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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Top prizes awarded at Fair in food, arts, craft divisions

The weather cooperated for the second year in a row this past weekend, at the annual Reeves County Fall Fair, allowing for events to go on as scheduled both at the Reeves County Civic Center and at the Reeves County Sheriff’s Posse Arena.

Cooks from all over were on hand to show off their talent at the Annual Barbecue Beef Cook-off held Friday and at the Posse Arena, with the Grand Champions honors going to the Cast Iron Chiefs and Michael “Mitch” Lyles.

Judging was in two categories, ribs and brisket and awards were handed out for first, second and third place and Grand Champion named.

Lyles also won First Place in the Brisket Category, while second place was Chief’s Camp, in memory of Chief Warrant Officer Johnny Mata, and third place went to Jackson Hewitt, with cook Kenneth Shaw. In the ribs category: first place was awarded to Steven Pulda, with Sunset Steakhouse; second place, DFJ Trucking, cook Noe Ybarra, and third place, David Hargrave, with Smoking With a Stack Deck, co-sponsored by the GEO Group.

The Reeves County Sheriff’s Posse also raffled a barbecue pit and the winner was Melvin Orona. The Reeves County Democratic Party also had a booth at the cook-off, even though they didn’t enter the event, handing out bowls of chili.

At the Reeves County Civic Center, awards were given out in a number of arts and craft division at the adult level.

In the crocheting division, baby afghans, first and second place, Christie Blake, third place, Margaret Ryan; afghans: first place, Millie Jackson and second place, Virginia Pena; Ponchos: first, second and third places, Christie Blake; baby sweaters, first, second and Best of Show, Christie Blake; Apron: first place, Mina Morris; Sewing: pillow cases, first place, Sib Higginbotham; Towels: first place, oven door, Virginia Pena and second place, refrigerator by Virginia Pena.

Embroidered: first place, Jackie C. Paschal; painted chairs, first, second and third places, Joyce Morton; pictures: first, second and third places, Ella Sue Johnson; shadow box: first and second places, Ella Sue Johnson; bath scrub, first place, Ella Sue Johnson; painted photograph, first, second and third places, Cindy Shores; bottle cap snakes: first, second and third places, Mary Gene Poole; fruit: first place, pomegranates, David Teal; second place, pears, Lee Renz.

Students: fist place, sculpture, Eleseus Marquez, second place, original painting, Eliseus Marquez; cross stitching, first place, Vera Seller; second place, Laura Teal; third place, Jayne Robinson and Best of Show, Jayne Robinson; birdhouses, first place, Michael Ramirez; wood large, first place, J. Bettras; second place, tall bird house; third place, Elayna; fourth place, Jose and fifth place, Kellie Taylor.

Bird Houses, medium birdhouses: first place, Monique Herrera; second, Liz Bertha Fierro; fourth, Juan Arenivas and fifth Felix Cobos; small wood, first place, princess house; second, Alfredo Saucedo; third, Amanda; fourth, purple house and fifth Jose; popsicle sticks, first place, Crissy, second, Neno Mendoza, third, Alexa, fourth Alex Gardia and fifth Angie; cardboard, first place, Hali Flores; second place, Catherine Bowers, third place, Michelle and fourth place, Lila Benavides.

Unframed photograph colored, natural history, first place, Joyce Morton, second place, Margie Williamson, third place, Stephanie Gonzales; vanishing past, first place, Stephanie Gonzales, second and third places, Margie Willamson; portrait personality, first place, Victor Ashley, second place, Joyce Morton, third place, Margie Williamson; old structures, first place, Catherine Travland, second place, Margie Williamson; feature human interest, first place, Joyce Morton, second place, Catherine Travland and third place, Mace Williamson; scenic, first and second places, Margie Williamson, third place, Victor Ashley.

Black and White, unframed photograph, first place, Stephanie Gonzales, second and third places, Margie Williamson; vanish past, first place, Margie Williamson, second place, Stephanie Gonzales, third place, Margie Williamson; human interest, first place, Margie Williamson, second place, Stephanie Gonzales; portrait/personality, first place, Margie Williamson, second place, Stephanie Gonzales and third place Stephanie Gonzales; old structure: Stephanie Gonzales and second, Margie Williamson.

Professional photograph, framed: portrait personality, first and second, Cindy Shores; natural history, first, second and third, Cindy Shores; feature-human interest, first place, Cindy Shores; portrait/personality, first place, Ruben Tellez; natural history, first place, Cindy Shores, second place, Ruben Tellez and third place, Cindy Shores; scenic, first place, Ruben Tellez; vanishing past, first place, Ruben Tellez.

Cattle call goes up for Fair’s livestock show

Entries were down in the lamb and goat divisions this year at the Reeves County Fall Fair’s Livestock Show, but entries were up in the steer and heifer competition, all of which were held Saturday morning at the Reeves County Civic Center.

In steer judging, Max Henson won grand champion with his Class II European, while Celesta Turbough, the reserve champion in that division, also was awarded reserve champion overall. Zackery Bugg was third and Garrett Floyd fourth in the division

Winners in the other divisions were Brianna Bugg, first in the Class I European, with Nathan Box second and Tyler Brewster third. Class I British winner was Justin Tucker, with Henson second and Joseph Rodriguez third, while Shelby Wells was first and second in the Class II British with Emily Rodriguez third. Colin Brewster had the only entry in the Class I American division.

In the heifer judging, Floyd won grand champion with his Class I Horned Hereford, while Kim Wilson took reserve with her Class I Polled Hereford. Wilson also took second in that class, and had the only entry in the Class II Division.

Floyd also earned second in the Class I Horned Hereford Division, and won the Class II Division, with Emily Rodriguez second. The other division was Class I Exotic, where Rayann Box was first and Nathan Box second.

In lamb judging, Allan Roman took first place with his Cross entry, as well as reserve champion with his Class II Medium Wool entry. Chris Martinez was second and Sydni Tucker third in the Cross Division; while Keyna Valenzuela was second and Collin Brewster third in the Class II Medium Division.

In Class I Medium Wool, Danica Bugg won first, Chris Martinez was second, Tyler Brewster was third and Justin Tucker fourth, while in the Finewood Division, Danica Bugg had the only entry on the day.

Zackery Bugg’s Class IV entry won grand champion in goat judging, while Tyler Brewster won reserve champion there, and reserve overall for all four divisions. Marcos Muniz and Justin Tucker placed third and fourth in the Class IV category. Bugg also took first with his Class II entry, with Chris Martinez getting second and third and Bryce Deitiker fourth.

Brianna Bugg’s goat won in the Class I Division, with Syndi Tucker second, Deitiker third and Valenzuela fourth, and in the Class III Division, Juan Jacquez was first with his entry, with Angel Apodaca second, Brianna Bugg third and Brewster fourth.

Students’ works also recognized by Fair’s judges

Children’s art, crafts and a food show were all a part of the Annual Fall Fair held at the Reeves County Civic Center this past weekend.

In the Children’s Art Show, pre-kindergarten, from Lupe Acosta’s class, first place went to Tammy Urias; second place, Adeline Bell Bien and third place, Lauren Conger.

In Crissy Zuniga’s class, Eli Sandoval took first; Aleah Palacios second and Julian Cabral, third. Kindergarten art show winners included:

In Sharon Holcombe’s class: first, Paul Hernandez, Jr.; second, Dylan Gonzalez and third, Brianna Ramirez.

In Maria Miranda’s class: first place went to Humberto Carrillo; second, Nagely Mendoza; third, Cassandra Madrid.

Lucy Dominguez’ class, first, Adamari Molina; second, Alejandra Arciniega; third, Israel Villalpando. Ruth Merino’s class, first, Jay Lynn Navarette; second, Kevin Holguin and third Angel Garcia.

Trudi Miller’s class: first, Brianna Brazeal; second, Alyssa Marruffo and third, Yamariz Garcia; Brenda Bingham’s class, first, Ana Matta; second Mikey Fuentes and third, Zyran Kelly; Sue Parent’s class: first, Tamara Urias; second, Jorge Mendoza; third, Zachariah Hung; Maria Miranda’s class: Cydnie Jo Mendoza; second, Omar Gardea; third, Humberto Carrillo; Rachel Tarin’s class: first, Verenice Campos; second Jeremiah Hung; third, Aaron Garcia.

In Julia Fleming’s class: first, Brianna Blake; second, Gilliana Tawaran and third, Triniti Montanez. Austin Elementary School winners, students in first through third grade: first grade winners included: in Karen Bradley’s class, Hailey Vasquez; second, Ryan Orona and third, Jay Ray Adam.

First Grade, Delia Dominguez’ class: Lane Zapiea; second, Brennah Windham; third place, Christian Solis; Kristi Grigg’s class: first, Kayla Gomez; second, Julissa Yniguez and third, Sarah Gonzales; Marina Arreguy’s class: Geo Racelis; second, Meadow and third, Morgan Taylor; Evalyn Mazone’s class: first place, Nadia Pargas; second place, Mercedes Reyes; third place, Desiree Ibarra; Tracey Green’s class: first Joshua Fuentez; second, Joey Machuca and third, Cathy Ortiz; Priscella Carter’s class: first, Karis Mata; second, Isaac Garcia and third, Darling Pizarro; Irene Lujan’s class: first, Andrew Martinez; second, Brandon Samaniego and third, Raymond Rivera; Elvira Martinez’ class, first, Angel Gallegos; second, Bernise Tarin and third, Aaron Dominguez; Luz Arreguy’s class, first, Morgan Taylor and second, Morgan Taylor.

Second Grade winners were: in Michele Perez’ class: first place, Alex Parmer; second place Audrea Garcia and third place, Julia Armendariz; Dana Painter’s class: first place, Zeric Garcia; second, Madilyn Moon and third, Abigail Aileen Hernandez.

In Kalyn Salgado’s class: first place, Christian Herrera; second, Isaiah Garcia and third, Megan Contreras; Irma Martinez’ class: first, Lesli Rodriguez; second, Alejandra Mendoza and third, Hali Marie Flores.

Third grade winners were: in Carol Fowlke’s class: first, Marilyn Garcia; second, Wesley Curry and third, Louis Flores.

Rhonda Foster’s class: first, Brookley Matta; second, Marky Muniz and third, Gabrial Jurado; Becky Patterson’s class: first, Nathan DeAnda; second, Johnathan Ulate; third, Francisco Navarrete; Heather Scheier-Walker ‘s class: first place, Angel Anchondo; second, Alexix Mendoza and third, Nayclie Valenzuela; Nikki Matta’s class: fist, Mikael; second, Charlie Hollon and third, Emily Apolinar; Joe Richard’s class: first place, Aszia Ortiz; second, Kevin Ramirez and third place, Timothy Navarrette. Bessie Haynes Elementary: fourth grade winners: Marsha McCormick’s class: first place, Amber Orona; Nan Zeman’s class, second place, Nelson McGrew; Raynell Wein’s class: first place, Gabriella Arenivas; second place, Julian Millan and third place, Francene Ornelas; Rita Gilbreath’s class: first place, James Herrera.

Balmorhea winners: kindergarten, first place, Anna Reyero and second, Andrea Garcia; first grade winners, first place, Eric Carrasco and second place, Caleb Aguirre; second grade: first place, Rebecca Rodriguez and second place, Matthew Carrasco; third grade winners, first place, Thais Zuniga and second place, Chloe Dominguez; fourth grade: first place, Giselle Contreras, second place, Audrey Lozano and third place, Jana J. Harbour; fifth grade: first place, Emiteria Rodriguez and second place, Karissa Lopez; sixth grade winners: first place, Brianne Thome, second, Justine Lopez and third place, Joshua Matta; seventh grade: first place, Joel Madrid, second place, Diego Estrada and third place, Joel Madrid; eighth grade winners: first place, Yanira Natividad, second place, O.J. Sanchez, third place, Giselle Navarrete; eleventh grade: first place, Andrew Mendoza and second place, Markissa Campos.

Adult Poetry winners were, first place, “Remember Me” by Hector Campos.

Food Show winners in the baked goods division were: first place, pumpkin cake, by Catherine Travland; second place, cream cheese pound cake, Laura Teal and third place, 22 minute chocolate cake, Catherine Travland; pies: first place, chocolate, by Dorothy Hill; second place, buttermilk, Margie Williamson and third place, pecan by Margie Williamson.

Cookies: first place, pecan and chocolate chip, Jody Williamson, second place, lime zingers, Juleanne Garrett and third place, thumbprint, Catherine Travland; Breads: first place, poppy seed bread, Doris Tillery, second place- apple-cranberry muffins, Catherine Travland, third place, cheddar-walnut cranberry loaf, Juleanne Garrett; cupcakes, Italian cream, by Jody Williamson; Brownies: first place, one bowl brownies, by Margie Williamson and second place, brownies with icing, by Jody Williamson.

Youth Division:

First place, by Jolie Renz, pear streusel cake: pickles-relish, first place, green chile sauce, Diane Renz, second place, dill pickle relish, Diane Renz; fruit: first place, peaches by Margie Williamson; jelly, first place, peach jelly, second place, prickly pear jelly, Bob Tate; Jam: first place, peach jam, Diane Renz, second place, peach jam, Kim Stubblefield and third place, peachy plum, Diane Renz.

Sauce: first place, pear sauce by Diane Renz; Best Of Show: chocolate pie, Dorothy Hill.

Council weighs fate of county’s ambulance runs

Town of Pecos City Council members, who have been seeking additional funding for the Pecos Emergency Medical Service, will discuss the status of the ambulance service on out-of-town calls during their regular meeting Thursday evening at City Hall.

The city reached an agreement with Reeves County Hospital two years ago on a new contract for the local EMS service, which was designed to cut the city’s subsidy of the service. But the city is still seeking additional financial aid from Reeves County, which has not subsidized the service since 1988, when the Reeves County Hospital District was created, and given its own taxing powers.

Pecos EMS does get $5,000 a year from Ward County, plus a portion of its EMS grant funds, for covering a 10-mile section of the western part of the county that is closer to Pecos than to Monahans. The EMS also has been in talks with Loving County about receiving financial support for ambulance runs made to the Mentone area.

The city has been seeking additional funding from the county due to staffing problems with both the Pecos EMS and with Balmorhea EMS, which covers the southern section of Reeves County. A shortage of personnel in Balmorhea has forced Pecos EMS to make additional calls in the southern areas of the county, while Pecos is down to only eight volunteers for the local service.

Council members in June discussed the possibility of combining the local ambulance services and those of the hospital. Mayor Dick Alligood said there would be a $200,000 improvement in the projected deficit with a combined ambulance service between the city, county and hospital district.

Currently, Pecos EMS is a volunteer service. Members have been seeking to be classified as city workers, in order to qualify for the city’s insurance and benefits program, Pecos EMS Chief Dennis Thorp told the council in June.

The ambulance service situation is one of the first items on a long agenda for the council at their 5:30 p.m. meeting on Thursday. Members will also continue discussions on bulk water rate sales and use, with a request from M&W Hot Oil for a lower rate on their bulk water usage and a permit request for a new water resale operation.

Other items include discussion of the city’s $8,136 contribution to the recently-acquired $238,000 Texas Capital Fund grant to install water lines in the area along Interstate 20 where a new Hampton Inn is planned. They will also consider selecting the engineering firm and management firm for the contract, and will consider replatting an area to the south, along Highway 17 in the West Airport Addition, for use as an industrial park.

The council will consider appointments to the Main Street Advisory Board and the animal control committee; will consider a date for Halloween trick-or-treating in the city; will consider T-hanger fees at the north end of Pecos Municipal Airport; will consider a contract for the 2006-07 audit and will discuss the positions of city manager and municipal court judge in executive session.

WIPP transport emergency test set Wednesday

A training exercise for hazardous waste transport will be held Wednesday and everyone in the community is invited to observe the exercise, which will be held at the Reeves County Civic Center South parking lot.

“We just wanted to let everyone know about this,” said Reeves County Emergency Management Coordinator Ricky Herrera. “The general public is invited to observe the training exercise,” he said.

“The public will be advised of emergency vehicles responding and communicating over radio frequencies and this is only an exercise being conducted to provide training for our local responders in the case of an actual emergency,” said Herrera.

The exercise will run from 9 to 11:30 a.m., according to Herrera.

“We also wanted the public to know, so that they won’t think something is really wrong, that this is just an exercise,” said Herrera.

Reeves County Office of Emergency Management, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) will be hosting the full-scale Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Transportation Exercise (WIPPTREX) in Pecos.

This full-scale exercise is a tool to validate the capability and proficiency of public and private emergency preparedness systems. The WIPPTREX is a coordinated effort between local, state and federal authorities. In the early years of World War II and for many years afterwards, the United States of America embarked upon an extensive research, development and testing program to enhance its nuclear arms capability.

These efforts resulted in the accumulation of radioactive waste material that has been stored on-site at a number of generator sites across the country. Until recently, no permanent disposal site existed for this radioactive “transuranic” waste.

The Department of Energy (DOE) Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) located in southeastern New Mexico, near the City of Carlsbad, is the nation’s first facility designed to permanently store radioactive transuranic waste in a stable geological repository.

The WIPP site began operations when it received its first transuranic waste shipment from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico on March 26, 1999. The first shipment routed through Texas was received at the site in May 2001. As of September 2007, more than 6,000 shipments from all generator sites have been received at the site. Of these, 800 shipments have traversed the State of Texas on Interstate 20 to Pecos, then north on U.S. 285 to the Carlsbad area.

A pre-exercise briefing will be conducted the day of the exercise at 8 a.m., the civic center conference room. A debriefing will follow the exercise at the same location at noon.

“We look forward to seeing everyone,” said Herrera.

For more information contact Herrera at 447-3542.

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