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Friday, March 11, 2005

Smokey Briggs

Sage Views

By Smokey Briggs

A few questions
for my legislators

Dear Texas Legislature, I have a few questions I would appreciate answers to.

Question Number One: Who wrote the rule that taxes must go up every year?

(This one is just for my personal edification as I would like to pay said rule-writer a visit with a baseball bat in the dark of the night).

Question Number Two: On what bit of truth is The Rule based? Or, to put it a bit more plainly, why do taxes have to go up each year so that the State of Texas can continue to operate?

Now, I am no friend of the word tax.

In Smokeyís Dictionary for the Common Sense Man (and Woman) tax is synonymous with robbery, mugging, and theft.

In the strictest sense, there is no difference between mugging a guy for his money and taxing him except that in the first situation an entrepreneur with a gun takes your money and in the second case it is your friends, neighbors and fellow citizens.

The effect of the tax and the consequences for not forking over the dough are the same. But, okay, I will admit that a civilized society in the modern world must raise some collective revenue to be able to function. Even I admit that the Marine Corps must be funded although there are not many other functions of government that I think are necessary.

And, maybe the State of Texas needs a Marine Corps in case the Mississippi National Guard starts feeling froggy and jumps.

So, some taxes might be necessary.

But that takes me back to Question Number Two. Why must taxes always go up?

How is it that the State of Texas (and every other state in the union) cannot manage to live within last yearís budget since its revenue was already adjusted upward to cope with inflation and population growth based on the very nature of the taxing scheme?

Families manage this nifty little trick. Businesses do it. Why canít our state do it?

Not even once.

It makes me wonder how Texans (and their state) even managed to survive to reproduce a new generation in the 1950s, or 60s, or 70s.

Just what are we spending each yearís salary on guys?

If I budgeted like this She-who-must-be-obeyed would have invoked the ítil-death-do-us-part clause in our marriage contract years ago and I would have already heard the sound that I am sure will be the last thing I ever hear on this earth - the well-oiled click, click, click of my favorite Coltís hammer being pulled all the way back.

Which brings me to Question Number Three: Do you guys really think you are improving this state by taking a bigger chunk out of Texansí pocketbook every year?

To put it so that you guys in Austin might better understand it - just think of all the money being made by working folks as a big pecan pie.

In 1900, Austin took a thin sliver. In 1930 it took a whole piece. In 1950 Austin needed two pieces to get full. Today, it looks like it is going to take about four pieces.

Since I am a cheapskate, I usually cut a pie eight ways, and that still works out to about half the dang pie.

I do not care whose supper table you are sitting at, taking half the pie is just plain bad manners.

Just what have you guys found this year that requires another slice of pie?

From what I hear you are scrambling trying to figure out how to slice off a little more.

Which brings me to the Fourth and Final Question: Is there any limit to how many slices of pie you can consume? I ask that because I already know there is only one pie, no matter how you slice it, and if this goes on much longer the taxpayersí slice is going to look mighty thin.

Your View

Travelers thank Pecos for services

Dear Editor:

My husband and I were returning home to commerce, texas from san diego, California last Monday (febr. 28)…we experienced car trouble (lost our fuel pump) in kent around 4:30pm on that Monday…we were towed to pecos by jorge with hectorís tow service and had to stay 2 nites there and the quality inn (our car was taken to coltís for repairs)

…JUST WANTED TO LET SOMEONE KNOW HOW PLEASANT AND HELPFUL THE FOLKS WERE THERE…everyone -- the folks at the towing service, coltís dealership, and the quality inn hotel --- we really do appreciate your friendliness and customer service shown to us during this stressful time…

HATS OFF TO PECOS and thanks again…

Ms. Debbi Howard

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