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Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Smokey Briggs


By Smokey Briggs

It's called the

Constitution, Stupid!

Okay, who elected this bunch of illiterate fools that are posing as our Senators and Representatives in Washington?

Yeah, I know. We did. Shame on us.

Obviously these morons cannot read.

If they could I am sure they would take a minute and read that little document us country folk like to call the Constitution.

If they actually read that august document, they would probably realize that the so-called "campaign finance reform" bills both houses have passed blatantly abuse the First Amendment.

One of the biggest supporters of this bill of fool's goods cannot claim illiteracy as an excuse. Newspapers and other media outlets have gushed support for the bill and its top supporter, Sen. John "Big Brother" McCain, despite the blatant violation of free speech.

Hopefully the media elite can at least read, and as often as they wrap themselves in the cloak of the First Amendment a person would hope they were familiar with the First Amendment.

A cynic would suspect that a pay off was in the works _ that Dan Rather and the New York Times see a silver lining inside this storm cloud of First Amendment bludgeoning.

It is.

The bill, popularly known as the Shays-Meehan Campaign Finance Reform Bill, outlaws organizations from mentioning a candidate's name in political advertising during the last 60 days of a campaign. (30 days for primary races).

So, under this legislation, who is left that can speak their minds about some probably illiterate moron running for the Senate during the last two months of the campaign season?

Grass roots organizations funded by Joe Six-Pack and the rest of us mooks that have joined together to make our puny (poor) voices heard on the political stage?

No. That's funded by soft (evil) money and nixed under the guise of campaign finance reform.

Newspapers, television broadcast companies and politicians?

Yes. That is simply freedom of speech.

The difference is perfectly clear.

If you are a moron.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Smokey Briggs is the editor and publisher of the Pecos Enterprise whose column appears on Tuesdays. He can be e-mailed at:

Your View

Galindo trying too hard to stay in power

Dear Editor:
I have several questions that need to be  answered concerning all this political commotion.

First, who in their absence from the County Judge's Office is taking care of county business? Galindo and his county paid operatives are putting one hundred percent of their time toward his re-election.

Second, full page ads cost at least $800.00 each and large political signs runs several hundred dollars each. I've counted at least 35 Galindo signs. Galindo is running on the local radio station constantly. That costs money.

Question is: Where is all this money coming from and how much is there? Obviously more than shows on the campaign reports.

Third, does Galindo actually own any property in Reeves County?

My own impression is that he is trying too hard to stay in power with no regard to the citizens of Reeves County.


Critic's Corner

Love is a 4 legged word

Robert X. Leeds parlayed a broken heart over a pet dog's death into a string of pet motels and now a book detailing his experiences.

In Leed's American Pet Motels, dogs slept on  brass beds and talked to their owners on Snoopy  telephones. They had midday cookie breaks and listened to  piped-in music. Pets ate the same food at the motel that they  were used to at home, even if it was a half glass of beer  at bedtime or eggs and bacon for breakfast.

Leeds gave up a career as an engineer with General Motors to launch his pet motel in Illinois, after four years of research and a disappointing hunt for financing. MacDonald's owner Ray Croc of McDonald's invested over $1 million in Leed's dream.

Photos of clients through the years enhance the 286-page text, published in hardback by EpicPublishing Co. Available in bookstores at $24.95. ISBN 0-9674025-2-2

_ Peggy McCracken

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