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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stock show aauction nets record total

Sales were up $31,000 for the second year in a row on Saturday night at the 2008 Reeves County Junior Livestock Show and Sale.

Vice Chairman Cookie Canon said preliminary totals showed Saturday night’s auction brought in just over $131,000, up from the record $100,000 total last year and the $69,000 raised through the auction in 2006.

The auction was held at the conclusion of the annual Livestock Show. Judging for Commercial Cattle, Goats and Lambs were held Friday night, while the Hog Show judging took place Saturday afternoon at the Reeves County Civic Center. Winners are listed below.

In the hog show, Duroc light: first place went to Matt Martinez; second place, Josh Elliott; third place, Joshua Matta; fourth place, Kristopher Quintana; fifth place, Jason Martinez, Jr. and sixth, Clay Teague.

In the Duroc medium: first place, Russell Garlick; second place, Victoria Salcido; third place, AriAnna Alligood; fourth place, Dillon Garcia; fifth place, Coe Duke an sixth place, Ariel Garcia.

In the Duroc heavy: first place, Stephanie Lucas; second place, Derek Teague; third place, Gabriel Jurado; fourth place, Joseph Dutchover and fifth place, Ariel Salgado.

In the Duroc, heavy, heavy division: first place, Mac Teague; second place, Laine Garcia; third place, Mysela Alvarez and fourth place, Zackery Renshaw.

Duroc Breed Champion went to Mac Teague and Duroc Reserve Breed Champion, Russell Garlick.

In the Hampshire light division, first place went to Miranda Alvarez; second place, Raind Shrum; third place, Clay Teague; fourth place, Joseph Rodriguez; fifth place, Haley Kington and sixth place, Derek Teague.

In the medium: first place, Casey Dutchover; second place, Matt Martinez; third place, Casey Dutchover; fourth place, Rayann Box; fifth place, Nikki Lindemann and sixth place, Mac Teague.

In the heavy: first place, Matt Martinez; second place, Zackery Renshaw; third place, Laine Garcia; fourth place, Joel Madrid; fifth place, Nathan McCormick and sixth place, Joshua Matta.

In the Heavy, Heavy: first place, Mysela Alvarez; second place, Mark Quintana; third place, Alexander Mendoza; fourth place, AriAnna Alligood; fifth place, Ariel Salgado and sixth place, Sterling Hannsz.

Hampshire Breed Champion went to Mysela Alvarez and Hampshire Reserve Breed Champion, Mateo Tarango.

Yorkshire heavy: first place, Trey Graham; second place, Marissa Tarango; third place, Matt Martinez; fourth place, Jeremy Baeza; fifth place, Russell Garlick and sixth place, Brittany Quintana.

Yorkshire Breed Champion: Trey Graham and Yorkshire Reserve Breed Champion: Marissa Tarango.

In the OPB Light: first place, Matt Martinez; second place, Nathan Duke; third place, Trey Graham and fourth place, Lauren Elliott.

In the heavy first place, Harlee Lozano; second place, Sammy Sandoval; third place, Derek Teague; fourth place, Joseph Dutchover and fifth place, Jordan Kington.

OPB Breed Champion: Matt Martinez and OPB Reserve Breed Champion: Harlee Lozano.

In the Cross Light: first place, Joseph Rodriguez; second place, Mysela Alvarez; third place, Mac Teague; fourth place, Juan Martinez; fifth place, Matt Martinez and sixth place, Josh Elliott.

In the medium: first place, Joel Madrid; second place, Dillon Garcia; third place, Lauren Elliott; fourth place, Rayann Box and fifth place, Haley Kington.

In the heavy: first place, Anisha Vasquez; second place, Teg Lozano; third place, Joseph Dutchover; fourth place, Casey Dutchover; fifth place, Casey Dutchover and sixth place, Sterling Hannsz.

Cross Breed Champion: Joel Madrid and Cross Reserve Breed Champion: Joseph Rodriguez.

Grand Champion Hog: Mysela Alvarez (Hampshire); Reserve Champion Hog: Matt Martinez (OPB); Jr. Showmanship: Miranda Alvarez and Sr. Showmanship: Marissa Tarango.

In the Commercial Cattle Show, light: first place, Nathan Box; second place, Mac Teague; third place, Dillon Garcia and fourth place, Derek Teague.

Heavy Division: first place, Emily Rodriguez; second place, Joseph Rodriguez; third place, Rayann Box and fourth place, Emily Rodriguez.

Grand Champion Commercial Cattle: Nathan Box; Reserve Champion Commercial Cattle: Emily Rodriguez; Jr. Showmanship, Ryann Box and Sr. Showmanship, Nathan Box.

In the Goat Show, light class, Class I: first place, Heath Armstrong; second place, Kacy Villanueva; third place, Bryce Deitiker; fourth place, Kimberly Urias; fifth place, Kayna Valenzuela; sixth place, Michael Hardwick; seventh place, Sassy Howard; eight place, Mariabel Rodriguez and ninth place, Aeon Rayos.

Class II: first place, Adrienne Bagley; second place, Avery Weatherman; third place, Conner Armstrong; fourth place, Bryce Deitiker; fifth place, Michael Hardwick; sixth place, Ariel Garcia; seventh place, Teresa Arzate and eighth place, Manuel Villanueva.

Class III: first place, Adrienne Bagley; second place, Mayle McElroy; third place, Avery Weatherman; fourth place, Heath Armstrong; fifth place, BillyRay Garcia; sixth place, Cassidey Hegar; seventh place, Ariel Garcia; eighth place, Myra Villanueva; ninth place, Brianna Rodriguez.

Grand Champion Light Goat: Adrienne Bagley and Reserve Champion Light Goat: Mayle McElroy.

In the Medium Class, Class I: first place, Christopher Martinez; second place, Kendra Villanueva; third place, Cassidey Hegar; fourth place, Manuel Villanueva; fifth place, Diego Estrada; sixth place, Mac Teague; seventh place, JoeAble Rodriguez; eighth place, Myra Villanueva; ninth place, Aeon Rayos and tenth place, Ronald Santos.

In the Goat Show, Class II: first place, Mayle McElroy; second place, Avery Weatherman; third place, Clay Teague; fourth place, Mariabel Rodriguez; fifth place, Abraham Garcia; sixth place, Michael Hardwick; seventh place, JoeAbel Rodriguez; eighth place, Kacy Villanueva; ninth place, Amber Lara and tenth place, Ryan Mondragon.

Class III: first place, Kendra Villanueva; second place, Mayle McElroy; third place, Jeremy Madrid; fourth place, Manuel Villanueva; fifth place, Diego Estrada; sixth place, Cassidey Hegar; seventh place, Ariel Garcia; eighth place, Myra Villanueva; ninth place, Brianna Rodriguez.

Grand Champion Light Goat: Adrienne Bagley and Reserve Champion Light Goat: Mayle McElroy.

In the Medium Class, Class I: first place, Christopher Martinez; second place, Kendra Villanueva; third place, Jeremy Madrid; fourth place, Daniel Estrada; fifth place, Christopher Lease; sixth place, Myra Villanueva; seventh place, Abby Salcido; eighth place, Amber Lara; ninth place, Jasmine Chavez and tenth place, Mariabel Rodriguez.

Grand Champion Medium Goat: Chris Martinez and Reserve Champion Medium Goat: Kendra Villanueva.

In the Heavy Class, Class I: first place, Adrienne Bagley; second place, Kelly Lease; third place, Dailynn Mondragon; fourth place, Jeremy Madrid; fifth place, Mia Roman; sixth place, Manuel Villanueva; seventh place, Mac Teague and eighth place, Dora Estrada.

In the Goat Show, Class II: first place, Christopher Martinez; second place, Kendra Villanueva; third place, Sarah Lujan; fourth place, Victoria Salcido; fifth place, Kimberly Urias; sixth place, Allan Roman; seventh place, Clay Teague; eighth place, Cassidey Hegar; ninth place, Christopher Martinez and tenth place, Tye Hegar.

In the Class III: first place, Gabriel Salcido; second place, Kacy Villanueva; third place, Marcos Muniz; fourth place, Angel Apodaca; fifth place, Jeremy Baeza; sixth place, Dakota Hegar; seventh place, Tye Hegar; eighth place, Dakota Hegar; ninth place, Dakota Hegar and tenth place, Tye Hegar.

Grand Champion Heavy Goat: Chris Martinez and Reserve Champion Heavy Goat: Adrienne Bagley.

Grand Champion Goat: Chris Martinez and Reserve Grand Champion Goat: Adrienne Bagley.

Jr. Showmanship: Gabriel Salcido and Sr. Showmanship, the Staci Wheeless Award: Adrienne Bagley.

In the Lamb Show, Fine Wool: first place, Adrienne Bagley; second place, Mayle McElroy; third place, Adrienne Bagley and fourth place, Trey Graham.

Breed Champion: Adrienne Bagley and Reserve Breed Champion: Mayle McElroy.

In the Cross Light: first place, Ryan Mondragon; second place, Trey Graham and third place, Adam Roman.

In the Heavy: first place, Allann Roman; second place, Adrienne Bagley; third place, Mayle McElroy and fourth place, Christopher Martinez.

Breed Champion: Adam Roman and Reserve Breed Champion: Adrienne Bagley.

In the Medium Wool Light: first place, Avery Weatherman; second place, Christopher Martinez; third place, Kelly Lease and fourth place, Keyna Valenzuela.

Medium: first place, Adrienne Bagley; second place, Tommy Millan; third place, Kelly Lease and fourth place, Christopher Lease.

Heavy: first place, Allan Roman; second place, Mayle McElroy; thid place, Adrienne Bagley; fourth place, Allann Roman; fifth place, Allann Roman.

Breed Champion: Avery Weatherman and Reserve Breed Champion: Chris Martinez.

Grand Champion Lamb: Avery Weatherman and Reserve Champion Lamb: Allann Roman.

Jr. Showmanship: Avery Weatherman and Sr. Showmanship, the Buck Miller Award: Mayle McElroy.

Animal Control Board reviewing preliminary plans

Plans for a new animal control facility for the Town of Pecos City could be presented to city council members sometime in February, Pecos Police Chief Clay McKinney said on Friday, following a meeting the previous night of the Pecos Animal Control Board.

A new shelter, to replace the one at the city’s Walthall Street yard, already had been planned for an area adjacent to the Pecos Criminal Justice Center. McKinney said the Animal Control Board was given a look at the preliminary blueprints on Thursday, and will make their recommendations on any changes during a meeting within the next few weeks.

McKinney said the preliminary plans call for separate pens for cats, puppies and adult dogs, and area to separate animals that may be suspected of carrying rabies or other diseases. “There will be a quarantine room with four pens for animals, completely enclosed and away from the animal population,” he said.

“There will be 14 separate pens for dogs, seven of those patio-type pens, so they’ll have fresh air and sunlight,” McKinney said. The facility will also have a lab and a clean-up area for workers. Problems with the quarantine pens at the Walthall Street site led them to be closed down by state inspectors last year. Animals under quarantine are currently being kept at veterinarian Dr. Ronald Box’s office. The problems also led to the creation of the Animal Control Board, and McKinney said they will have to approve the final plan by city public works director Edgardo Madrid before it is submitted to the council.

“We are going to take the suggestions and recommendations to Mr. Madrid, and he will do a blueprint for us. Then we’ll go back to the board for review of the final draft,” McKinney said.

He added that the planned animal control facility is expected to be around 2,500 square feet. There is no cost estimate for the building yet, pending final approval of the plans by the board and the city council.

Council discusses solutions to sewer troubles

Town of Pecos City Council voted to add a new pump to the city’s Stafford Boulevard sewer lift station, and looked at plans for 2 1/2 miles of new sewers to serve new projects on the south side of town, members decided at a special meeting last Wednesday at City Hall.

Funding for the new pump was scheduled to be discussed on Tuesday, during the council’s regular meeting at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall, while council members were told outside funding sources will be needed in the future for the sewer construction project.

Council members made the decision on the pump after hearing from Town of Pecos City Public Works Director Edgardo Madrid about problems with the current sewer line from the Reeves County Detention Center to the Stafford Boulevard lift station. Madrid’s report came after the council had heard from Best Western Swiss Clock Inn manager Jean Winget at the start of their Jan. 10 meeting about a problem with the sewer lines in the area of the motel on I-20 at Country Club Drive, where the motel’s owners are planning to build a second 60-room motel just to the west of the current building.

“This may hold up the start of our building, so we have to get something going on it,” Winget said.

Councilman Danny Rodriguez called for the item to be added to the council’s special meeting last week, so they could discuss how to fix the problem. Councilman Frank Sanchez said, “I feel we need to do some research on the issue. We don’t know where the problem initiates.”

Madrid said at the Jan. 10 meeting that the southwest side sewer problems were linked to the volume of wastewater from the Reeves County Dentition Center, aging lines in the area, and the slope of the line in the area of the Swiss Clock Inn.

“At this time we have some surveys we’re doing to look at alternate routes and to divert some sewers to avoid that area,” he said.

On Wednesday, he told the council the city and the Swiss Clock Inn could make some immediate improvements, including work on the lift station and the installation of a screen on the sewer line, just to the east of the RCDC. But he said eventually, they would have to look at building a new line to divert wastewater from the Stafford Boulevard area directly to the city’s larger sewer lines going to the treatment plant east of the city limits.

Council members ended up voting to look at all three items, and to try and work with Reeves County on funding the screen to be put in near the prison.

“Let’s revisit it and get a quote on the screen as soon as possible, and we can get together with the county and see if we can fund it,” Mayor Dick Alligood said.

Madrid said waste from the RCDC, such as prison uniform sleeves, underwear and other items, are getting into the sewer lines and causing problems for the pumps at the Stafford lift station, causing the pumps, which can handle over 700 gallons a minute, to lock up. That problem in turn causes back-ups, which clog the lines coming out of the Swiss Clock Inn.

He said a low entry into the sewer system from one of the motel’s main lines also contributes to the back up, but city attorney Scott Johnson told Winget that any repairs there would have to be paid for by the motel.

The lift station currently has three pumps, two in operation at a time. Councilman Danny Rodriguez asked about putting a fourth pump in, but Madrid said they didn’t know if the current building had enough room to handle a fourth pump.

Instead, he said the city should look at putting in a screen to filter large waste items out before they reached the lift station. “We need to sit down and negotiate with the county to get that issue resolved,” he said.

The other plan would be to built a new line north from the current line running south of Interstate 20 along Texas Street and Seventh Street to the 18-inch collector sewer. That would allow the wastewater from the RCDC and other current and proposed businesses on the southwest side of town to be diverted away from the current line. Madrid said that would solve the back-up problem, which normally occurs during peak use hours.

However, the project would require 13,500 feet of new lines, and Madrid to the council, “That’s going to be very expensive. That’s going to be over $800,000, so we’re going to have to work that one through grants to get it accomplished.”

He said the city could get some funding if the current project to rebuild the city’s wastewater treatment plant comes in under budget, but would also have to look for other sources of funding.

“We’re getting a lot of customer complaints when they walk into the bathroom,” Winget said, adding that there have been some sewer backups into rooms, mainly on the motel’s east wing, and the sewer smell is still there in non-peak hours.

“To me, it’s embarrassing, and not sending out a very good message for our town and hotel,” she said, adding that they have received complaints through Best Western’s main office in Phoenix about the problem. “We did good on our inspection, but this kind of complaint can destroy us.”

Board to bundle school projects to cut bid costs

Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD board members listened to an update on facility plan, during their first meeting of 2008 on Thursday, and agreed to combine several big construction projects in a package to receive better pricing and estimates, after initial bids came in well over budget.

Monte Hunter, architect with Hunter Corral Associates, was on hand to update the board on the progress of the construction work at the different campuses as part of the district’s $30 million bond issue. Those include rebuilding two of the three wings at Austin Elementary, adding a new wing to Crockett Middle School and adding on to existing facilities at Bessie Haynes Elementary.

“On Jan. 15, the construction manager accepted proposals from subcontractors and suppliers, for the CATE addition and concession buildings,” said Hunter. “As you can see the proposals were roughly twice the estimates, for several reasons,” he said.

Hunter said that some of the reasons that the proposals came in twice the estimates was because some trades did not have multiple proposals (concrete, masonry, plumbing, site work, windows), so it is difficult to determine fair market value; some individual trades varied from recent unit prices by as much as 75 percent, (these trades were also ones that had only one proposal) and the subcontractors proposing for the project indicated that the size of the project in relation to the location (60 to 90 minutes from their office) inflated prices.

“The prices seem to reflect a larger percentage of travel/mobilization for the scope of each sub,” said Hunter. “Another thing affecting the proposals was the amount of work currently in progress with many subcontractors.”

He said that the proposals were double what the estimates proposed by the construction manager.

“There are other recent school projects going on at this time in West Texas including in Andrews, Odessa, Monahans and Rankin, and this also affected the proposals,” said Hunter, who suggested that they put the proposals together with the Bessie Haynes/Crockett Middle School projects.

“I think that if you put all these together, we will have better estimates,” said Hunter. “They won’t mind driving an hour if they know that they have these big projects to work on.”

He said that this should result in more competitive pricing and eliminate disproportionate travel/mobilization costs.

“We gave all kinds of handouts to the principles of the two schools and tweaked a few things,” said Hunter.

“Are we going to have Zavala opened up another year?” asked board member David Flores. Sixth graders currently at Zavala Middle School will be moved to Crockett when the new wing is completed.

“Yes, Crockett and Bessie Haynes will not be done until 2009,” said Hunter. “There’s no way we could get it done by August.”

Hunter said the concession stand project and Austin roofing will be the only projects finished by August of this year.

“I know you want to see dirt flying and steel going up, but it will happen soon, it just takes time and several other steps to take,” he said.

Hunter told the board that they will have all the elementary schools under construction at one time. “But you don’t want them all under construction at one time, because it stretches and stresses the construction crew,” he said.

The Bessie Haynes Project scope includes: one gym (junior high size), music room, classroom, restrooms, stage; expand library; convert two classrooms to science labs; replace office HVAC units; life safety improvements; accessibility improvements; replace entry doors; repair terrazzo floor; communications system and upgrade electrical distribution system.

The Crockett Junior High Project Scope will include the addition of eight classrooms, four flex labs, library and student restrooms; add gym, four locker rooms, restrooms, concession and band hall; convert existing library to two computer labs; convert existing band hall to two rehearsal rooms; replace student lockers; upgrade electrical service; replace HVAC system for kitchen, cafeteria and special education area; life safety improvements; accessibility improvements; six tennis courts; replace primary water lines; replace exterior windows; replace entry doors; replace older roofing; improve drainage north of existing tennis courts and replace bleachers in existing gym.

The board approved the release of drawings and specs for construction proposals during the meeting.

In other action, the board recognized two schools that received a high rating. Both Pecos Kindergarten and Austin Elementary Schools were named “Recognized Campuses,” and plaques were handed out to the two principals of each school.

The group also approved two new hires: Alexia Marquez, Physical Education/Coach, Bessie Haynes Elementary and Kelley Dawn Rios 4th Grade teacher, Bessie Haynes Elementary.

Resignations accepted were Dalilia A. Sajadian, math, Pecos High School, effective January 7, and Mary Skelton, 4th Grade teacher, Bessie Haynes, also effective Jan. 7.

Tax office work keeping Hidalgo busy year round

April Hidalgo learned something about filing income tax returns by filing her own during the five years she worked as secretary and accountant at Kesey Feeders and Farms. Now she is West Texas Area manager for the Jackson-Hewitt tax service.

As area manager, Hidalgo oversees two offices in Odessa, two in Pecos and one each in Kermit and Monahans. She was named employee of the year in 2007 out of 150 employees companywide. Another highlight of 2007 was the company’s national convention in Nashville, Tenn. last June.

“It was beautiful over there,” Hidalgo said. “We stayed at the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center, next door to the Grand Ole Opry.”

She didn’t get to attend the Opry, due to a conflict with classes, but they did walk around outside. It was downtown Nashville that impressed Hidalgo, however. They saw where big music stars got their start, and visited the Ernest Tubb shop.

“Daddy is a big Ernest Tubb fan,” Hidalgo said. Her father is Lee Ryan, who operates Ryan’s Barber Shop. Her mother, Wanda, is head of communications for the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Pecos office.

Hidalgo’s twin brother, Chris Ryan, is a trooper for the DPS, headquartered in Monahans. His two daughters, Brianna, 6, and Avery, 1 1/2, keep her entertained.

Spending time with family and friends is Hidalgo’s favorite pastime. She also keeps busy with community activities on behalf of the company. The Jackson-Hewitt float won third place in the Kermit Christmas parade, which had a Christmas in Toyland theme.

The company team placed second and third in the Reeves County Fall Fair barbecue cook-off the past two years. She also participated in the Kermit and Monahans chamber banquets last year, and plans to be involved in the Pecos banquet this year, despite the pressures of the tax season.

“I wouldn’t be able to do all I do without the support of my husband, family and friends,” Hidalgo said. “Robert supports me 100 percent. He is always there to help me with things I can’t do.”

With a baby due July 13, Hidalgo is trying to slow down and take care of her health. She schedules bi-weekly doctor visits when she is working in Odessa to cut down on travel time.

Discounts offered to employees in the oilfields, law enforcement, schools, hospital, courthouse and Wal-Mart (where J-H has a booth) are keeping the staff busy, Hidalgo said. They accept drop-offs of tax records, and will stay late to meet with individuals after work.

Bill and Stella (McAnally) Strange own the West Texas offices. Stella worked as federal court clerk and Pecos municipal judge while living in Pecos.

Ms. Strange said that Hidalgo is very active in the community and in the company. “She’s one of our very valuable employees.”

Hidalgo caught on quickly when she joined the company two years ago, and has become extremely efficient, she said. “She’s very good.”

Alternative minimum tax change to affect many on 2007 returns

Two changes to the income tax code will affect local taxpayers, said Lisa Lynch, manager for the H&R Block office at 700 S. Cedar St.

Changes related to the alternative minimum tax and the earned income tax credit has created a delay in filing 2007 tax returns, said Lynch.

The rules changed the way dependents are claimed, but tax preparers have not received official notification of the changes, she said.

“The alternative minimum tax change affected a lot of people that were receiving lots of credits,” Lynch said.

The AMT law was created in 1969 to ensure that taxpayers who made a lot of money but claimed a lot of credits still had to pay a minimum amount of tax, she said.

“Over the years, it never compensated for inflation, and the average income now is what then was very high income,” she said. “It was affecting low-income people.”

President George Bush signed the amended legislation into law on Dec. 27, 2007, and Block representatives were able to incorporate the changes into computer software, Lynch said.

Six employees in the local office are trained in the changes and are ready to assist taxpayers. They use computer software that utilizes the interview technique to obtain information on income and expenses.

Other tax preparers include Jackson-Hewitt, 1118 S. Eddy St.; Randy Graham, CPA, 602 S, Cedar St.; Card & Co. CPA’s, 320 S. Oak St.; James Pattee, CPA, Security State Bank Building; and Security Finance, 115 W. 4th St.

Individuals may also purchase tax preparation software or use a service online. The Internal Revenue Service partners with private companies to provide free online tax preparation services for taxpayers whose adjusted gross income is $54,000 or less. See HYPERLINK "" for its Free File feature, which is also available in Spanish.

Terry graduates from Prairie View A&M

Tiana Terry has graduated from Prairie View A&M with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

She had originally decided to try and go to Baylor University or Spellman, but after several chats with Saul Roquemore and Rhonda White, she decided to go to Prairie View A&M.

Prairie View A&M is known for turning out some of the top students in agriculture and engineering.

Tiana is the daughter of David and Debra Terry.

Herrera, Brito announce wedding plans

Andrea Ann Herrera of Pecos and Martin H. Brito of Monahans plan to marry Jan. 26, at Santa Rosa De Lima Catholic Church.

The bride-elect is the daughter of Bobby and Flor Herrera of Pecos. She is a 2002 graduate of Pecos High School and is employed by Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD.

Her fiancČ is the son of Lazaro and Ludmila Brito of Monahans. He is a 2002 graduate of Monahans High School and is employed by Aquila Drilling Company.

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