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November 14, 1997

Pecos Elementary students honor veterans

Staff Writer

PECOS, November 14, 1997 - Many Pecos residents showed up
for a special tribute to veterans performed by students

"We had a really good turnout, it was a very nice event,"
said Pecos Elementary School principal Gail Norris, who
added that she was very proud of the students who organized
the event.

Third-grade Cub Scout members raised the U.S. flag and J.T.
Miranda led those present in the pledge of the allegiance.
Pecos High School student Penny Armstrong played the
traditional "Taps" for the group assembled to pay homage to
those who died while serving our country.

Cub scouts presented some veterans that were on hand for the
occasion a blue ribbon, as a thank you for having served the
U.S. Those present to receive the ribbons were Hiram Luna,
James Henderson, Earl Samples and Alfonso Gonzales.

School Student Council members, along with other class
members, made a banner that was signed by all and contained
an "open letter" to all the veterans. The banner was
decorated with blue stars and red hearts and was displayed
during the ceremony.

Luna spoke to the group on patriotism.

"It was a very nice ceremony," said Norris.

County grant administrator to seek post

PECOS, November 14, 1997 - Three persons are now seeking the
post of Reeves County Commissioner, Precinct Four, with the
recent treasurer's designation filed Wednesday afternoon by
Mari Maldonado, Reeves County Grant Administrator.

David H. Pattillo, owner of Pecos Battery and Electric, will
be treasurer for Maldonado's campaign for the Precinct Four
commissioner's seat in preparation for the March 10 election.

The former staff writer for the Pecos Enterprise, and editor
of its Spanish supplement, La Voz De La Gente, said, there
are some things that the Reeves County Commissioners' Court
represents that she agrees with and others she finds

"Having been with the newspaper for almost three years and
with the county for over a year now, I've seen, heard and
experienced a great deal. All of it being highly educational
and a benefit to my candidacy," Maldonado said. "I
enthusiastically support the court's trend in lowering the
county's taxes. I also think the court is on the right track
with its recent support for a recreational program. Precious
time to further educate and express our support for our
youth is lost each year we only talk about such a prospect,"
she said.

Maldonado participated in the preparation of a Texas
Department of Parks and Wildlife grant application to erect
a new recreation center. "The support is certainly there,
but it would be more feasible to start with what we already
have to work with.

"I won't lose sight of that original idea, however,"
Maldonado said about a new building. "We could use the
inter-local harmony...and that and only that is what its
going to take to get an ideal recreational program up and

"It's this cooperation that would enhance the county's
chances for future grants," emphasized Maldonado, who added
that the possibilities are endless for the types of grants
that are available. She said the more recent and
disheartening experience with a Texas Youth Commission
proposal should not hinder future efforts.

Maldonado said she helped a friend campaign for this same
seat before the March primary in 1994. "It opened my eyes,"
she said and has since gathered all the knowledge and
experience she could for the upcoming election.

"My employment at the Enterprise," Maldonado said, "allowed
me to understand Reeves County's and its various taxing
entities' situation, how they work and their goals.
Obviously, I don't know everything, but I do have the desire
to learn and the enthusiasm to do all that I can to help."

She added that as an employee of Reeves County and,
previously, the Pecos-Barstow-Toyah Independent School
District, it is important that employees should always feel
comfortable, to approach court or board members with
concerns, suggestions or comments and know that they're
being heard. The same reasoning goes towards constituents,
she added.

Council moves to take charge of water

Staff Writer

PECOS, November 14, 1997 - In an attempt to keep the state
from dictating water practices in the area, the Town of
Pecos City Council voted to join with surrounding
communities to establish a regional water planning group.
According to recently passed Senate Bill 1, the State of
Texas can prepare a State Water Plan that would regulate
water use across the state.

The resolution passed by the council yesterday morning
invites Reeves County, Balmorhea, Toyah, Orla, Saragosa,
Madera Valley Water Supply Corporation, "and all other
interested individuals and businesses to join together to
accomplish whatever work may be necessary to form a Regional
Water Planning Group for the Allivium and Bolson Deposits
Aquifer, the Edwards-Trinity Aquifer and the Rustler

While there was significant confusion regarding the exact
date the planning group must be formed by to by-pass state
interference, all agreed it was a matter of pressing
importance. City Attorney Scott W. Johnson said that the
resolution looked "fairly harmless," and that if need be it
could be modified later. Given the location of the aquifers,
Johnson said, it would be good to get Ward County involved.

The resolution was passed with the allowance of possible
modifications being made to it later on.

The council discussed investigating employee health
insurance issues and appointed a committee to investigate
and compare various plans. "We have more freedom under (the
current) plan than the school has on theirs," said City
Finance Director Steve McCormick. Members of the committee
include Alice Matta, Danny Rodriguez, Armando Gil, Kenneth
Neal and Paul Videtto.

An ordinance to benefit retirement for city employees was
passed in its first reading. It must pass one more reading
to be adopted.

The ordinance will allow city employees who began their
probationary period before Sept. 1, 1989, to obtain prior
service credit for time spent as a probationary employee,
not exceeding six months. So, as some employees reach that
retirement age they will not have to work "extra" time.

Discussion over the Pecos Chamber of Commerce's expenditures
of hotel/motel bed taxes was tabled until the next council

Randy Graham was appointed to a steering committee for the
servicing areas of Texas-New Mexico Power Company. Mya
Surratt, TNMP Customer Relations Coordinator, said the
coalition is intended to "get the support of all cities into
one voice" to keep the "industrials" from trying to water
down TNMP's proposed rate decreases.

The juvenile and municipal court reports were approved. And
accounts payable, totaling $231,010, and 1997 tax roles
(totaling $809,478) were both approved.

The council accepted Chief of Police Troy Moore's retirement
notice while in executive session. Moore agreed to help
draft a list of qualifications for a prospective new chief
and to continue in his current position until a replacement
is found. Moore's date of departure, according to his
retirement notice, is January 31, 1998.

After executive session the council voted to approve the
first phase of a plan to equalize the city pay scale.
According to Mayor Dot Stafford the pay increases will
expand the city budget by $16,000, but the city also has a
list of projected cuts to the budget amounting to as much as
$167,000. The cuts are to be formalized at the next meeting.

Christian concert one of weekend activities

Staff Writer

PECOS, November 14, 1997 - Looking for something to do this
weekend? Pecos will have a variety of options for everyone.

On Saturday, a Christian Concert will take place at the
Pecos High School Auditorium, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Sudden
Impact of Pecos will be welcoming Dallas Holm to the
community to perform Christian music.

Admission is $4 and a canned food item. Dallas Holm has a
big heart for the less fortunate. He helps communities
everywhere he goes through local food banks by including a
canned food item, or other non-perishable food, as admission
to his concert. These food items are then donated to the
local food banks.

Rachel Dominguez, coordinator of the Santa Rosa Food Bank,
is very grateful for the generosity of Dallas Holm, stating,
"We are really thankful that Dallas Holm is coming to Pecos
and including us in his plan. Not too many big artists like
him take a look at our side of the world, much less to come
here. He is making a difference in a lot of people's lives,
and for this we are truly grateful."

Early Saturday morning, a Big Garage Sale, will begin, and
it's also for a good cause. The event will begin at 8 a.m.
and continue until 1 p.m., at St. Catherine Parish Hall and
is sponsored by Catholic Daughters of Americas.

Proceeds from the event will go towards purchasing blankets
to be placed in holiday food baskets in conjunction with the
Knights of Columbus.

The Beta Sigma Phi Fifteenth Annual Christmas Bazaar is
scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. at the Reeves County Civic
Center. Festivities will continue until 5:30 p.m.

About 25 booths have been sold, and items for sale range
from jewelry, ceramics, wreaths, toys, dolls and paintings.

Admission to the bazaar is free, and everyone is welcome to
come out and browse. The club will have a concession stand
and will give door prizes, donated by the booth vendors.

The proceeds from this annual fund-raiser are donated back
to the community, such as the Christmas Light project and
Christmas gifts for needy children.

Contractor's contract on agenda

PECOS, November 14, 1997 - Pecos Housing Authority Board
members will discuss a 1996 contractor's contract to be
awarded to Master Builder's Construction at their regular
meeting at 5 p.m. today.

Master Builder's Construction had submitted the lowest bid
for a 1996 CIAP grant. PHA apartments located on the south
side of town and the apartments for the elderly on Second
St. will undergo major re-construction, due to this grant.

The group will receive an update on the CIAP 1996 and award
the contract for the renovation project.

Other items on the agenda include termination of lease
agreement for one resident; write off collection losses on
Yvette Acosta, Norma and Epifanio Reyes, Criselda Reyes,
Margarita Pargas and Reynaldo Arevalo.

Under the Farm Labor Housing portion of the meeting, the
board will receive an update on the investigation of
misappropriation of funds.

The group will meet in executive session to evaluate the
executive director.

Monthly income and expense reports, monthly accounts payable
and monthly occupancy reports will also be discussed.

Promise Keepers look at problems

Staff Writer

PECOS, November 14, 1997 - Sparse furnishings of the
Community Center in downtown Pesos amplified the sound of
songs such as "Amazing Grace" and more contemporary
Christian worship songs during the 10-man local Promise
Keepers meeting Tuesday night.

"What are we here for," asked Pastor Matt Williamson, of
Abundant Life Church, "but to be more like Jesus?"

All attending the meeting agreed that former University of
Colorado football coach Bill McCartney's program, Promise
Keepers, has helped them to relinquish the old dictatorial
model of fatherhood they once followed for one more based
upon humility and service, as modeled by Jesus Christ in the
New Testament accounts of his life.

Promise Keepers' conferences, according to Williamson,
"provide an environment where men feel safe (enough) to be
honest." The men testified to each other about the power
they experienced at such conferences and the positive
effects they have seen in their own lives.

One participant, responding to various charges that the
National Organization of Women, who fear that PK is leading
an anti-women's rights campaign, have made about Promise
Keepers said, "The only thing they've been able to make
stick is the amount of money charged for the conferences."
These large stadium-conferences usually run about $40 per
person. "But," the participant continued, "this year the
theme will be 'Throw Open the Gates' and all events will be
free of charge."

The tone of the meeting changed when the testimonials
concluded and the group began to focus on immediate concerns
such as how to tear down racial walls that divide the people
of Pecos.

"If we do not address (this issue) and walk out the door
then nothing is ever going to happen to clean up this town,"
said Rudy Martinez, "Let's see what intentionally can be
done to tear down these walls...We can pay it lip service
till we're blue in the face."

Martinez challenged those present to be painfully honest
about how they see each other and the pain they carry
inside. He said there was a huge difference in calling
someone a "brother," as many Christians do, and really being
a brother.

"A brother to me is one who comes to rescue you when you're
down and someone is kicking you in the face," he said.

Martinez recalled days growing up in Pecos when Foster's
(now Cattleman's Restaurant) had a No dogs or Mexicans'
sign on the door and Hispanics were not allowed to sit on
the first floor of the movie theater with whites, but had to
watch from the balcony.

The group agreed that racism was definitely still an issue
in Pecos, particularly in the churches.

The meeting broke over prayer and the lingering
conversations of a group concerned with bringing Pecosites
into a more complete knowledge of the Christian faith.

Drug dealers indicted by grand jury

Staff Writer

PECOS, November 14, 1997 - Street dealers who allegedly sold
small amounts of heroin, cocaine and marijuana to undercover
officers were indicted Thursday by the Reeves County grand

Delivery was made on varied dates ranging from January
through August, the indictments allege.

Of the 34 indictments, 10 are for delivery of heroin, four
for delivery of marijuana, and 21 are for delivery of
cocaine. Bail in each case was set at $10,000 or $15,000.

Charged with delivery of heroin are:

Angie Mora Nunez, 31; Lucy Chavez Vela, 36; Arnulfo N.
Lujan, 34; Raul Lujan Barrera, 28; Ruben Minjarez Rayos, 43;
Alberto Franco Prieto, 37; Jose Manuel Garcia, 43; Gilbert
R. Ortega, 26; Daniel Natividad Fuentez, 47; and Alberto
Franco Prieto, 37.

Delivery of cocaine is the charge against:

Julian Guadalupe Rodriguez, 35 (three counts); Hector
Gonzales Pando, 27; Felipe Amarillas Cabada, 44; Angie Mora
Nunez, 31; Gilberto Herrera Perez, 37; Francisco Herrera
Perez, 47 (two counts); Hector Gonzales Pando Jr., 25; (two
counts) Dulces Nombres Mata, 35 (two counts); Emelda
Ramirez, 24; Arthur D. Williams, 35; Concepcion T. Garcia,
49; Francisco B. Gonzales, 35; Hector Chavez, 38; Francisco
S. Menchaca, 24; Alonzo Dutchover Mendoza, 42; and Guadalupe
Venegas, 27.

Charged with selling marijuana are:

Kenneth Christopher Salas, 25 (two counts) and Leon Lee
Vega, 17, (two counts).

PBT board considers restructuring

PECOS, November 14, 1997 - A study on restructuring
Pecos-Barstow-Toyah schools will be conducted by a local
committee headed by the district's interim superintendent
rather than by hiring an outside company. To optimize
educational benefits for PBT students the district will join
four technology consortiums. These matters, and others, were
decided by the PBT school board last night.

The board of trustees opted not to hire the engineering firm
Frank Spencer and Associates to conduct an independent
restructuring study.

"Do you really think we need to hire someone to study that?"
Trustee Steve Armstrong asked President Frank Perea,
inquiring if it was truly necessary to pay someone to
determine the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of
restructuring the schools at this time.

"It seems to me like we've been dealing with this issue for
two or three years now, and every time it's a new study,"
said Vice President Alberto Alvarez.

"We as a board can study it, and study it, and study it, but
at some point we have to make a decision. Just a few months
ago, an auditor came in and told us we need to start cutting
expenses and we need to do it now," said Perea.

"We need to go ahead with this and get something done
because we are running out of money," said Secretary Daisy

"We need to have a long-range fiscal plan," added Trustee
Earl Bates.

"If we start off with the students' best interests and then
consider statistics...and not let feelings be the driving
point...we can get through this," said Trustee Linda Gholson.

"This is going to be a sensitive issue," said Interim
Superintendent Kenn Norris. "I think it's time we do some
long-range planning in this district. We also need to do
some long-range maintenance."

Bates moved not to hire Spencer and Associates, but to have
Norris head a committee to do the study. Armstrong seconded
to motion, but before it came to a vote, Norris asked if the
committee will be at liberty to use consultants if needed.
Bates then moved to amend his original movement to include
the consultant provision and Armstrong again seconded the
motion. The motion passed, with Roquemore voting no because
of the allowance for the hiring of consultants, saying that
defeated the purpose of having the committee do the study in
place of Spencer.

Spencer did not attend the meeting because he was

Gerald R. Ritchie, Associate Executive Director of the
Region 18 Education Service Center, addressed the board
about the district's agreement for education of non-resident
students and an agreement with Region 18. Non-resident
students are students in one district who are being educated
with money from another district.

According to the agreement, instead of sending money
directly to the state, a property-wealthy district would
"purchase" a certain number of students in a property-poor
district, then send the corresponding amount of money it
spends per-student to the poorer district. The difference
between what the wealthy district spends on each of its
students and what the poorer district spends on each of its
students is the net gain.

The net gain is the money that will be used to fund
technology consortiums that Region 18 agreed to help

Participating schools agreed that technology consortiums can
optimize the benefits of those funds by sending a percentage
of the money to the Region 18 Communication Cooperative.

This cooperative built a wide-area network to provide
Internet access to member schools. The network also offers
schools the ability to use interactive television for
distance learning, according to Region 18.

Schools participating in the consortiums decided, according
to Region 18, that 75 percent of the net gain funds would go
to the co-op and 25 percent would remain in the district to
be used for technology. All of the money that Region 18
receives from the technology consortiums is supposed to be
returned to the schools in the form of equipment, telephone
line costs or other services associated with being connected
to the network.

PBT ISD has been asked to participate in four different
consortiums, funded by Grady ISD, McCamey ISD, Crane ISD and
Rankin ISD.

Ritchie said that Region 18 wants to use interactive
audio/visual equipment for staff development as well as for
concurrent classes.

PBT ISD's estimated gain under this plan would be about
$12,000 per-year to spend on technology.

PBT ISD Business Manager Cookie Canon said that the district
now pays about $700 per month in telephone line charges,
which Region 18 will pay under this plan.

Technology Coordinator Jodi Exum presented the district's
plan, which she said "will be revised every year" because of
how rapidly technology advances.

"I do not present this as a perfect plan, but it is
workable," Exum said.

Exum said that state guidelines have been incorporated into
the plan, that she presented highlights of via a video link
with a lap-top computer.

The district's technology department began broadcasting
school district information on cable channel 48 earlier this
year. Exum said that as of Monday, the Pecos High School
library is open to the public two nights a week, Monday and
Thursday, from 6 to 8 in the evening. Exum also spoke about
the need for campus technologists. "We already have several
people on several campuses who are performing this job for
no pay," said Exum, "but they aren't getting extensive

A campus technologist must be a person who really wants to
help the students learn, but would also need to be able to
work on the computer hardware if there is a problem.

"I think this is a super plan, except with the plan for the
campus technologists as it is written. I personally would
like to see a person, maybe one person for every two
campuses, who wouldn't be taken away from other duties to do
this," said Armstrong. "If you don't start off right, this
will flounder for years."

Armstrong would like to see the plan amended to find a way
to make the campus technologist a full-time position instead
of a part-time position for someone already on staff who has
other duties and would be trying to do this after school to
earn a stipend.

Gifted/Talented Coordinator Nancy Russell spoke to the board
about approving the G/T plan.

"Really, what you are doing is updating the plan to agree
with the G/T plan you adopted in '96," Russell said. The
board approved the plan with the only nay vote coming from

The three current representatives serving as directors on
the Reeves County Tax Appraisal District Board were
reappointed unanimously. They are Brenda McKinney, Marlo
Summitt and Ray Ortega.

The sale of foreclosed properties will be put on the school
board's agenda for its December meeting.

The school board decided to recommend adding Connie Podesta
to the in-service program if she is available and is
approved by the in-service committee.

The board had a lengthy discussion about reading material
from the advanced placement English course, but no action
was taken because the matter seems to have been resolved and
none of the parents who made complaints acted upon
invitations to address the board.

However, it was agreed that parents of AP students be given
a copy of board policy regarding this issue. A course
synopsis is already provided to students for their parents
to look over the spring before they take the course where
material is described, along with the rationale for the
material being included in the course. Alternate assignments
are available.

In other board business, one resignation was submitted, but
not approved by the board. Katherine Jean Hardin-Rinne,
hired to teach sixth grade at Lamar, left with no notice.
Bates asked if the district would have to pay her if they
didn't approve the resignation, but Norris said she never
signed a contract, so he didn't think so. Armstrong worried
about the message it would send if the board just approved
her resignation with no recourse after she left the district
"in a lurch." A decision on the resignation was postponed
until December.

Other decisions receiving unanimous approval were Policy
Update 56, 1997 tax roll, a workshop for board governance,
Donna Davis as a PDAS appraiser, alternative accountability
proposals for students in the alternative education program,
1997-98 budget amendments, payment of current bills and
approval of financial report.

A new sound system for the PHS auditorium was discussed but
not acted upon.

There will be a special meeting on Dec. 2 to discuss
grievances and the regular monthly meeting is set for Dec.
11. Gholson asked that a workshop on setting salaries be
discussed at the regular meeting.


The Fort Stockton Pioneer

FORT STOCKTON, Nov. 13, 1997 - The Fort Stockton Recycling
Center is celebrating its first birthday, and is inviting
everyone to come out and join them for the special occasion.
Saturday is Texas Recycles Day and the celebration will be
held at the center from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Giveaways will be held and refreshments available.

The Big Bend Sentinel

MARFA, Nov. 13, 1997 - The U.S. Border Patrol Marfa Sector
will conduct a public outreach meeting from 3 to 4 p.m.,
Tuesday, Nov. 18, at the Presidio County Courthouse in Marfa
to provide information about an upcoming 42-mile road
improvement project along River Road in the Candelaria area.

The Alpine Avalanche

ALPINE, Nov. 13, 1997 - Members of the Drug Enforcement
Administration met with parents, teachers and concerned
citizens Wednesday, Oct. 29, to discuss problems with drugs
in the community. The Alpine DEA agent-in-charge, Jim Rose,
discussed drug use in Alpine schools.

The International, Presidio Paper

PRESIDIO, Nov. 13, 1997 - Presidio High School seniors Nubia
Saenz and Danny Brito were crowned 1997 Homecoming queen and
king at the Blue Devil-Wildcat football game. The importance
of immunizations, snake bites, and africanized bee attacks
headlined a day-long bi-national health campaign last month
at Presidio Elementary School.

The Sanderson Times

SANDERSON, Nov. 13, 1997 - Terrell County Commissioners
Court met Monday, Nov. 10, with County Judge Dudley Harrison
presiding over a lengthy agenda. Terry Toler, Economic
Development Coordinator, gave a report on a seminar he
recently attended and showed the court prototype T-shirts
and posters promoting Sanderson as the "Cactus Capital of
Texas" that he had made while a the seminar.

The Monahans News

MONAHANS, Nov. 13, 1997 - Armed with 11 arrest warrants
charging various violations of anti-drug traffic laws, more
than a score of law enforcement officers swept through Ward
County on Wednesday, Nov. 12. The raids began about 1:30
p.m. in a cold drizzle that gradually turned to a light
rain. The search for those named in the warrants continued
through the afternoon and into the evening, according to
Ward County Sheriff Ben Keele.


PECOS, November 14, 1997 - High Thursday, 65, low this
morning, 40. A snow warning is in effect today for western
and central areas of the Texas Panhandle as forecasts called
for as much as 1-2 inches of snow. An Arctic cold front
stretched across southern areas of the Panhandle early today
from Childress northeastward to Oklahoma City. Snow flurries
were reported early today in the Panhandle behind the front
and some light rain fell in the Lubbock area. It will be
partly cloudy to cloudy across West Texas. Lows tonight will
be from 10-15 in the Panhandle to the 30s and 40s elsewhere
in West Texas. Highs Saturday will be in the 30s in the
Panhandle and in the 40s and 50s across the rest of West

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