from Iraq.

Obama will also be explaining how his troop surge in Afghanistan, and maybe Iran, is working.

There will be one big difference in how we are fighting these wars. If recent Democratic governance is any indication, the one thing they are even worse at than using common sense is fighting a war. So, the troops will still be in harm’s way, but our soldiers will not be allowed to have bullets, and they will have rules of engagement that would make an encyclopedia salesman groan. You could not pay me enough money to re-enlist today.

There will still be poor people, and there will still be politicians promising them that if they get elected the poor will no longer be poor.

There will still be people stupid enough to believe this drivel.

If you have a job, you will still have to pay a bundle for health insurance, but when you go to the hospital it will look like a VA hospital.

VA hospitals will still be the government-run hellholes they have always been.

The Patriot Act will either still be around, or its twin brother will have replaced it, with a nice new name, like The Neighborhood Vigilance and Improvement Act. If it is replaced, watch for the new cameras being installed in your neighborhood, and smile when the light blinks. Republicans will be talking about the evils of large, abusive, over-spending governments – for the first time in eight years.

Anybody want to bet against me?

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