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Friday, June 20, 2003

Police arrest one, recover probable

stolen guns after shooting

Staff Writer

PECOS, Fri., June 20, 2003 -- Two of three guns found at the scene of last night's shooting have been tentatively identified as weapons stolen from the Ward County Sheriff's office in Barstow recently.

"The call came in at 10:04 p.m. from 708 E. 8th Street in reference to a gunshot victim," Pecos Police Chief Clay McKinney said.

McKinney said that when officers arrived to at the scene they found a male juvenile subject with a gunshot wound to the mouth area. He added that the juvenile was transported to Reeves County Hospital and as of this morning McKinney said that there was no word on the condition on the juvenile.

The police blotter indicated that Sergeant Armando Garcia, Patrol Officers Ricky Martinez, Julio Quinones and Oscar Machuca, and Lt. Kelly Davis and Lt. Juan Vasquez, and Criminal Investigators Armando Granado and Olga Lopez, Narcotics Criminal Investigator Paul Deishler, Reserve Officer Frank Sanchez, Jail Administrator Tony Dowdy, Reeves County Lt. Mike Dominguez, Deputies Danny Leos and Ramon Ortiz all responded to the scene.

"The officers began to search the scene and found a second subject walking to the residences from the alley," McKinney said.

The subject was identified as Joe Angel Hernandez, 17.

"The officers searched the alley later and found several weapons in the area," McKinney said. "They found two shotguns and one pistol."

Lt. Davis said that they recovered a 12-guage-pump shotgun, .38-caliber revolver and a .410 sawed-off shotgun.

"The 12-guage-pump shotgun and the .38-caliber revolver were stolen from Barstow," Davis said.

A third subject found at the scene was identified as Margarito Vargas, 17, McKinney added.

"A pat down search of Hernandez was conducted and officers found a substance believed to be marijuana," McKinney said. "He was arrested and taken into custody for that charge."

Vargas was brought to the Police Department where a written statement was taken from him in regards to the shooting, McKinney said. He added that Vargas was released with no charges being filed at that time.

"The preliminary investigation tends to show that this was an accidental shooting and that some of the weapons recovered in the alley were stolen out of a burglary in Barstow," McKinney said.

Though he was not certain, McKinney said that he believed the guns were stolen from the Ward County Sheriff's Department.

With the case still under investigation, McKinney said that it was to early to tell whether the three victims were planning something.

All three individual are members of the BPG, which is short for the Brown Pride Gang, police said.

Citizen's Police Alums taking orders for curb painting

Staff Writer

PECOS, Fri., June 20, 2003 -- The Pecos Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association will be working on its first big project tomorrow morning by painting address numbers on the curbs of anyone wanting it done.

"The project is called 'Numbering the Way,'" President of the Alumni Brenda McKinney said. "It is one project the alumni has taken on to help the law enforcement agencies, Meals-on-Wheels program, the ambulance service and other agencies and organizations."

She added that the organization would first begin working on the project during the weekends and that if they received a good response members of the alumni would go out during the week and work on the projects.

'If everything goes well we may go three days out of the week if we get that good of a response after this weekend," McKinney said. "Some of the members will get out there and work on it."

She added that she felt it would be easier to take orders rather then going door-to-door.

"We thought that it would be easier if we first received calls requesting that we do the project rather then going from door to door," McKinney said. "Currently we have about 16 homes lined up for tomorrow."

McKinney said the alumni is asking for a $5 donation but would not turn anyone down.

"We will take any donation," McKinney said. "Also we will not deny anybody who may need their number painted on the curb but may not be able to give a donation."

She added that the organization really wants to help anyone needing their number painted on the curb.

"We would like to thank Mike Balog for his assistance in getting this started," McKinney said. "We would also like to thank Larry Windham and Starkey Warren for their donation of stencils and paint. Also the members of the Alumni for taking their time out of their personal schedule to work on the project."

Anyone interested in having their number painted on the curb may contact McKinney at 445-9000, Laura Teal at 447-2552 or Jennifer Galvan at 445-5475.

One arrested in North Side drug bust

Staff Writer

PECOS, Fri., June 20, 2003 -- One individual was arrested and placed in the Criminal Justice Center, Thursday evening following a narcotics search warrant that was executed on the north side of town.

Officers from the Pecos Police Department, Reeves County Sheriff's Department and the Trans Pecos Drug Task Force executed a narcotics search warrant at 925 N. Hickory, Thursday evening.

"Once the SWAT team had secured all the occupants inside the residence, officers then proceeded to search the premises," said Pecos Police Investigator Paul Deishler.

During the search of the residence officers found inside the house a substance believed to be cocaine, according to Deishler. "Officers also found inside the residence paraphernalia commonly used in the packaging of cocaine," he said.

After the officers completed their search, Rosalba Navarette, 37, was placed under arrest for the offense of possession of a controlled substance, (cocaine). "This offense will be a State Jail Felony," said Deishler.

Navarette was transported to the Pecos Criminal Justice Center and released to the jail staff for booking.

She is currently in custody awaiting arraignment.

Commissioners set to discuss transferring

funds from County to RCDC

PECOS, Fri., June 20, 2003 -- A new extension agent will be the topic of discussion at the regular Reeves County Commissioners Court meeting.

The group will meet at 9:30 a.m., Monday, June 23, in the third floor courtroom of the county courthouse.

Commissioners will discuss and take action on an interim transfer to the Reeves County Detention Center Fund; Reeves County Food/Kitchen Supplies bids; dental equipment bids No. 25A-03 and to declare Pitney Bowes County Mailing Machine, Model #U570 and Serial #18584 as salvage/surplus item.

The group will discuss and take action on bond and oath for Suzanna Natividad;. deputation and oath of Kevin Lee Roberts as Reeves County Deputy Sheriff; consolidation of all city of Pecos polling places for the Sept. 13, constitutional amendment election; and property bid for property located at N/2 and S/2 of South Front Street, in Toyah.

Regular agenda items include: reports from various departments; budget amendments and line-item transfers; personnel and salary changes (RCDC, county clerk, sheriff's department, JP Precinct No. 1, recreation department and Reeves County Judge's Office); minutes from previous meetings and semi-monthly bills.

Los Palominos: Musical brothers to play tonight

Staff Writer

PECOS, Fri., June 20, 2003 -- Growing up in a musical family led four brothers to form their own group and make their way to the top of the Tejano music scene.

Brothers, Johnny, James, Jorge and Julio Arriola, better known as "Los Palominos," travel throughout the United States and Mexico performing their own special brand of Tejano music.

"We first formed our band at a real young age," said Johnny Arriola. "We were in junior high and elementary school," he said.

The brother's father was a musician when they were very young, and Arriola said, "I think that's why we're all so musically inclined. It's hereditary."

"That's where we get our talent from," said the accordian player.

Johnny Arriola is the accordian player and also sings vocals for the group while brother James is the lead singer, Jorge plays bass and Julio is the drum player for the group.

"We used to open up for La Mafia and that was the last time we've been in Pecos," said Arriola. "It must have been in 1992-1993," he said.

Arriola said that since the group has been headlining, they have not made any trips to Pecos, but have performed in Odessa. "We run into a lot of Pecos people up there, though," he said.

Even though the group performs in Mexico, Arriola said that Texas was their home state and they enjoyed performing in the West Texas area. "We perform a lot in San Angelo, Odessa and Midland," he said.

All of the Arriola family still resides in Uvalde, where the group grew up and still calls home. "We travel all over, but that will always be our home," he said.

The group started recording with Tony Records and have recorded several tapes with that company. "They were our first major label," said Arriola.

"We've recorded seven with Sony and then we went and signed with Fonovisa, and have recorded three with them," said Arriola. "This is our tenth one," he said.

Arriola said that their newest CD came out in April and is entitled, "Tocame."

"We like to perform pretty much everything," said Arriola. "But mostly we play Tejano music," he said.

The Arriola family consists of six boys and one girl. "She can sing really well, but I guess she doesn't like the spotlight, so she doesn't perform with us," said Arriola. "She also inherited the musical talent," he said.

The group will be in Pecos this evening, at 7 p.m., at the Riverside Ballroom, located on Third Street.

"We'll be going on to Lubbock and then to Reno, Nevada and from there to California," said Arriola. "That's a pretty typical schedule," he said.

"We're mostly on the road, especially when a new CD comes out," said Arriola. "We're out there promoting it and that's what we're doing now," he said.

Arriola said that the group is excited about performing in Pecos. "It's been a long time since we've been here and we're all excited and happy about," said Arriola. "We want to invite everyone to come out," he said.

Class of '83 reunion

PECOS, Fri., June 20, 2003 -- The Pecos High School Class of 1983 will be having their 20th year reunion in Pecos, on Friday, July 4 and Saturday, July 5.

For more information or if you would like to help call Jessie Hardwick at 445-4171 or 447-0135.


Patricia Matta, Bernabe Tarango and Oscar Reese

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