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Friday, June 10, 2005

Smokey Briggs

Sage Views

By Smokey Briggs

In the

North Korea recently stated that it plans to test a nuclear weapon in the near future. This does not sit well with Americans because most of us know that North Korea is run by an evil pack of communists (yeah, I know, communist and evil is redundant).

The hand wringers are suggesting more concessions. Having an ounce of common sense, I suggest a different tact - call up the head commie and let him know that the moment they test their nuke - we are going to have a little nuclear test of our own.

I bet they cancel their test. If they don’t, we owe the South Koreans a “Head’s up.”


Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California, may be a neo-conservative socialist but at least he acts like a man.

Recently he has been taking heat for praising the Minutemen volunteers who have been patrolling the Arizona border to try to stop the flood of illegal aliens and dope walking across it.

After the media and President Bush knee-jerked criticism of the project and his praise, Schwarzenegger refused to back down.

A recent interview with media talking head Chris Wallace went like this:

Wallace: "But you also have praised the Minutemen, who President Bush says are vigilantes, for doing a terrific would you secure the borders?"

Schwarzenegger: "By just having more patrols. That's what every country does. It's not reinventing the wheel. That's a no-brainer. I mean you don't have to be a brain surgeon or anything like this to figure that one out. If you have not enough border patrol people can go through it left and right..."

Wallace: "There are thousands of miles..."

Schwarzenegger: "So what. That's what you do when you have a huge country..."

Thank you Governor for having the guts to state the obvious. What is sad is that American citizens should ever feel the need to form such an organization in the first place, and that once formed, it should be greeted by the jeers of gutless politicians who would rather try to grab votes than enforce the laws they have sworn to uphold.

What part of “illegal” can’t you understand boys?


Congress failed to pass a law recently that would have put statutory limits on women’s participation in combat zones.

It is sad that we should even have to talk about such stupidity in this country. Women do not belong in combat units. Duh. One could add such stunning statements as, “Fire is hot,” and “Water is wet.”

It is sadder that the gutless majority in Washington cannot come to grips with the idea.

Of course what do you expect from a bunch of effeminate twits who, most of whom never bothered to don a uniform, and who sell other people’s money for votes so that they can steal more of their constituents’ money.


In a really fun twist of irony the liberals are getting a good dose of the medicine they have concocted over the years with the recent Supreme Court ruling giving the Federal government the right to prosecute medical marijuana users in states that have legalized the practice.

That is just downright funny. Perhaps even more ironic is that I side with dope smoking hippies on this one.

But, this die was cast a long time ago and liberals have won victory after victory with the same sword that skewered them on this one.

The sword is the death of states’ rights. Unbeknown to most graduates of institutions of public education, The United States was established as a Constitutional Republic with very limited powers handed to the Federal Government and the rest reserved for the states.

The real death of states’ rights took place in 1865 when Abe Lincoln completed his conquest of the Confederacy comprised of states that had peacefully withdrawn from what was supposedly a voluntary union of sovereign states.

But the real effects did not become felt until 100 years later. No matter your feelings for the civil rights movement, legalized abortion, gun control (pro and con) or any of the hot-button issues of the past 50 years, none of these could have been at issue if states’ rights existed.

States have no rights. The Federal boys proved that once more by deciding that federal prohibition laws on cannabis trumped state laws.

Ends-justify-the-means medicine tastes fine as long as you are getting your way and the liberal crowd liked it fine when the Supreme Court took issues like abortion away from the states.

Wonder how it tastes now?

Once again, I will ask the question, “Will somebody please tell me where in the Constitution it says anything about the Federal Government having authority over medicine, dope, or any of the 100,000 other things that it claims to be the final authority on?


Last is the report of two men crossing the Artic Ocean to call attention to global warming abandoning their expedition because of - get this - heavy snow, wind and ice.


That is just funny, I don’t care who you are.

The outing was sponsored in part by Greenpeace, which makes it even funnier for me.

You know, when I was a young man, I thought I was an environmentalist. I grew up in the country. I was taught to love and respect the land and the life that it gave. I was taught to kill only what I needed to eat. I was taught to conserve the bounty of this earth. Surely I was an environmentalist.

Then, one day I met a Greenpeace-card-carrying-environmentalist. Since then I have decked anyone who dared insult me by calling me an environmentalist.

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