Reeves County Emergency Management Agency

How to Prepare

The safest place during a tornado is the lowest floor possible in an interior room. The first thing a tornado will take is the roof, then the outside walls and lastly the interior walls. Bathrooms with showers are especially good hiding places because the pipes in the wall help to stabilize it.

Tips on Storm Spotting

To be a successful weather spotter, one must not only be able to find and identify dangerous weather, but it is critical to be able to report it.

    Keys to safe spotting:
  1. Always spot with a partner (driver drives, and spotter `spots')
  2. Know your local environment (always have an escape route in mind and keep a five-mile buffer between yourself and the storm)
  3. Lightning and flash floods kill more people than tornadoes do. Be aware of all elements of a storm.
  4. If you are caught in a rural area by a tornado the first thing to do is get out of your car, then get as low as you can.

Reeves County has been fairly quiet in the past few years.

Where to Find Information

In the event of a tornado or other disaster in Reeves County, information will be posted to this site as it develops.

Where to Get Help


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