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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rodriguez’s handyman skills helps repair things for others

Oscar Rodriguez didn’t even notice the dryer making a funny noise until his wife, Salina, called it to his attention.

“Don’t you work on washers and dryers?” Salina asked.

“Yes,” said the serviceman for Brownlee Hardware.

“Then take that noise off,” she said.

Rodriguez said he fixed the dryer, but his wife discounts the comments she often hears from others that she is lucky to be married to a serviceman.

“You never fix anything,” she complained to Rodriguez.

It was at home that Rodriguez began to learn how to fix things. While working for Aluminum Screens and Windows, he also learned a lot from owner Richard Crider.

“He’s good to teach you,” he said.

Rodriguez likes helping people, and he often sits down and explains to a customer how to fix a plumbing problem.

“They come in here with no clue what they are doing,” Rodriguez said. “I show them, and if they still can’t do it, I will go after work and do it for them.”

He likes working at Brownlee’s, where he has been for six years.

“It’s a good job; they treat me right,” he said. “They are nice people to work for.”

While his specialty is appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators and ranges Brownlee sells, Rodriguez said he is a jack-of-all-trades.

“I like to work with my hands,” he said.

Born in Phoenix, Ariz. to Andrew and Priscilla Rodriguez, Oscar grew up in Pecos and graduated from Pecos High School in 1992. He still plays the guitar they bought him for Christmas one year.

Playing guitar around the house, writing poetry and songs, and “just hanging out with friends” occupies Rodriguez’s time when he’s not working.

He likes to barbecue, watch football on Sundays (He’s a San Francisco 49ers fan), and play pool in the back room. He also likes camping and fishing, though there is not much opportunity to do that here.

Son Jared, an 8th grader at Crockett, gets Rodriguez outside to toss around a football.

“I wasn’t into sports until my son grew up,” he said. “Now I am at every football game and baseball game. He loves football and is a wonderful athlete.”

Daughter Megan, 18, graduated last year and presented Oscar and Salina with a “wonderful” granddaughter, Kamry, who celebrated her first birthday Dec. 20, 2007.

The active toddler “grabs everything she sees,” he said. “We spoil her to death.”

Family is the focus in the Rodriguez household. He believes in spending time with children while they are young, because “Once they are grown up, you will regret not being with them. My main goal in life is to be there for my kids.”

Megan and Kamry live with them while her boyfriend works in Beaumont. She works for Dr. Joseph Darpolor, but is thinking of taking classes in dental hygiene.

Reading is another of Rodriguez’s interests, and he has recently finished a book about all the Presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush, which he recommended to his children.

“It was so interesting,” he said.

Commissioners putting county on burn ban list

Reeves County Commissioners joined other counties in the area on Monday by approving a burning ban due to the drought conditions across West Texas since late summer. Reeves County Emergency Management Coordinator Ricky Herrera was on hand a the regular Reeves County Commissioners Court meeting at the courthouse and talked to the group about approving the ban.

“This is an issue that we had looked at in November, but didn’t approve at that time,” said Herrera. “Even though, we still don’t meet the requirements set by the Texas Forest Service, there has been very little moisture,” he said.

Herrera said that the Texas Forest Service has an index that they go by in determining whether a county should approve an outdoor burning ban and while Reeves County still doesn’t meet that index, circumstances have indicated that there is a need for an outdoor burning ban.

“We haven’t met the drought index, but they also state that if you have conditions that present a possible health threat because of dry conditions, then you can establish an outdoor burning ban,” said Herrera. “Due to the dry conditions, I recommend that we put this fire ban in place.”

Herrera said that about two and half weeks ago, there had been a large fire northwest of Orla that required that they contact the Forrest Service’s firefighting units for assistance.

“The fire service was called in, but eventually since it was in a ravine and not close to any structures, they just monitored it and let it burn out,” he said. “Most counties in our area have put in a fire ban, because of the dry conditions.”

Herrera said that he had talked to the fire chief and that there had been a few grass fires where individuals just toss their lit cigarettes out.

“We haven’t had any significant fires, with the exception of that big one two and half weeks ago,” said Herrera.

He told commissioners that while Reeves County doesn’t have the vegetation that other surrounding counties have, “These dry conditions could pose a hazard.”

Herrera said that the fire ban would only be good for 90 days and then it would expire unless the commissioners re-instated it.

Former Reeves County Commissioner Precinct 3 and Balmorhea resident, Herman Tarin asked whether this ban would include farmers and individuals that didn’t have an appropriate waste disposal system.

“What about those farmers that need to burn something or the widow that lives out in the country and needs to dispose of trash?” said Tarin, who is seeking to regain his seat in the March Democratic primary election.

Herrera said that there would be some exceptions to the burning ban and that those exceptions would include the farmers and the individuals who didn’t have an appropriate waste disposal system.

“This ban wouldn’t prohibit individuals like that from outdoor burning, and it would also include recreational facilities, such as camping,” said Herrera. “They would have to do it in a container, such as metal.”

In other action, commissioners approved a ratified agreement with Azlewy Inc. for residential services with the Reeves County Juvenile Department.

“This is a wilderness camp located between Athens and Palestine,” said juvenile probation officer Mary Ann Acosta. She said that the program was open to boys ages 13-17.

“This program is to help them with anger management, impulse control and other issues, through therapeutic methods,” said Acosta.

The program offered camping, horseback riding, hiking and fishing to these youngsters, she told commissioners.

“The cost is $87, but we’ll be asking that Mr. (County Auditor Lynn) Owens use the funds from Title IV, so that we won’t have to use county funds,” said Acosta.

She said that the camp is located in Piney Woods, southeast of the Dallas area.

“How many kids are in other facilities at this time?” asked Reeves County Judge Sam Contreras.

“We currently have one in San Marcos and one in Post,” said Acosta.

“Are those numbers up or is it the norm?” asked Contreras.

“It’s pretty much the normal number,” said Acosta.

Acosta said that they are currently looking at placing one youngster at this camping facility.

Commissioners approved priorities for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Grant Park Master Plan.

“This is the final version of the plan, but we can still make changes and it is due on Thursday,” said grant writer Carlos Colinas-Vargas.

“I see that you have a 10-year program, if we don’t spend the amount in that time, what are the consequences?” asked Contreras.

“These are just figures that have been provided, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the amount that you will receive or that you will need to spend,” said Vargas.

Vargas said that they already have a publication in the newspaper to solicit public input.

Tarin asked if the land that had been purchased by Balmorhea from the Nature Conservation was included in the plan.

“No, it’s not, I think it would be best if Balmorhea to apply directly,” said Vargas. “It would be more competitive that way, because the county already has 12 facilities,” he said.

The group approved the plan, but not the resolution since it was not on the agenda.

An asbestos inspection for the annex building owned by the county was approved during the regular meeting.

“I had also included the library, but I think they had a similar inspection done last year,” said Reeves County Commissioner Precinct 1 Roy Alvarado.

“We did do an analysis during the summer and I had submitted that report to all of you,” said Herrera. “I have all that information in my office if you need it.”

Commissioners approved the analysis to be done at the annex facility in the amount of $600.

City Council EMS merger workshop set

Town of Pecos City Council members will hold a workshop on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. to discuss plans for an agreement with Reeves County Hospital to merge the city and hospital ambulance services into one paid service, after council members delayed action on a contract at their meeting last Tuesday.

The council can opt to vote on the agreement during the meeting, along with options for staffing the combined EMS service and a budget amendment to cover the cost of the new operation.

Council members voted to take a further look at the interlocal agreement, which would have the Pecos EMS take up the transfer service current operated by Reeves County Hospital. Both services have been short staffed in recent years, with Pecos EMS Chief Dennis Thorp telling the council at their Jan. 22 meeting that a pending resignation will leave his service with only six active volunteer members.

Council members delayed any decision while asking to take a look at the financing for the plan, and at the options for staffing the combined service. Thorp told the council he preferred a service of 12 full-time workers that would handle local ambulance calls and out-of-town transfers, while the council was more supportive of a plan that would have only four full-time workers, at a salary of $18 and hour, along with eight volunteers.

Reeves County Hospital District board members approved the agreement during their recent meeting, also on Jan. 22. Hospital CEO Al LaRochelle said that the ambulance agreement was something that the hospital and city have been looking at for months.

“They came to us originally and if they don’t want to accept the agreement, we’ll just go on ourselves and ramp up our services,” he said.

In other action during their Jan. 22 meeting, the council agreed to spend about $15,000 to buy a spare pump for the Stafford Boulevard sewer line lift station. Councilman Danny Rodriguez made the request at the council’s Jan. 10 meeting to buy a fourth pump for the facility, due to problems with debris from the Reeves County Detention Center damaging the existing pumps and causing sewer line backups on the south side of town.

The council also agreed to sell a piece of land in the 1600 block of West Seventh Street for $100 to Oscar Machuca; accepted the resignation of Karen White from the Animal Control Board and appointed Lori Hughes to replace her. Councilwoman Angelica Valenzuela asked if city officials could make sure the various boards provide updates to the council.

“Sometimes we appoint board and board members, and we never hear from them again,” she said.

Stock show’s auction totals set new record

A record total was raised for the second year in a row at the Annual Reeves County Stock Show and Sale, and the barbecue lunch and pudding sale went really well, show officials said.

This year’s show netted over $131,000 at the Jan. 19 auction, a $31,000 increase over the previous year. The 2007 sale also was up by $31,000, meaning that the total in bids and added money has almost doubled over the past two years.

The Grand Champion Cattle, owned by Nathan Box brought in $6,000; the Grand Champion Lamb, Avery Weatherman, $3,000; Grand Champion Goat, Christ Martinez, $2,250; Grand Champion Hog, Mysela Alvarez, $2,700; Reserve Champion Commercial Cattle, Emily Rodriguez, $3,900; Reserve Champion Lamb, Allann Roman, $1,250; Reserve Champion Goat, Adrienne Bagley, $2,100; Reserve Champion Hog, Matt Martinez, $2,700; Reserve Champion Hog, $2,700; Duroc Breed Champ, Mac Teague, $1,700; York Breed Champ, Trey Graham, $1,950; Cross Breed Champ, Joel Madrid, $2,200; Finewool Reserve, Mayle McElroy, $1,300; Reserve Medium Goat, Kendra Villanueva, $1,000; Reserve Duroc Russell Garlick, $1,400; Reserve Hamp, Mateo Tarango, $1,100 and Reserve York, Marissa Tarango, $1,100.

The Reserve OPB, Harlee Lozano, $1,100; 1st Lt. Cross Lamb, Ryan Mondragon, $1,200; Lt. Class 1 Goat, Heath Armstrong, $2,700; Hvy Class III Goat, Gabriel Salcido, $1,100; 1st Hvy Duroc, Stephanie Lucas, $1,200; 1st Lt. Hamp, Miranda Alvarez, $1,400; Anisha Vasquez, 1st Hvy Cross Hog, $1,000; 2nd Hvy Comm Cattle, Joseph Rodriguez, $2,250; 2nd Med MW, Tommy Millan, $1,300; 2nd Class 1 Lt. Goat, Kacy Villanueva, $1,100; 2nd Lt. Duroc, Josh Elliott, $1,200; 2nd Med Duroc, Victoria Salcido, $1,000; 2nd Hvy Duroc, Gabriel Jurado, $800; 2nd Hvy Hvy Duroc, Laine Garcia, $1,500; 2nd Lt. Hamp, Raind Shrum, $1,200; 2nd Hvy Hamp, Zackery Renshaw, $1,200; 2nd Hvy Hvy Hamp, Mark Quintana, $1,000; 2nd Lt. York, Sterling Hannsz, $1,100; 2nd Lt. OPB, Nathan Duke, $1,500; 2nd Hvy OPB, Sammy Sandoval, $1,000; 2nd Hvy Cross Hog, Teg Lozano, $1,100; 3rd Lt. Comm Cattle, Dillon Garcia, $3,000 and 3rd Lt. Cross Lamb, Adam Roman, $1,100.

The 3rd Med MW Lamb, Kelly Lease, $1,200; 3rd Class I Lt. Goat, Bryce Deitiker, $1,100; 3rd Class II Lt Goat, Conner Armstrong, $3,100; 3rd Class I Med Goat, Cassidey Hegar, $1,500; 3rd Class II Medium Goat, Jeremy Madrid, $1,300; 3rd Class I Hvy Goat, Dailynn Mondragon, $1,300 and 3rd Class II Hvy Goat, Sarah Lujan, $1,100.

The 3rd Lt. Duroc, Joshua Matta, $1,000; 3rd Med Durock, AriAnna Alligood, $1,300; 3rd Hvy Duroc, Derek Teague, $1,200; 3rd Hvy Hvy Hamp, Alex Mendoza, $1,000; 3rd Lt. York, Ariel Garcia, $1,000; Lauren Elliott, 3rd Med Cross Hog, $1,600; 4th Lt MW Lamb, Kayna Valenzuela, $1,100; 4th Med MW Lamb, Christopher Lease, $1,200; 4th Class I Lt. Goat, Kimberly Urias, $1,000; 4th Class 1 Med Goat, Manuel Villanueva, $1,000; Class II Med Goat, Mariabel Rodriguez, $900; 4th Class II Med Goat, Daniel Estrada, $900; 4th Class III Hvy Goat, Angel Apodaca, $1,000; 4th Lt. Duroc, Kristopher Quintana, $1,000 and 4th Hvy Duroc, Joseph Dutchover, $1,000.

The 4th Lt York, Marcos Beltran, $900; 4th Hvy York, Jeremy Baeza, $1,000; 4th Cross Hog, Juan Martinez, $1,100; 4th Hvy Cross Hog, Casey Dutchover, $900; 5th Class II Lt. Hog, Michael Hardwick, $1,700; 5th Class III Lt. Goat, Billy Ray Garcia, $1,000; 5th Class I Med Goat, Diego Estrada, $1,000; 5th Class II Goat, Abraham Garcia, $1,100.

The 5th Class I Hvy Goat, Mia Roman, $1,100; 5th Lt. Duroc, Jason Martinez, $1,000; 5th Med Duroc, Coe Duke, $1,400; 5th Hvy Duroc, Ariel Salgado, $1,300; 5th Lt. Hamp, Haley Kington, $1,400; 5th Med Hamp, Nikki Lindemann, $1,900; 5th Hvy Hamp, Nathan McCormick, $1,900 and5th Med Cross Hog, Jordan Kington, $2,900.

RCH board studies new site for docs, clinic

Reeves County Hospital District board members discussed plans for a new rural health clinic to be located in a building adjacent to the hospital, during their first meeting of 2008, held last Tuesday in the hospital classroom.

“This was just in discussion only, we have seen some plans and talked to them about three or four times,” said hospital CEO AL LaRochelle. He added that this was an item that was for discussion only and hasn’t been voted on.

LaRochelle said that they have been discussing the feasibility of a Rural Health Clinic, to be situated next to the hospital, would house all the physicians.

“This would have all the physicians in one place, because the area we have now is too small,” said LaRochelle. “There is also a possibility of adding dentistry.”

He said that the location they were eyeing was located west of the emergency room at the hospital.

Dimension Enterprises LLC, a California-based company that has been working with the city on developing land to the south and west of the hospital, are the group that they are in discussions with, according to LaRochelle.

The company began clearing the 27.57 acres of land in December located between Interstate 20 and the hospital. Town of Pecos City Mayor Dick Alligood said company president Dr. Rahat Saied of El Grove, Calif., and vice-president Ram Kunwar, who won the original bid on the land, are looking at a 12,680-square foot medical arts building as the first project on the site.

“He’s got the land and he’s offering to go ahead and build it and we would lease it from them,” he said.

LaRochelle said that this would expand the Rural Health Clinic, which has become more popular this year.

“It’s still growing and the number of patients seen there has increased,” said LaRochelle. He added that the clinic saw 2,553 patients in 2006 and in 2007 that number increased to 4,775.

“It’s quite an increase, an increase of 2,222 visits,” he said.

LaRochelle said that these projects are just some of the items that they are “visiting” and considering.

“We want to do all we can to provide a good service to the community,” said LaRochelle.

Davis named to Dean’s List at Texas State

Kattie M. Davis, of Pecos, has been named to the Fall 2007 Dean’s List at Texas State University – San Marcos.

To be named to the Dean’s List at Texas State, a student must earn a minimum grade-point average of 3.50 while carrying a class load of at least 12 semester hours.

Texas State is a doctoral granting university located in the Austin-San Antonio corridor on the edge of the Texas Hill Country. With an enrollment of 27,500, it is the largest campus in the Texas State University System, one of the 75 largest universities in the country and has been named one of America’s Best Value College by the Princeton Review.

Texas State is a diverse campus community with minority students comprising more than 28 percent of total enrollment. It is one of the top 20 producers of Hispanic baccalaureate graduates in the nation.

Police Report

EDITOR’S NOTE: Information contained in the Police Report is obtained from reports filed by the Pecos Police Department, Reeves County Sheriff’s Office, or other officers of those agencies. The serving of warrants by an officer for outstanding fines of either traffic citations, animal control violations or other court costs are considered arrests and will be printed as such unless indicated that the fines were paid. In such instances we will indicate payment and release.


Lee Gabriel Arredondo, 24, 715 S. Cherry St., was arrested by police on Jan. 25 on a warrant charging him with failure to yield right-of-way. Police said the arrested was made in the 800 block of South Oak Street, and Arredondo was then transported to the Pecos Criminal Justice Center.


Jeremy Don Stroup, 22, 506 Mesquite St., was arrested by police on Jan. 26 on a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest or search. Police said the arrest was made following a traffic stop in the 1000 block of Madison Street. Stroup was transported to the Pecos Criminal Justice Center, where an additional charge of DWI refusal, a Class B misdemeanor, was added to the initial two charges.


Sammy Salgado, 28, 508 S. Pecan St., was arrested by police on Jan. 27 at 2119 Nebraska St., on a charge of public intoxication, a Class C misdemeanor. Police said the arrest was made after they were called to the home, and Salgado was then transported to the Pecos Criminal Justice Center.


Armida Salgado Rodriguez, 2385 Sandia Rd., was arrested by police on Jan. 10 on a charge of debit card abuse, a state jail felony. Police said the arrest was made at the Criminal Justice Center, following an incident at the Town & Country Food Store, 800 W. Palmer St.


Jodi Lynn Enmon Hernandez, 42, 613 S. Pecan St., was arrested by police on Jan. 20 on a traffic violation and a warrant to revoke probation on a charge of Class B theft out of Ector County. Police said the arrest was made at 7:05 p.m. in the 300 block of South Ash Street, and Hernandez was then transported to the Pecos Criminal Justice Center.


Ernesto Baca, 24, 404 Magnolia St., was arrested by police on Jan. 12 on a charge of public intoxication. Police said the arrest was made in the 300 block of South Orange Street and Baca was then transported to the Pecos Criminal Justice Center.


Mark Anthony Ruiz, 23, 905 S. Ash St., was arrested by police on Jan. 14 on a warrant charging him with failure to pay an earlier fine on a charge of open alcoholic beverage container. Police said the arrest was made in the 200 block of West Second Street and Ruiz then transported to the Pecos Criminal Justice Center.


Christian Dejesus Barron, 19, 316 S. Palm St. was arrested on Jan. 13 on a charge of assault under the Family Violence Act, a Class A misdemeanor. Police said Barron was arrested at his home and was then transported to the Pecos Criminal Justice Center.

Marriages and Divorces

Editor’s Note: Marriage and divorce records are public record and may be accessed by anyone. All marriage records are kept in the Reeves County Clerk’s office, while divorce records can be located in the District Clerk’s Office located on the second floor of the courthouse.

Marriages for November 2007, as filed with the Reeves County Clerk’s Office. Edward Alan Bourland and Jennie Davis Sams. Jose Juan Martinez and Debra Kay Wright. Timothy Blane Stalenp and Elizabeth W. Shranner. Stephen Nickolas Balog and Jamie Armstrong Crisp. Carlos Subia Carrasco and Nelsy Laura Torres. Wesley A. Carter and Cora J. Adkins.

Marriages for December 2007, as filed with the Reeves Jorge Abraham Munoz and Deida Castillo Sandoval. Johnny Lopez and Daniela Oralia Lujan. Bobby Joe Lara and Diana Medellin. Greg Afton Tesimole and Elizabeth Anne Bell. Eric Daniel Garcia and Evangelee Cordova. Teodoro Serrano and Carmen Rodriguez. Edel Rene Alba De La Garza and Merced Jasso De La Garza.

Divorces for November/December 2007, as filed with the Reeves County District Clerk’s Office. Norma Juanita Rodriguez and Hugo Natividad Rodriguez. Thomas James Akins, Jr. and Christina Lee Akins. Sue Ann Thorpe and Charles Patrick Thorpe. William Donald Thomas and Melissa Mae G. Thomas.

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