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Friday, May 19, 2006

Smokey Briggs

Sage Views

By Smokey Briggs

The Emperor
has no clothes

Actually a better title might be, “Our Federal Government Has No Clothes.”

It was bedtime. We make a point of reading a book before bedtime. Ruby reads her own books now, and Dixie, at six months, just eats the pages, so it was just Carson Mae, age 5, and dad this night.

She picked, “The Emperor Has No Clothes.”

For those of you who have forgotten, it is a tale of a couple of slick tailors and a bunch of morons all afraid to state the obvious for fear of looking silly.

The tailors come to town and promise the king a beautiful suit of clothes. He offers gold in return, and they get busy.

A few days later they show him the “cloth.” Of course there is nothing there, but they tell the king it is there, and, better yet, great men like the king can see it, but fools cannot.

Of course the king cannot see it, but the king pretends to see it for fear of being thought a fool.

This goes on and on, till the tailors bug out with the gold, and finally a young girl who has not learned the adult fear of being seen a fool pipes up with, “The Emperor has no clothes.”

I wonder when an American is going to suddenly blurt out, “Our government has no clothes.”

Actually, what they will blurt out will be, “Our government is full of bought and paid for political whores who would sell their own mother for two votes and a nickel.”

Watching and reading about the current “immigration debate” has to make most Americans shake their heads and wonder if they are nuts, or the rest of the nation, and especially our elected officials, are nuts.

Americans must feel like the Emperor’s retainers.

The retainers could all plainly see that the boss was strutting around in his birthday suit.

But, nobody said a word, for fear of being the fool who could not see the imaginary clothes, rather than trusting their own gut and common sense.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand what is going on regarding illegal immigration.

While there are tons of causes and symptoms, the bottom line is this: At least 75 percent of American citizens want illegal immigration stopped.

A clear majority wants illegal aliens already here tracked down and shipped home.

Yet, neither Democrats nor Republicans are heeding that desire.

Both sides claim that shipping those illegals already here is impractical.

Is it somehow less practical than trying to force three cultures of people who live in Iraq and hate each others’ guts to vote about their problems and sing Cumbaya?

Is it somehow less practical than taking 50 percent of every dollar from every working man and woman to pay for our government to redistribute all it does not spend to those who do not work?

Is it less practical than continuing to fight a 40-year war on drugs where we lose ground every year?

No. Of course the United States could track down and ship out every illegal alien in this country.

And we would if they were Muslims, or Chinese, or Nigerian, or even Irish.

Can you imagine our government’s reaction to a couple million Chinese running across the border every year?

I bet you can.

The prostitutes in Washington would dedicate vast resources to the effort. They would also plug the hole these illegal immigrants were flowing through in a heartbeat.

But, somehow doing that with Mexican illegal aliens is impractical. Hmmm.

So, despite the very well documented voice of a large majority of their voters, the Democrats and Republicans do nothing.

Oh, they are going to send some National Guard troops to the border, but the number is a joke.

And, while not calling it amnesty, both political parties are putting forth a plan that is nothing but amnesty for everybody already here.

Gee, that worked so well in the 1980s, glad we are going to do it again.

The real question is why? It’s not hard to see what Washington on the Gomorrah River is doing, but why? Aren’t they scared of ticked-off voters replacing them and having to actually get a job?


Our two-party system guarantees they do not have to worry. The Democrats and Republicans are making the smart political choice.

They know that white voters have no place to go. On the other hand, they have obviously decided that brown voters will go with the party that does the least about illegal immigration.

So, both parties are tripping over each other to do absolutely nothing.

I’m not sure that the assumption about brown voters is true. It seems terribly racist to assume an American citizen who happens to have olive skin would support illegal immigration just because the illegal immigrants have olive skin.

But, obviously, that is the assumption the politicians have made.

And, it is plain as day.

If you are an American citizen, brown, black, or white, the folks you voted into office have sold you out.

Democrats and Republicans have sold you out based on the racist assumption that brown citizens will vote to support brown illegal immigrants, no matter the effect on their own country, the United States. Having lived in a predominantly Mexican part of the world now for seven years, I do not think their assumption is correct.

But, it is certainly the safe assumption, and that is the path elected prostitutes will always take.

With only two parties, all the politicians have to do is cooperate, do nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, and smile on election day.

The now disenfranchised majority in this nation known as citizens, brown, white and black, will have no choice but to vote for Crook One, or Crook Two.

The reasons and end results are as obvious as a naked king on parade.

When Carson Mae and I finished our book, Carson looked at me and asked, “If everybody could see the king was naked, why didn’t someone say it?”

Without waiting for me to answer, she answered her own question.

“Those people are stupid,” she said.

Normally we discourage our children from describing other people as stupid and such.

I started to, then held my tongue.

My 5-year-old daughter was absolutely correct. The king, and everyone else who failed to acknowledge the obvious were stupid.

There was no better way to describe their action, or inaction, and remain faithful to the truth.

So, what does that make those of us who are actual citizens of these United States?

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