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Thursday, September 23, 2004

City moves towards raising police dept. pay scale

Staff Writer

Town of Pecos City Council members are scheduled to vote on a pay raise for Pecos Police Department officers and staff Thursday, following a sometimes-heated budget workshop to discuss options for the salary increases on Tuesday evening at City Hall. Police officers, family members and other supporters were in the audience for the hearing, in which the council gave its support to a plan to raise the department’s base pay to $31,000, with a $120 annual raise and an $1,800 stipend, based on educational degrees earned while working for the department. If approved, the plan would go into effect as of Oct. 1, which is the start of the 2005 fiscal year.

The concerns voiced were due to the city’s current financial situation. The city was facing an $800,0000 deficit, and has given tentative approval to a 10.8-cent tax increase. City finance director Sam Contreras said planned cuts have knocked three-quarters of that gap down, but he said further cuts would be hard to find, based on some spending increases the city had to maintain

Due to the low valuations of property within the city, the amount raised by that increase is projected to be less than the $76,000 cost the proposed salary increases for the police department will add to the budget.

“Right now the general fund, with all the increases the departments wanted, we still have a $186,000 deficit. Something will have to give,” he said.

“We find ourselves in a hole, but we’re still digging, still digging,” said councilman Gerald Tellez, who cast the lone vote last week against the property tax increase. “We’ve got to stop digging.”

Tellez proposed a flat 3 percent increase for police officers, but that was met with opposition

“We’ve got good officers, but we’re going to lose them,” said Anita Balog, wife of officer Mike Balog. She told Tellez “It’s going to be on you,” if any officers are injured because the city has to hire less experienced police due to the lower salaries.

Tellez and Contreras said that in contrast to earlier discussions about base pay at other area police departments, the current $22,000 base salary for the Pecos PD was only $1,000 below that of Andrews and $5,000 below Monahans, though the latter offers stipends to raise that rate. However, the starting salary for local officers is $9,000 below the starting salaries for jailers at the Pecos Criminal Justice Center.

The CJC starting salary of $31,000 is mandated by the federal government, because the center houses U.S. Marshal’s Service prisoners under a contract with the Town of Pecos City. The government forced a similar increase last year for guards working at the Reeves County Detention Center I and II units, which house U.S. Bureau of Prison inmates.

“They are not at the same level of danger,” said councilwoman Angelica Valenzuela. “I can’t justify the CJC jailers getting a higher amount than police officers.”

“Federal pay is always higher in the area,” Contreras said, telling the council, “You’re going to set a precedent for the future,” if police salaries are tied to the rate mandated for guards and jailers by the government.

“If you go after education (stipends) you will get paid more,” said councilman Danny Rodriguez, noting that the stipend for educational degrees applies to other city departments. “The problem here is they’ve been at a low status for so long there’s no comparison.”

The other options offered by Contreras and city manager Joseph Torres included an annual salary increase of $100 from the $31,000 base pay, with a $1,500 stipend, and the option of implementing those increases on the officers’ employment anniversary date, instead of on Oct. 1. The council was told the Oct. 1 option with the lower annual pay raise and stipend offer would cost the city $63,000 annually, while the two plans based on anniversary dates would add an additional $45,000 or $39,000 to the city budget. Salary rates for veteran officers do not rise as much as for new officers. “It’s only a $1,000 difference when you get to 30-35 years,” Rodriguez said, and the council indicated it would support the largest of the four proposed salary plans.

Among the cuts mentioned during the meeting were the elimination of one position at the CJC and not filling the position on the police department left open due to the death of officer Danny Leos earlier this year. Audience members also told the council funds for the police department could be freed up by cutting down on city cell phone usage or shutting down the Maxey Park Zoo.

The salary discussion planned for Thursday’s 5:30 p.m. meeting is one of a number of items on the agenda for the council. They’ll also consider purchase offers on four pieces of property; discuss/consider payment in lieu of taxes by the Pecos Housing Authority; hear a second reading on the ordinance amending the city’s employee handbook; discuss/consider an appointment to the Reeves County Recreation Department Board; and discuss consider recommendations for designating the city’s official day for Halloween trick-or-treating in October.

New doctor adjusting to Pecos

Staff Writer

Traveling a long way from home, the newest surgeon in town is settling in and getting adjusted to the West Texas area.

Dr. Ziad Antoine Abdo, who specializes in general and laparascopic surgery, has been in Pecos for three months.

“I’m getting used to it,” said Dr. Abdo who was born in Lebanon, where he attended school and medical school.

“I was sent to a Catholic school for 14 years and then attended medical school at a university in Beirut,” said Dr. Abdo.

Pecos will be Dr. Abdo’s first practice and he is looking forward to his stay in Pecos. “I plan to stay awhile, I’ve already been seeing patients at the hospital and will begin to see patients here in my office,” he said.

Dr. Abdo lived in New York for seven years, having come from Lebanon in 1997. He did his internship and residency at the Staten Island University Hospital, in general surgery.

Dr. Abdo also did a fellowship in laparoscopic surgery in Brooklyn and Staten Island. “After this I did another fellowship, in Bariatric Surgery,” said Dr. Abdo. “I did morbid obesity surgery, something I will not be doing here in Pecos for now, because it requires a big support team,” he said.

Laparoscopic surgery includes all abdominal surgery, chest, knees and shoulders. “This type of surgery is less invasive,” said Dr. Abdo.

Dr. Abdo will be performing general surgery, breast surgery, cancer surgery, thyroid and all parts of the abdomen. “This includes gastostrophy and colonoscopies,” he said.

Even though, he will also perform tubal ligations, he will not be doing any OBGYN. Dr. Abdo has been busy settling in and said that his goals for the future are to provide good medical care and to serve residents in the surrounding area.

“We’re going to try to get people in from Monahans and the surrounding communities and plan to do some advertisement,” he said.

“This is a nice town, it’s much easier than New York,” said Dr. Abdo.

His hobbies, when he’s not busy at the hospital include soccer and all outdoor activities. Most of Dr. Abdo’s family is still in Lebanon, but he has an uncle who lives in Arizona and is also a surgeon, a cousin in New York who is a pediatrician and another cousin in New York who is an electrical engineer.

His girlfriend Lailah, who is also from New York, will be joining him in Pecos soon. “I plan to try to get more patients in and to provide excellent care,” said Dr. Abdo.

His office is located in the Professional Building II, 880 Daggett Street, Suite 2 and is open weekdays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

To make an appointment or for more information call 447-0077 or 447-0088.

“I welcome everyone to come by,” said Dr. Abdo.

New principal at HS making small changesz

Staff Writer

A strong support system for the teachers and an open door policy are just some of the things the new Pecos High School principal is working towards achieving.

Steve Lucas began working for the Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD at the start of this new school year and has been busy settling in to his role as PHS principal.

“I’m really excited to be here,” said Lucas, who was born in Abilene and grew up “military”, living in England and the San Antonio area, while his father served in the armed forces.

When his dad retired from the military in 1977, the family moved to Van Horn.

“I then went into the Army for six years,” said Lucas, who then returned to West Texas and attended Sul Ross State University in Alpine, as a part-time student.

He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in computer science and biology from Sul Ross and two Master’s degrees from the same university. He has a Master’s degree in teaching as a Reading Specialist and a Master’s in administration and mid-management certification.

Lucas taught in Van Horn and was assistant principal and technology director for the district. He then moved to Louise in the Houston area, before accepting the position here in Pecos.

“I like it really well here, it’s closer to home and the weather is nicer,” said Lucas. He said he doesn’t plan any changes at this time, “We’ve made a strong support system for the teachers and we just want to work towards keeping the kids in the classroom and on task,” said Lucas.

Through his first month as principal, Lucas said that there have been a lot of minor changes, but no big surprises.

“We have an excellent teaching staff, which makes my job very easy,” he said.

Lucas added that he plans to get involved in the community as much as possible, and also plans to join a civic organization in the community.

“I’m going to try to get involved, it just depends on how much time I have,” said Lucas. “I plan to give this job my all.”

His family consists of his wife, Diana, a first grade teacher at Austin Elementary School; two daughters, Ashley, a senior at Pecos High School and Stephanie, an eighth grade student at Crockett Middle School.

The couple also has four other older children two of whom live in Colorado; one in Big Bend and one who is in the Army and stationed in Georgia.

Lucas said that he feels really comfortable in Pecos and hopes to be here awhile. “My grandmother (Ada Bell Collins) also lives in Barstow and I like that,” he said.

“I want to thank everyone for such a warm welcome,” said Lucas. “It’s been a great first six weeks,” he said.

Lucas said that he has an open door policy and welcomes everyone to come by his office and talk. “I also welcome any new ideas and suggestions.”

Paper’s publication dates,
price both set to increase

I have good news, and less than good news.

The good news is that we are going to begin twice-a-week publication in October. We are also going to start delivering the paper to your home (in Pecos) the day it is published rather than mailing it.

That is the good news.

The less-than-good news is that to do this we have to raise the price.

That same week the single copy cost will rise to $1/copy.

I wish there was another way to accomplish this but there is not.

Many of the advertisers that used to support the Enterprise have gone out of business or moved and there is simply not enough advertising revenue to be had.

The only other way to cover expenses is to raise the price of the paper.

Since we moved to weekly status in June I have talked with many of our readers. Nearly all said that twice-a-week editions and home delivery would be worth the price.

If most of our readers stick with us we will be able to maintain our current staff and publish twice weekly. I think both are necessary if the Enterprise is going to be the newspaper Pecos needs and deserves.

If you have any questions please give us a call.

Man arrested in Monahans in sex assault

Pecos police assisted officials in Monahans with the arrest of a man last Friday, after he allegedly forced his way into a woman’s home and raped her.

The Ward County Sheriff’s Office, Monahans Police Department and the Pecos Police Department investigated the aggravated sexual assault of a 78-year-old female, which occurred on Sept. 16, between the hours of 8:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. Officials said the victim said she received a knock on her door, and when she opened it, a Hispanic male forced his way into her residence. Once inside the residence, she was physically and sexually attacked.

The woman did not know the suspect, but police said their investigation led to the arrest of Manuel Ruben Garcia, of 701 S. Wilma St. in Monahans, the day after the assault occurred.

Garcia, a former Pecos resident, has been charged with the offenses of aggravated sexual assault- elderly individual, which is a first degree felony.

Additional charges will be filed early next week, according to a press release from the Ward County Sheriff’s Office.

Garcia also had an outstanding warrant for Violation of Probation, original charge, and theft over $500 and under $1,500.

Bonds have been set, for aggravated sexual assault-elderly, $75,000; aggravated sexual assault- elderly, $75,000; aggravated robbery, $25,000 and injury to elderly individual, $50,000.

CH’s new center gets Medicare certification

Reeves County Hospital has been given the go-ahead to fully open the hospital’s new kidney dialysis center at the hospital, after state officials granted the facility Medicare certification.

The Texas Department of Health (TDH) conducted an appraisal of the facility on Sept. 8, which was needed before the center would be allowed to treat more than one patient at a time.

The surveyor conducted a comprehensive review of Administrative, Clinical and Technical areas. The review went very well lasting only one day with only two minor deficiencies cited.

At the “exit interview” RCH Dialysis Center was complimented on building aesthetics and organization of materials. A plan of correction for the minor deficiencies was developed and submitted to TDH. This plan of correction was accepted by TDH within hours of submission.

Nephrology Services International, Inc. (NSI), a national dialysis-consulting firm hired to assist with the dialysis center opening had professional consultants on site throughout the TDH initial review.

As required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), RCH Dialysis Center has been providing dialysis treatments to one patient for about four weeks. Now that the initial review has been completed and the Medicare Certification has been approved, RCH Dialysis Center has begun accepting additional dialysis patients.

Under the direction of Dr. K.M.L.S.T. Moorthi, Nephrologist and Medical Director for RCH Dialysis Center, the more than 20 dialysis patients currently on a waiting list will be systematically received into the Center.

For additional information, contact RCH Dialysis Center at 432-447-0000 or contact Dr. Moorthi at his office by calling 432-447-0006.

CJC workers form group to assist community projects

A new organization formed by Pecos Police Officers and other workers at the Pecos Criminal Justice Center is seeking to help raise funds for community projects.

The Pecos Criminal Justice Center Police Officers Association is a non-profit organization formed earlier this year, according to officer Cosme Ortega, who is serving as the group’s first president.

“Mostly our goal is to help the community,” Ortega said. “Whatever funds we raise will go directly back into the community.”

Vice-president Helen Vernon said the group’s initial fundraiser was a garage sale, which brought in $130. A bike-a-thon, organized by Oscar Machuca will be a fundraiser put on by the Association during Fall Fair weekend, along with a co-ed softball tournament planned for Oct 2-3.

Ortega said the bike-a-thon is to raise funds for he St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and research into childhood diseases. “We were asked by the Chamber of Commerce to sponsor it,” he said of the two-mile event.

With the softball tournament Lupe Herrera is coordinating the event, which has an entry fee of $125 per team. “Hopefully with that money we’ll be able to do something for the community,” Ortega said, while Vernon added the group hasn’t decided what their first project will be.

Along with Ortega and Vernon, the group’s officials are made up of secretary-treasurer Olga Lopez and Paul Deishler, Ismael Gamboa and Betty Herrera, who make up the board of directors.

“Right now we have a little over 20 members, but we’re still working on that,” Ortega said. Vernon added that the group is open to anyone who works at the CJC, and that they would also open an account at TransPecos Bank to accept donations.

Williamsons celebrate 50th Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Williamson of Pecos were honored with a 50th Wedding Anniversary reception given by their children and grandchildren on July 31, in the fellowship hall of the First Baptist Church, Fifth and Hickory streets in Pecos.

Williamson, a native of Ralls, and Miss Margie Fowler were united in marriage on June 26, 1954 at the Church of Christ parsonage in Crobsyton with Brother Cline Drake officiating the ceremony. The couple made their home in Ralls for 16 years prior to their move to Pecos in 1970.

Guests who attended from Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Tennessee and throughout Texas, included three of Margie’s surviving siblings, Jean Stahl and her husband, Norbert of Denver Colorado; Allen Fowler and wife, Lenette of Crosbyton, and Harley Fowler and his wife, Becki, of Blue Mound.

A wide variety of remembrances, which included various gifts, letters from the heart; photographs, current and from yesteryear; plants and floral tributes; C-D’s and cassette recordings; phone calls, poems; and their 50th wedding anniversary invitation which had been hand painted, came from the couple’s treasure box from many areas of Texas, numerous states across the nation and one foreign country. Numerous messages told of the enjoyment of friends and relatives having Margie’s paintings in their homes.

The 50th Anniversary registration table held several black and white wedding photographs and a current photograph of the couple, their “Treasure Chest,” a lovely fresh flower bouquet, their framed marriage write-up from the newspaper, numerous gifts, as well as the registry book.

Family photographs through the years were featured on the baby grand piano along with two cross-stitched framed poems entitled, “What Makes a Dad” and “To His Mother,” handcrafted by their daughter-in-law, Sarah Harrell Williamson, as a special tribute many years ago.

There were four tables that featured special tributes to the couple and their life together in addition to the registry table and the piano display. The topic for the first table was “Our Sons” and featured an array of sport, scout, school and family photographs, trophies, an old Jack-in-the-box from early days, medals and other memorabilia which spanned their childhood and school days. All of the couple’s sons completed all ranks of scouting, starting as Cub Scouts and continuing through their achievement of Eagle Rank. They were also all members of the Order of the Arrow, a honor society of Boy Scouting which also takes much work and dedication.

Next was an Art table honoring Margie, which featured several paintings on the table as well as several paintings, which were hung above on the wall. One was a painting of an old church, rendered in pastel, which swept the area art shows with four Best of Show awards from the Odessa, Andrews, Monahans and Fort Stockton Art Associations. Trophies, certificates of awards, plaques, rosettes and ribbons, press chippings and other memorabilia were shown.

Margie has received many Best of Show Awards and several national awards for painting and photography through the General Federation of women’s Clubs.

A music tab le was next and Tommy and his music were in the spotlight. Newspaper clippings, including the one which told of the Ralls High School Future Farmers of America Musical Band which won the talent competition for the state of Texas in 1950; CD’s, cassette tapes and records, which were recordings of Tommy’s own compositions, photographs of special musicians and vocalists, which included one of the honoree with Happy Jack and Helen Williams as they performed for the Anniversary Show of KDAV, the first all country music station in the nation (Buddy Holley also did that show); Tommy’s Epiphone guitar, purchased during his Ralls High Years, that was used as he composed many of the songs he has written; and other memorabilia. The FFA Band members were Tommy Williamson, Dean Henderson, Ray Hall, LaWayne Tolbert, and Clyde Woodard. Bill Mayes serves as master of ceremonies for the group. In high school Tommy and the Lonestar Ramblers had a live broadcast music show on KFLD in Floydada.

The final feature table, entitled, “Our Grandchildren” displayed photographs through the years; special notes and handcrafted items made by the grands for the honorees; cheerleading, football, band, and other activities photographs; and some of the younger ones just looking cute! One extra special photo was of Jennifer Williamson with her Girl Scout Troop and younger sister, Jessica, during a camping trip to Palo Duro Canyon and to see the outdoor drama “Texas,” that was made with George Bush, when he was governor of Texas.

Six guest tables for seating and visiting, were interspersed with the special display tables. The guest tables were centered with plants and floral tributes sent to the honorees. Old family photographs and small memorabilia items were displayed at the base of the tributes, along with other décor. A lovely framed cross-stitched commemoration of the 50th Wedding Anniversary Wedding and Date of the honorees was displayed on one of the guest tables. Another held the plaque from the Pecos Valley Church of Christ to the couple for many years of loving Christian Service. Also received was a lovely 50th Anniversary monogrammed throw.

An array of beautiful and delicious food which included fresh fruit trays and vegetable platters with complementing dips, a strawberry bowl, a fresh baked bread bowl holding fresh spinach dip, roast beef, cheese, and ham rolls, assorted quiche and cheeses, miniature pizzas, and flautas were served along with punch and spring water.

Prior to the cutting of the anniversary cake, home baked and decorated by family. A special tribute was held and the song, “She Likes Rainbows, Wishing Wells, and Strawberry Pie,” composed by Tommy for Margie was played on the piano and sung by Mace Williamson. Later in the reception a Sing Along was held.

Hosting the festivities were Joseph Mark and Sarah Harrell Williamson, Jennifer, Jessica M’Lynn and John Mark of Katy; James Matthew and Jody Ellison Wiliamson and Nicholas of Pecos; John Mace Williamson of College Station; Joshua Miles and Kristi Curtis Williamons, Miranda and Mark of Katy and Jacob Matthew and Misty Aikins Williamson of Pecos; John and Toni Terrell of Amarillo assisted with foods and beverages in the kitchen.

While living in Ralls, Margie was employed at the Ben Franklin Variety Store and Lynch-Tinnin Department store early in their marriage after Emmitt Lynch offered her a job. After a time she was employed by McLaughlin-Lewis Insurance, Attorney Lloyd A. Wicks Sr. and the Wicks and Wicks Attorneys. She continued working at Lynch-Tinnin on Saturdays for a time.

Tommy began working at Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber Co. while in Ralls High School as an employee of Bill McKee. He continued that following graduation. He also worked for Perry Bell at the Wilson-Bell Lumber Company in Crosbtyton for a time early in their marriage. He then returned to the same employment in Ralls, becoming bookkeeper for the company for several years and later the manager of Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber Co. Back when many companies were run like families Jack Foxworth and Jimmy Galbraith invited Tommy and Margie to meet them for lunch in Lubbock and at that time asked him to take employment as a sales representative working out of Pecos for Galbraith Steel and Supply. They stated they needed someone who knew both the retail and wholesale aspects of the business and thought he had that capability. Late in his career Tommy worked for Blish-Mize out of Atcheson, Kansas following the sale of Galbraith Whoelsale to that company. Tommy worked for Foxworth and/or Galbraith for 41 years. Margie was employed at the Pecos Enterprise, first as Circulation Manager, and then as Family Editor, when the couple first moved to Pecos. She later became a substitute teacher for the Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD, a job she has done for over 20 years. She also worked at Westat Research, the third largest research company in the United States, for a time, and became quite a successful artist with watercolors and pastels.

Williamson served as Minister of the Wink Church of Christ, having begun that work about seven years ago.

The couple has performed music for many functions through the years and more recently have done Bluegrass Festivals. One of their gifts was 25 CD’s of favorite song selections, which had been recorded, live during these festivals by a friend, who then recorded them on disc for the honorees.

Fair seeking baby contest entries

The Women’s Division of the Pecos Area Chamber of Commerce will be sponsoring their Annual Pretty Baby Contest, held in conjunction with the Reeves County Fall Fair, set for Oct. 1-2.

Entry forms will be provided at the chamber office, located at 111 S. Cedar and is free to enter.

Children up to 24 months can participate in the contest and prizes will be awarded.

Program on IDing bees set for Monday

An educational program on bees will be held from 4-5 p.m., Monday, Sept. 27, at the Texas-New Mexico Power Company meeting room, 1126 Stafford Blvd.

Bill Baxter, Assistant Chief, APA Inspection for Texas A&M University will be on hand. This will be a one-hour training on appreciating and dealing with honeybees in West Texas.

For more information contact: Tommy Dominguez, Reeves/Loving County Extension Agent-Agriculture, at 432-447-9041.

Defensive driving class on Saturday

Defensive Driving will be held from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 25, at the Texas-New Mexico meeting room, 1126 Stafford.

To pre-register call 325-655-1012.

An Alcohol Education Class for Minors will be held from 4:15 p.m. until 8:15 p.m., Friday, Sept. 24, at the Lamar AEP School.

To pre-register call 325-655-1012.

Defensive Driving will be held from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., Friday, Oct. 22, at the Housing Authority Building in Monahans.

An Alcohol Education Class for Minors is scheduled for 4:15 p.m. until 8:15 p.m., Friday, Oct. 1, at the Housing Authority Building in Monahans.

St. Jude’s bike-a-thon next week

The Pecos CJC Officers Association will host the St. Jude’s Hospital Bike-A-Thon, at 1 p.m., Oct. 2, at the Pecos High School.

Ride your bike and help kids with cancer.

For more information contact Oscar Machuca at 445-4911.

School portraits to be taken Monday

Lifetouch National School Studios, Inc., will be in Pecos, Monday, Sept. 27, to take school pictures at Pecos High School.

Pictures will be taken for all classes that day only. Senior portraits will be taken at the same time. All seniors must be present that day or their portraits will not be in the 2004-2005 Eagle. The Eagle staff is planning to produce the senior portrait pages in color and must have all senior formal pictures made Sept. 27. Seniors may not bring pictures from other sources for the pages.

Undergraduate students not present will be able to get retakes. The date will be announced later.

Packages for ordering school pictures will be available from members of the Eagle yearbook staff. Students purchasing pictures must bring the money in the envelope provided on that day (Sept. 27).

Anyone not bringing money will not be allowed to purchase pictures after that day.

Police Report

EDITOR’S NOTE: Information contained in the Police Report is obtained from reports filed by the Pecos Police Department, Reeves County Sheriff’s Office, or other officers of those agencies. The serving of warrants by an officer for outstanding fines of either traffic citations, animal control violations or other court costs are considered arrests and will be printed as such unless indicated that the fines were paid. In such instances we will indicate payment and release.

*** Rona Davis, 508 S. Mulberry St., was arrested by police at 11:32 p.m. on Sept. 13 on a warrant charging her was theft by check. Police said the arrest was made after a traffic stop at Fourth and Sycamore streets.

*** Roderick P. Garcia, 2330 S. Eddy St., was arrested on Sept. 10 at 9:57 p.m. on charges of driving without a license and violating a promise to appear. Police said the arrest took place at Washington and Eddy streets.

*** Ulisses Ortiz Garcia, 419 W. Fourth St., was arrested by police on Sept. 14 at 8:19 p.m. and charged with being a minor driving under the influence. Police said the arrest occurred at Fourth and Plum streets.

*** Hugo Sandoval was arrested by police on Sept. 20 on a warrant charging him with aggravated assault. Police said the arrest occurred at his home, at 812 E. Fifth St.

*** Jacob Lee Hernandez, 17, of 213 N. Pecan St., was arrested at 9:09 a.m. on Sept. 20 on a charge of possession of marijuana within a drug-free zone. Police said Hernandez was arrested after officers were called to Pecos High School to deal with an intoxicated student.

*** Javier Villegas, 1614 S. Morris St., was arrested by police and charged with possession of marijuana in a drug-free zone. Police said the arrested was made on Sept. 16, after the vehicle Villegas was in was stopped outside Pecos High School, in the 1200 block of South Park Street.

*** Mario Corrales Reyes, 50, of 423 N. Cedar St., was arrested by police on Sept. 15 at Seventh and Oleander streets and charged with possession of a controlled substance within 1000 feet of a school. Police said Reyes’ vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation, and after giving officers consent to search inside, a substance believed to be cocaine was found.

Additionally, Reyes was also charged with possession of a concealed weapon, after a switchblade knife was found inside the vehicle. He was transported to the Pecos Criminal Justice Center where he was arraigned on both charges.

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