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Wednsesday, April 23, 2003

Board extends Vernor pact, funds nursing scholarships

Staff Writer

PECOS, Wed., April 23, 2003 -- The Reeves County Hospital District Board of Directors voted to give administrator Robert Vernor a one-year extension to his current contract, following an executive session during Tuesday evening's meeting in the hospital's classroom.

Board members also discussed establishing a nursing scholarship program in hopes of adding to the hospital's future staff during their monthly meeting.

The board met to evaluate the administrator Robert Vernor in executive session, and after coming back into open session, President Linda Gholson said that the board agreed to extend Vernor's current contract by a year for a total of three years, with a contract negotiation at the beginning of the third year.

During the earlier portion of the meeting Vernor asked the board to consider a Nursing Scholarship program for current employees and Pecos High School seniors interested in the nursing field.

"Leo (Hung) and I have talked about this," Vernor said. "He suggested that there be a nursing scholarship program for the hospital."

Vernor added that Hung offers a scholarship program to his employees.

In establishing the program, Vernor told the board that it would create some interest in the nursing field and would be a way of recruitment.

He added that they could help educate people locally in the nursing field and maybe they would hang around Pecos.

In a brief outline of the program, Vernor said that one thing they would look at would be the eligibility of the applicant, one being a current employee of the hospital.

"Those wanting a higher level of training are the ones we can give preference to first," Vernor said. "We can also look at high school seniors going into nursing."

Currently there is a need for licensed registered nurses (RN) and licensed vocational nurses (LVN), Vernor said.

While receiving their training, Vernor said that the hospital could provide a monetary stipend while allowing them to work 40 hours a week.

"We could help pay for their tuition, books and some amount of travel," he said. "We could also help out in some way for lodging instead of travel."

Upon completion of their training, Vernor said that the applicant would have to return to Pecos and work for the hospital.

"A RN would have to work for four years, while an LVN would have to work for three years," Vernor said.

However, if for some reason the applicant had to move for one reason or another before their time expired, they would be responsible for paying back the money that was given to them.

"If some one only worked for us for two year then they would have to pay half the money back," Vernor said. "We could pro-rate it."

He told the board that the hospital currently has $65,000 available to help them get started, and if approved they could then appropriate further funding at a later time.

"Again this is just a brief outline," Vernor said. "If you choose to pursue it we can bring it back at the May meeting."

The board agreed to pursue the plan with Board of Directors member Hugh Box making the motion and Board of Directors member Bill Wendt seconding it.

In giving the administrator's report, Vernor handed out information packets on corporate responsibilities and compliance.

He also said that there was some movement going on the hospital expansion project on the north side of current building. Dirt was being laid out and the area began to even out with the existing hospital.

"There should be some concrete before long," Vernor said. "The contractor said that they are on schedule."

The board approved the appointments and clinical privileges on Richard Duke, MD for Specialty Clinic and Ellen Dudrey MD for Pathology. Box made the motion to approve Duke's privileges with Wendt seconding it. Vice-President and Secretary, Chel Flores made the motion to approve Dudrey's privileges with Box seconding it.

Though not on the agenda Vernor informed the board that Dr. David Lovett had resigned effective April 14. Lovett is giving up his dental practice in Pecos, and the members will have the resignation notice on their May agenda.

In other business the board approved the minutes with Flores making the motion and Box seconding it.

Box went on to make a motion to accept the monthly tax report, financial statements and budget amendments and the payment of bill with Flores seconding it. Board of Directors member Leo Hung abstained from the payment of bills in regards to $82.38 owed to Professional Pharmacy.

Again Box went on to make a motion to accept the bid of $300 for property located at 1411 S. Oak with Wendt seconding it. In the selling of the property located at 913 N. Elm Box made the motion to accept the bid for $1,200 with Flores seconding it. Wendt then made a motion to accept the offer of $400 for lots 4-12 block 14 in Toyah with Box seconding it.

Under public comments Hung informed the board that there are some IV pumps in storage that he is interested in purchasing from the hospital.

Third graders 'adopt' airman in Kuwait

Staff Writer

PECOS, Wed., April 23, 2003 -- A Pecos resident currently serving her country in Kuwait has plenty of mail coming her way thanks to a group of youngsters who have "adopted" her.

Heather Scheier's third grade class at Austin Elementary has "adopted" Rebecca Natividad, who is an Airman in the Air Force serving in Kuwait.

"We started out by e-mailing her and hear from her daily," said Scheier, who added that her class had gathered a great big care package to sent to her, filled with items she might need and some she just likes.

"We found out she likes Hot Cheetos and that's one of the items the kids brought in to send to her," said Scheier. "They have brought in so many things to send that we'll have to send her another package."

Scheier said that Natividad's mother has visited with the class and provided a picture of her. "We post all our e-mails from her on the board dedicated to her, so that everyone has a chance to read them," she said.

All the students have written her letters and sent her drawings and pictures. "This has really grown and now other classes are wanting to adopt a local soldier," said Scheier.

She said that the students are not only learning more about the war and reality, but are enjoying taking part and helping a community member.

"They really enjoy receiving mail and hearing from others waiting for them here," said Scheier. "And this group of students have really gone all out in making her feel good about herself and what she's doing there."

"The students are just so excited and they love hearing from her," she said.

Third-grader Eddie Pando, who helped the other students learn how to e-mail and has been helping Scheier download messages said that he felt proud of Natividad.

"I also feel sad that she has to be down there fighting a war," said Pando. "I feel bad for all the soldiers, but I'm proud of them."

Pando said that when he e-mails or writes to Natividad he tells her all about himself and asks a lot of questions.

"Her biggest question was how am I going to meet these guys," said Scheier. "By the time she comes home, these students will be in another grade level, at another school."

But Scheier said that she was going to make an effort for Natividad to have a chance to personally meet all her admirers back home.

"They're really proud of her and want to meet her," said Scheier.

Scheier said that the class has their own e-mail address and access to a computer in the classroom, which makes it easier for them to keep in touch. "It's been great, it's been just been wonderful," she said. "The students are learning and they are also helping someone to not be so lonely in a far away place."

Crystal Lerma said that her mom had written poems to send to Natividad and that she really enjoys communicating with her.

"I'm sad for her and all the others that are there," said Lerma. "I wouldn't want my daughter to be there."

Still, Lerma said that she knew that what the soldiers were doing was important. "She's helped us understand why they are there and we're very proud of her and all the others," said Lerma.

Other classes at Austin Elementary School will soon be "adopting" their own local heroes.

A.J. Rodriguez said that Natividad was in the same Girl Scout Troop as his sister. "We're just proud of her," he said.

Rec Department begins sign-ups for girls softball

PECOS, Wed., April 23, 2003 -- The Reeves County Community Sports and Recreation Department is enrolling girls now through May 9 for its summer softball league.

The league is open to girls between the ages of 7 and 15. Enrollment form can be picked up at the Recreation Department office at the old Pecos High School gym during regular office hours. Entry fee is $10 per child and a birth certificate and both parents' signatures must be provided with the enrollment form.

For further information, contact the Recreation Department at 447-9776.

Museum beginning student art display

PECOS, Wed., April 23, 2003 -- West of the Pecos Museum is sponsoring the 16th Annual Student Art Festival and an exhibit will be on display from April 24 through May 3.

A special award reception is scheduled for 6:30 p.m., Thursday, April 24, in the museum courtyard.

The 2003 Theme is: Easter Eggstravaganza.


PECOS, Wed., April 23, 2003 -- High Tues. 90. Low this morning 52. Forecast for tonight: Mostly clear. Lows in the lower 50s. West winds 5 to 15 mph. Thurs.: Mostly sunny. Highs in the mid 80s. West winds 5 to 15 mph increasing to 15 to 25 mph. Thurs. night: Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 50s. Fri.: Partly cloudy. Highs in the mid 80s. Sat.: Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 50s. Highs in the mid 80s.

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