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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Commissioners set to OK Balmorhea center funds

Staff Writer

Repairs to roofs at the Reeves County Courthouse and reeves County Sheriff’s Department, along with a new community center for Balmorhea were the topics of discussion during Monday morning’s public hearing on the Reeves County proposed budget. Department heads were on hand this morning for the hearing on the county’s 2007 fiscal year budget, and the commissioners court went line-item by line-item in their budget discussion.

Along with the proposed budget, the group was to discuss the adoption of both the budget and the tax rate for FY 2007 during the meeting, which continued into Monday afternoon. This year’s budget also proposes a 5 percent raise for all non-elected employees at the courthouse.

Reeves County Judge Jimmy B. Galindo said that one of the biggest items in the budget would be funds appropriated for the roof repairs at the courthouse and the sheriff’s department and the construction of a new Balmorhea Community Center.

“One of the biggest expenses here will be the Balmorhea Center,” said Galindo. He said funding was placed under “Other” in the budget and hoped that construction of the long-delayed facility could begin soon.

“What I would like to propose is that we construct that this year and this amount will be the down payment,” said Galindo.

He said that $120,000 was in the new budget as a down payment for the construction of the center and all the roof repairs.

“We can amortize the rest of the amount over a number of years,” said Galindo. “If you talk to the sheriff, he will tell you that there is a need for roof repairs at the sheriff’s department, as well as here in the courthouse,” he said.

Galindo said that if they group the repairs and the construction of the center, it would be more economical.

“It will be less expensive this way,” he said. “This way we can go ahead and build the community center, versus putting it off.”

“A better idea would be to put it in an escrow account and save on the interest of taking out a loan,” said Precinct 3 Commissioner Saul Herrera.

“The next thing would be for us to pay it cash,” said Galindo. “So, I guess you want to pay it in cash?” he asked.

“It would save us money on interest,” said Herrera.

Galindo said that they would review the item once more before deciding if they would pay for the roof repairs and the construction of the community center in cash.

“We can come back to this item and see which way you all want to handle it,” he said. “We can revise it and look at it on a cash basis.” The court also discussed adding two individuals to the county judge’s office, though Galindo, who leaves office at the end of this year, said the people who would fill those spots would have to be named next year by the winner of the Nov. 7 general election.

Democratic nominee Sam Contreras faces Republican Bobby Hanks in the Nov. 7 race.

“He’ll have to hire those himself,” said Galindo. “But I was thinking we should budget in a person or maybe two to help him.”

The group discussed various salaries, but did decide that they needed to add at least one position to that office.

RCH board votes to start search for new obstetrician

Staff Writer

For the second time in less than six month, Reeves County Hospital officials will be looking to fill a vacancy on its physicians staff, after a second doctor announced he will e leaving early next year.

Dr. Oladele Olusanya told the hospital staff earlier this month he plans to leave Pecos, after serving as OB-GYN for the hospital since 2002. Reeves County Hospital District board members voted to begin a search for a new obstetrician for the hospital during a special meeting held last Tuesday in the hospital’s classroom.

“Dr. Dele is relocating to Dallas,” said Nadine Smith, secretary to the hospital’s CEO. “His fiancé is in her fellowship in endocrinology in Dallas, so that’s where he’s relocating.”

Smith said Dr. Dele plans to leave sometime in February. She said while the board voted to begin a search for his replacement, they did not hire a physician recruitment company during last Tuesday’s meeting.

The hospital already is searching for a doctor to replace Dr. Haitham Jifi, who closed his practice in Pecos in June. In April, the hospital signed an agreement with Texas Recruiters at a cost of $22,500 will be to seek a replacement for Jifi. That contact carried a base fee of $6,000, and a monthly fee of $1,000 over a six-month period, with the remainder going towards the new doctor.

Along with the search for a new doctor, board members reviewed candidates for the hospital’s chief executive officer position, and reappointed courtesy medical staff privileges to visiting physician Carl Winninger during the special meeting.

The hospital also held its second public hearing on the district’s 2006-07 tax rate during the meeting. Smith said there were no attendees at the hearing, which was posted in the Reeves County Courthouse as being scheduled for last Thursday instead of Tuesday, though the time and day of the meeting, Sept. 19, were correct on the public notice.

Board members voted to maintain the district’s current tax rate of .38602 cents per $100 in valuation during a meeting last month a move that is expected to bring the hospital an additional $460,000 in revenue in 2007, but could leave the district open to a possible rollback election early next year. The board said at the time of the vote that the money was needed to close the hospital’s budget gap, as well as going towards recruitment of a new physician for the hospital.

Smith said the board took no action on a new CEO following their executive session. Chief Financial Officer Frank Seals has been serving as interim CEO since June, when CEO Bill Conder retired.

Board members will have a hearing this Thursday during their regular monthly meeting on the budget for the 2006-07 fiscal year and will adopt the new 2006-07 tax rate and the operating and capital budgets during the meeting. The will also discuss hospital district exemptions, while other items on the 6 p.m. agenda include an executive session on personnel issues, the sale of one piece of property in Pecos and an oil and gas lease of property owned by the district in Galveston County, along with the regular monthly reports, financial statements and bills.

Council to eye rate review plan

Town of Pecos City Council members will have the final readings on the 2006-07 budget and tax rates, and will hear a proposal for an annual rate review for the city, during their regular meeting set for 5:30 p.m. on Thursday at City Hall.

Council members approved sharp increases in water and sewer rates last year, in order to close a large city budget gap and meet state requirements for funding the city’s ongoing water and sewer system projects. However, at the time the hikes were approved, the council asked city officials to conduct a yearly rate review based on the annual budget, to determine if adjustments can be made to utility rates.

Board members will also discuss a contract with Isabel and Dennis Blanchard for fix based operations at Pecos Municipal Airport, along with updates on public works construction projects, budget amendments for the current 2005-06 budget, schedules for the Pecos Police Department, and a homeland security grant. They will also hear an offer to purchase property at 211 S. Cypress St., hold an executive session to discuss the municipal court judge’s position, and go over regular semi-monthly reports.

Local women represent club at bi-annual event

Catherine Travland, President-Elect of the Western District of the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs, and Joyce Morton, both of Pecos, represented The Modern Study Club in Odessa as Western District women gathered to meet the 2006 Traveling Team.

Direct from Austin, four officers of the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs Traveling Team “Lap Around Texas ‘06” brought their song and dance to the members of the Western District. This bi-annual event, starring President Patricia Siegfreid-Giles, President-elect Marjorie Williamson, 1st Vice President Dean of Departments Dorothy Roberts and Janelle Holden 2nd Vice President Dean of Membership, provides a casual setting for members and officers to get to know each other while the new material is distributed.

The four corners of the TFWC 2006-2008 Administration are: Public Relations so that others know who we are, Membership so that we can continue to grow, Education so that members know of our proud past and exciting future and Leadership so that we can move forward. The 2006-2008 GFWC International President Jacquelyn Pierce has chosen “Empowering Women One by One” as her them and her Special Project is Domestic Violence; awareness and prevention. Information on both these important issues will be provided.

The member clubs of the Texas Federation are study clubs and volunteers involved in areas of volunteer service depending on the needs of their community. The program and project ideas provided by GFWC and TFWC give the clubs an opportunity to choose areas of interest for the upcoming club year and to participate in various contests. In the last two years TFWC members donated over $2 million to local charitable projects and over $1 million annually in local and state scholarships. The Theme for the TFWC 2006-2008 is Great Women Volunteer.

The four officers attended the GFWC 115th Annual Convention in Denver Colorado in June. They return fresh from workshops, training seminars and with lots of information and material. The casual setting is an excellent way to introduce the new programs, contests, and reporting procedures and to put friendly faces to the newly elected officers. “We look forward to their visit and the opportunity to show off our district and members,” said the Honorable Sherry Phillip, Mayor of McCamey, President of the TFWC Western District.

The Traveling Team travels approximately 3,000 miles along the state highways and byways throughout the month of July visiting each district before moving on to the next stoop. “It’s a long time on the road and away from our families,” said President Siegfreid-Giles. “But well worth it. The members get the information first hand and we get to know the local club members. We do have off days and get some time to relax and see the sights” she said.

However, the four teams members are encouraged to pack light. The van is packed full of boxes of materials so there’s not much room for suitcases, shoe bags and make-up kits. Just as long as there’s room for Patricia’s hat box! Patricia is known for her hats and travels to all meetings with her hat box.

Trans-Pecos Trails board discusses promotional ideas

Texas Pecos Trail Region board members discussed promotional ideas for the 22-county area, and hiring a regional coordinator for the newly-created tourism group, during a meeting held on Sept. 14 in Rocksprings.

The Texas Pecos Trail Region was created last year and covers counties from the Trans-Pecos, Permian Basin and Texas Hill Country region on either side of the Pecos River, including Reeves, Ward, Pecos and Loving counties. The TPTR headquarters is located in Sonora, and the Sept. 14 meeting was hosted by the Edwards County Historical Commission.

The Board will be accepting applications for regional coordinator through Oct. 5, or until the position is filled. The coordinator's office will operate out of Sonora and a vacancy announcement, including application information, is posted on the THC's website ( and can be viewed by going to the "Jobs" link.

Board mbmers also discussed educating the public about the Texas Pecos Trails Region and securing funding for TPTR, which includes marketing and assessing the effectiveness of the program. They also discussed preserving and protecting cultural and historic resources and planning for the Texas Historical Commission (THC) to conduct site evaluation trips throughout the region.

These evaluations will be made by experts in marketing, museum practices, interpretation, architecture, and tourism. Reports will then be given to communities providing assessments of their readiness and potential for the promotion of heritage tourism, along with recommendations for developing sites for this purpose.

The schedule for the site evaluation trips will be discussed when the Board meets on Nov. 9 at the Haley Library in Midland. More information about the TPTR and events throughout the area may be obtained by visiting the regional website:

The TPTR covers approximately 35,000 square miles and includes the counties of Andrews, Crane, Crockett, Ector, Edwards, Glasscock, Kimble, Kinney, Loving, Martin, Maverick, Midland, Pecos, Reagan, Reeves, Sterling, Sutton, Terrell, Upton, Val Verde, Ward, and Winkler. A major emphasis of heritage tourism is communities working together to promote each other as tourist destinations.

PHS using rock music theme for homecoming events

Staff Writer

Hard-Rock Café is the theme for the 2006 Pecos Eagle Homecoming Week, which began on Monday and continues through Friday’s homecoming football game.

The Hard-Rock Café is a pop culture icon and organizers for the homecoming event feel it is the perfect theme for this year’s Eagle homecoming.

Events around the rock music theme will be held each day this week, leading up to the 7:30 p.m. game on Friday against the Anthony Wildcats. While there again will be no bonfire this year due to state and federal regulations on air pollution, the homecoming parade will take place as scheduled on Thursday, and skydivers will be part of the pre-game football activities for the second year in a row.

Events at the high school include:

Monday - Rock Out in Style. Everyone is encouraged to wear their favorite concert T-Shirt.

On Tuesday - Stay Up Late and Rock On. Wear your favorite P.J.’s. Wednesday - Head-bang with the Eagles. Crazy Hair day.

Thursday will be Strut Like Your Favorite Musician. Dress like your favorite Rock Star.

And Friday, Rock the House with the Eagles. Everyone is encourage to wear their purple and gold.

Monday through Wednesday, everyone should dress for theme days. Thursday’s homecoming parade will begin with lineup at 4 p.m., at Third and Eddy streets. The parade will start at 5 p.m. and will go south on Eddy Street and end up at the Pecos High School.

If anyone plans to participate in the parade they are asked to be at the corner of 3rd and Eddy on Thursday, at 4 p.m.

This year the Student Council Energy Committee would like to have a recyclable shopping cart parade added to the homecoming activities.

Clubs, organizations, schools, stores and classes are invited to participate. Each group will need to decorate a shopping basket with recyclable material. Carts will be judged based on creativity, spirit and originality.

The top 10 shopping carts will be paraded around the football field on the night of the game.

All former Homecoming Queens from the past years are invited to participate in this year’s parade.

If anyone plans to participate they need to be at the corner of 3rd and Eddy at 4 p.m. for the lineup. The individuals will need to provide a car so that they may ride in the parade and have a poster board on the side of the vehicle and list the year of their homecoming reign. For more information contact Bernadette Portillo at 448-3380.

A “Parking Lot Bash” will be held and everyone is invited to meet at the new gym parking lot for fun, food and games from 7-9 p.m. On Friday, dress for theme days and a Tea for all Exes will be held at 12:30 p.m., sponsored by the Honor Society, with the Pep Rally following at 2 p.m., in the new gym.

The game is set to start at 7:30 p.m., at Eagle Stadium, with the Eagles opening District 1-3A play against Anthony.

Skydivers will land with the game ball prior to kickoff, and the first 350 fans will get a free spirit towel.

Each of the hallways at the Pecos High School will be decorated according to the band that has been assigned to them. The senior hall will feature “Led Zepplin”; the junior hall, “KISS”; the sophomore hall, “ACDC,” and the freshman hall will have “Aerosmith.”


Editor’s Note: Marriage and divorce records are public record and may be accessed by anyone. All marriage records are kept in the Reeves County Clerk’s office, while divorce records can be located in the District Clerk’s Office located on the second floor of the courthouse.

Marriages for July 2006, as filed with the Reeves County Clerk’s Office.

Michael Jason Foster, Jr. and Joann Inez Gurule. Oscar Cisneros Diaz and Eloisa Avila Gomez. Josue V. Mendoza and Veronica Marruffo. Martin Eugene Arreguy and Luz Marina Weinacht. Ramon Fierro and Martha M. Fierro. David A. Tipton and Brenda Kay Mowry. Alfonso Dorantes and Jenny R. Mireles.

Marriages for August 2006, as filed with the Reeves County Clerk’s Office.

Ernesto Lujan and Lourdez Montoya Pena. Enrique E. Mata, Jr. and Marisela Hernandez Moreno. Mario A. Tarango and Maria A. Bejarano. Jacob Anthony Marruffo and Judy Nicole Castillo. Jeffrey L. Alston and Dellene Joy Britz. Mark Anthony Carrasco and Josefa Nicole Herrera Fuentes. Jesus Jose Orosco and Manuela Rivero Rivero. Harold C. Hamner and Delana K. Creager. Billyjack and Mary Irene Odland.


Divorces for July 2006, as filed with the Reeves County District’s Clerk’s Office.

Juana Macias and Isidro Macias. Antonio Rene Contreras and Barbara Jean Contreras. Bernice Carrasco and Mario C. Carrasco. Lisa Lynn Lowry and Maurice Clinton Lowry.

Divorces for August 2006, as filed with the Reeves County District’s Clerk’s Office.

Geneva Reyes Salgado and Adan C. Salgado. Jessica Quintana Gutierrez and Ramon A. Gutierrez. Dana Howard and Patrick Howard. Cynthia Banuelos Fuentes and Miguel Angel Fuentes. Jessica Quintana Gutierrez and Ramon A. Gutierrez. Sylvia Ann Juarez and Benito A. Juarez.

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