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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Reeves-Loving Stock Show sale brings in almost $50,000

Staff Writer

PECOS, Jan. 21, 2003 - Things went extremely well at this year's Reeves-Loving County Livestock Show and Sale, with sale totals as well as the number of exhibitors up from last year.

"This year the total sales was $49,550, a couple of hundred higher than last year," said Cookie Canon, one of the organizers of the event. "We sold the animals through sixth place, that was 86 exhibitors."

Some awards were given out to those who work hard to make the annual event a success.

One of the awards this year went to Nita Smith, who has been the bookkeeper for many years. "She was the bookkeeper, left and then came back and just took up where she had left off," said Canon.

"They usually recommend a committee member for this award, who has supported the event and has been there to make it a success," said Canon. "Nita was recognized for her services of many years."

A plaque was awarded to a long-time stock show supporter. Harvey Ramsey was given a plaque for his 34 years as announcer of the event. "He was very surprised and pleased," said Canon. "He's been doing this for so long and we wanted to honor him and thank him."

Canon was named Outstanding Committee Member and received a traveling pack and a belt buckle.

The barbecue plate sale held prior to the auction was a huge success as well. Over 400 plates of barbecue were sold during Saturday evening's event.

"That's double from last year," said Canon. "Every year we say we're going to cook more and we sell more."

Canon said that event has been a really good venture.

Individuals who purchased a ticket for the barbecue sale were eligible for a turkey fryer, turkey and cooking oil. Cole Armstrong won the prize and Canon said "His daughter, Amanda, sold him the ticket so she wins something also."

The younger Armstrong will receive a pair of boots or gift certificate from Desiree's.

Canon also thanked members of the Balmorhea FFA and its supporters, who manned the concession stand on Friday and Saturday. "They always do an outstanding job and we really appreciate them," she said.

At the sale held Saturday evening the youngsters had an opportunity to make up some of the funds that they have used throughout the year in raising the animals.

Adrienne Bagley, who won Grand Champion Lamb sold it for $1,500; Jack Stickels, Grand Champion Hog went for $1,450; Marissa Tarango, Reserve Grand Champion Hog, $850; Chase Laurence, Reserve Grand Champ Goat, $700; Adam Roman, Finewool Lamb Breed Champ, $550; David Bradley, Cross Lamb Breed Champ, $800; Mayle McElroy, Finewool Reserve Breed Champ, $550; Katie Lee, Cross Lamb Reserve Breed Champ, $825 and Matt Martinez, Duroc Hog Reserve Breed Champ, $925.

Also, Jay Sanchez, Hamp Hog Reserve Breed Champ, $500; Jennie Canon, Dark OPB Reserve Hog Breed Champ, $675; Clay Teague, Light OPB Reserve Hog Breed Champ, $575; Mysela Alvarez, 1st Light Weight Medium Wool Lamb, $575; Jamie Gallego, 1st Light Weight Goat, $475; Jennifer Montano, 1st Medium Goat, $400; Tyler Hebbert, 1st Heavy Heavy Goat, $475; Victoria Carrasco, 1st Medium Weight Duroc Hog, $525; Mateo Tarango, 1st Medium Weight Hamp Hog, $500; Sarah McKinney, 1st Heavy Heavy Weight Hamp Hog, $600; Josh Cobos, 1st Light Weight Cross Hog, $525; Derek Teague, 1st Medium Weight Cross Hog, $625 and Julia Garlick, 1st Heavy Weight Cross Hog, $400.

Also, Susan Bradley, 2nd Light Weight Cross Lamb, $450; Angela Fleenor, 2nd Light Weight Goat, $400; Justin Machuca, 2nd Light Heavy Goat, $400; Dailynn Mondragon, 2nd Heavy Goat, $575; AriAnna Alligood, 2nd Heavy Heavy Goat, $475; Emily Rodriguez, 2nd Medium Weight Duroc Hog, $450; Jack Bradley, 2nd Heavy Weight Duroc Hog, $425; Lauren Elliott, 2nd Medium Weight Hamp Hog, $400; Matt Elliott, 2nd Heavy Weight Light OPB Hog, $400; Chris Martinez, 2nd Light Weight Cross Hog, $825; Levon Barragan, 2nd Light Heavy Weight Cross Hog, $425; Kaci Harrison, 2nd Heavy Heavy Cross Hog, $900; Nathan Box, 3rd Steer, $2,800; Michael Lee, 3rd Light Weight Cross Lamb, $600 and Drake Bradley, 3rd Medium Weight Medium Wool Lamb, $450.

Also, Conner Armstrong, 3rd Light Weight Goat, $800; Heath Armstrong, 3rd Light Medium Goat, $825; Caitlin Hebbert, 3rd Light Heavy Goat, $450; Amanda Armstrong, 3rd Heavy Goat, $800; Clifton Brantley, 3rd Heavy Weight Hamp Hog, $475; Dustin Gulihur, 3rd Heavy Heavy Weight Hamp Hog, $650 and Joseph Dutchover, 3rd Light Weight Light OPB Hog, $425.

Also, Samuel Urias, 3rd Medium Light Weight Light OPB Hog, $400; K'Dee Gulihur, 3rd Light Heavy Weight Cross Hog, $575; Ryan Bustamante, 3rd Heavy Weight Cross Hog, $425; Tylena Barrandey, 3rd Heavy Heavy Cross Hog, $425; Brittany Lobstein, 4th Light Weight Cross Lamb, $650; Gabriel Saenz, 4th Light Weight Goat, $450; Isaiah Vela, 4th Heavy Goat, $400; Justin Lara, 4th Light Weight Duroc Hog, $425; James Baeza, 4th Medium Weight Duroc Hog, $400; Maritza Sandoval, 4th Heavy Weight Duroc Hog, $400; Amber Cook, 4th Heavy Heavy Weight Duroc Hog, $600; Russell Garlick, 4th Heavy Weight Hamp Hog, $500 and Clayton Cox, 4th Heavy Heavy Weight Hamp Hog, $525.

Also, Vanessa Garcia, 4th Medium Weight Cross Hog, $450; Robert Vasquez, 4th Light Heavy Weight Cross Hog, $475; Ariel Garcia, 4th Heavy Weight Cross Hog, $425; Brandi Machuca, 5th Light Goat, $400; Teg Lozano, 5th Heavy Heavy Goat, $400; Liza Vejil, 5th Light Weight Duroc Hog, $400; Josh Elliott, 5th Medium Weight Duroc Hog, $550; Aurelio Lopez, 5th Heavy Weight Duroc Hog, $600; Francisco Ornelas, 5th Light Weight Hamp Hog, $400; Trey Graham, 5th Medium Weight Hamp Hog, $725 and Andre Varela, 5th Dark OPB Hog, $450.

Also, Zachary Bowers, 5th Light Weight Light OPB Hog, $600; Jayme Galindo, 5th Light Weight Cross Hog, $750; Will Kington, 5th Heavy Heavy Cross Hog, $550; Zack Morton, 6th Medium Weight Medium Wool Lamb, $650; Jogina Gallego, 6th Heavy Weight Medium Wool Lamb, $400; Brianna Rodriguez, 6th Light Weight Goat, $400; Jalonnie Sanchez, 6th Light Heavy Goat, $375; Jose Rodriguez, 6th Heavy Heavy Goat, $375; Imari Ornelas, 6th Light Weight Duroc Hog, $525; Haley Kington, 6th Heavy Hevy Weight Duroc Hog, $475; Chris Bowers, 6th Heavy Heavy Weight Hamp Hog, $800; David Elkins, 6th Dark OPB Hog, $400; Geronimo Ornelas, 6th Light Weight Light OPB Hog, $425; BreAnn Windham, 6th Heavy Weight Light OPB Hog, $525; Israel Vela, 6th Light Weight Cross Hog, $400; Dominique Vejil, 6th Light Heavy Weight Cross Hog, $450 and Matthew Lindemann, 6th Heavy Heavy Cross Hog, $600.

Financial aid info offered at PHS workshop

PECOS, Jan. 21, 2003 - Financial Aid Night for college-bound Pecos High School students is scheduled for 6 p.m. next Monday at the PHS Cafeteria.

The program will be presented by Jim Glossbrenner with the Panhandle-Plains higher Education Authority. Parents and students are encouraged to attend the workshop to gain important information on student financial aid.

There will be a drawing for $100 scholarship at the event, which is sponsored by PHS Counselors Eva Arriola and Pat Cobos.

For more information call 447-7229.

District court cases increased in `02

Staff Writer
PECOS, Jan. 21, 2003 - Cases handled by the 143rd District Court in its three-county area were up about 7½ percent in 2002 compared with the previous year, according to District Attorney Randy Reynolds.

The 143rd District covers Reeves, Ward and Loving counties, and Reynolds said on Monday the total number of cases for 2002 totaled 469, up from 440 in 2001. Of that total, 317 were new cases and the remaining 152 were probation cases resulting from previous convictions.

Of the felony cases, the largest single referral came from the Pecos Police Department, with 84. Based on Pecos' population of about 9,500, that came to 8.8 referrals for every 1,000 people in the city.

Over in Monahans, the police department there referred 51 cases to Reynolds' office. Based on its population of 6,800, that came to 7.5 referrals for every 1,000 people in the city.

The Monahans' PD total was the third highest number of referrals to the 143rd District Attorney. The Ward County Sheriff's Department sent 69 cases to Reynolds, while the Reeves County Sheriff's Department sent only 26 cases to the district attorney for action in 2002. However, an additional 33 cases were sent to the DA from the Trans-Pecos Narcotics Task Force, which is operated out of the Reeves County Sheriff's Department.

Department of Public Safety officers in the area referred 30 cases to 143rd District Court this past year, and of that total, 22 were for violations that occurred in Ward County and the remaining eight occurred in Reeves County. Another 18 cases came from agencies such as the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Department of Health, and cases involving property seizures.

The six remaining cases were referred to Reynolds from the Odessa-based West Texas Narcotics Task Force, while there were no felony cases sent to the 143rd District Court in 2002 from the Loving County Sheriff's Department.

Reynolds said of the 317 felony cases, 171 were formally filed for indictment, 109 defendants were placed on probation and another 77 were sentenced to time in state penitentiaries from the 143rd District Court.

Out of the cases that resulted in sentencings, Reynolds singled out three, two involving transportation of marijuana and a third involving a burglary and attempted sexual assault.

He said Michael Gene Custer, 38, of Monahans, was sentenced to 50 years in prison following a plea agreement, in connection with the attempted burglary of a house and sexual assault of a woman in the house who was taking a shower at the time. The incident took place on April 25, and Custer was arrested in Big Spring two days later and sentenced by District Judge Bob Parks on July 19.

In the marijuana cases cited by Reynolds, Javier Rodriguez, 24, of Monahans, was sentenced to 12 years in prison on a charge of smuggling marijuana in Ward County from 1998. Rodriguez was apprehended in June of last year at the U.S. 67 border crossing in Presidio.

In 143rd District Court in Pecos, a jury sentenced Jose Mora to 12 years in prison after he was arrested for transporting marijuana through Reeves County on May 10 of last year. Mora's trial and sentencing was held in August.

The most notable case handled by either police department during 2002 involved the firebombing of the Monahans Police Department on June 3 of last year. Travis James Harris was arrested the following day on state charges, but those were later upgraded to federal charges and he is awaiting trial in U.S. District Court in Pecos.


PECOS, Jan. 21, 2003 - High Monday 78. Low this morning 46. Forecast for tonight: Partly cloudy. Lows in the upper 30s. West winds 5 to 15 mph. Wednesday: Partly cloudy. Highs in the mid 60s. Northwest winds 5 to 15 mph. Wednesday night: Partly cloudy. Lows near 30. Thursday: Partly cloudy and cooler. Highs in the mid 50s. Friday: Mostly cloudy. Lows in the upper 20s. Highs near 50.

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