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Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Smokey Briggs


By Smokey Briggs


laws cost too much

and accomplish zero

I have an announcement to make: human beings will be biased against each another until the final blast on the trumpet.

Religion, race, nationality, dialect, sexual orientation, gender, what part of the country you are from, what schools you did or did not attend, who your mama was — boys and girls, this will never go away. It is part of the human condition and you cannot legislate humanity or inhumanity.

Currently the United States Senate is considering a bill that will outlaw considering a person's sexual orientation when making decisions about hiring, firing, salary and promotions.

Anti-sexual orientation is the latest child of Mr. And Mrs. Utopia in their never-ending effort to rid the world of that which they deem not nice no matter the hopelessness of the cause or the price of supporting their babies.

The absolute futility of these laws irks me almost as much as the true price tag to American business.

Just how do you prove someone fired you because you are homosexual unless he writes it down or shouts it across the office as he sails your pink slip-made-into-a-paper-airplane toward your desk?

You do not. In 99.9 percent of discrimination cases the "proof" is more in the allegation of discrimination rather than real evidence. But the bean-counters' union runs like rabbits whenever they smell a possible lawsuit and settling a case no matter a lack of evidence seems to have become the norm.

Will this law actually affect any real protection for homosexuals?


If I am really prejudiced against homosexuality and really want you out of my business I can find a way to fire you and never so much as frown in your direction. I can probably make you want to quit long before I sail your paper airplane pink slip across the office.

Just like any other manager or business owner in the country.

The law will not protect anyone.

But what will it cost?

Plenty, just as all the other children of the Utopia marriage have.

American business is jumping off the American ship in droves.


Because doing business in America is expensive.


Government regulations and goofy laws.

Goofy laws like this one that do not protect anyone but will add another level of paper work to the mountain inside the files of the human resources eggheads and will create jobs for attorneys and anyone who gets fired, happens to be homosexual, and did not enjoy being fired.

Will it matter if the person were fired for legitimate reasons?


Corporate America will run for cover rather than take their chances in court. The cash register will ring. Company profits will drop.

Eventually some bright young star on the corporate ladder will do a cost of doing business comparison between America and two or three third-world nations and discover that the profit line will triple if they move the manufacturing process to a country that still considers mules first-class transportation.

At that point America will make one more payment toward supporting the Utopia kids and take one more step toward entering the Third World as an equal partner.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Smokey Briggs is the editor and publisher of the Pecos Enterprise whose column appears on Tuesdays. He can be e-mailed at:

Our View

Get involved Pecos

It is Rodeo time Pecos. It seems that we save all the fun stuff in Pecos for the 4th of July: Rodeo, Golden Girl, Little Miss Cantaloupe, Windmill Square Players, Dances at the Sheriff's Posse, Night in Old Pecos, Old Timers' Reunion.

For a sleepy little town in West Texas the week of the 4th is quite a production. Considering the quality and scale of this effort Pecos ought to be very proud of this week. Towns twice this size would be hard pressed to put on such a show.

If you talk with almost anyone who is involved with the production of these events right now they will probably grumble and cuss the day they volunteered. In about a week the grumbling and cussing will begin to fade.

Being a part of this production really can be fun. Granted, it is a lot of work if you are holding up your end, but generally the folks involved are good people to be around and work with.

If you are not somehow involved in the production of all of this, getting involved is worth a moment's thought.

It is good for your community. Pecos without these events would be far less fun to live in.

More than likely, all of this will be even more fun if you have a hand in the creation of it.

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