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January 20, 2003

Past pageant winner picks up stock show ribbons

Staff Writer

PECOS, Jan. 20, 2003 - A former Little Miss Cantaloupe saw her animals take home ribbons of their own this weekend at the Annual Reeves-Loving County Stock Show, held at the Reeves County Civic Center.

Marissa Tarango, who was Little Miss Cantaloupe in 2000, placed in several events at the annual show and sale.

Tarango won Reserve Breed Champion, Reserve Grand Champion Lamb and the Jr. Showmanship award during Friday evening's lamb show. On Saturday, Tarango won Reserve Grand Champion Hog with her Duroc Hog during the Hog portion of the show, after winning grand champion for the breed earlier in the morning.

The number of participants in this year's show was up, particularly in the Hog competition, where there were over 150 entries during Saturday's five hour show.

On Friday evening, Adrienne Bagley won Breed Champion and Grand Champion Lamb, along with Grand Champion Goat. On Saturday Jack Stickels won Grand Champion Hog, with his crossbreed, and also won Breed Champion in the Cross division and the OPB dark competition.

In the lightweight division of the Goat Show Jamie Gallego placed first; Angela Fleenor, 2nd; Conner Armstrong, 3rd; Gabriel Saenz, 4th; Brandi Machuca, 5th; Brianna Rodriguez, 6th and Lizzy Saenz, 7th.

Light Medium Goat Show winners were: Mayle McElroy, 1st; Mayle McElroy, 2nd; Heath Armstrong, 3rd; Conner Armstrong, 4th; Amanda Armstrong, 5th; Derek Teague, 6th; Chase Laurence, 7th; John Keeper, 8th; Dillon Garcia, 9th and Jogina Gallego, 10th.

In the Medium Weight Goat Show: Jennifer Montano, 1st; Mayle McElroy, 2nd; Conner Armstrong, 3rd; Chase Laurence, 4th; Clay Teague, 5th; Amanda Armstrong, 6th; Joseph Dutchover, 7th; JoeAbel Rodriguez, 8th and Justin Machuca, 9th.

Light Heavy Goat winners: Adrienne Bagley, 1st; Justin Machuca, 2nd; Caitlin Hebbert 3rd and 4th; Heath Armstrong, 5th; Jalonnie Sanchez, 6th; Adam Roman, 7th; AriAnna Alligood 8th and JoeAbel Rodriguez, 9th.

Heavy Goat Show: Chase Laurence, 1st; Dailynn Mondragon, 2nd; Amanda Armstrong, 3rd; Isaiah Vela 4th; Heath Armstrong, 5th; Matt Martinez, 6th; Tyler Hebbert, 7th; Chris Martinez, 8th; Jennifer Montano, 9th and JoeAbel Rodriguez, 10th.

Heavy Heavy Goat Show: Tyler Hebbert, 1st; AriAnna Alligood, 2nd; Clay Teague, 3rd; Derek Teague, 4th; Teg Lozano, 5th; Jose Rodriguez 6th and JoeAbel Rodriguez, 7th.

Chase Laurence showed the Reserve Grand Champion Goat, while Junior Showmanship went to Mayle McElroy and Senior Showmanship to Amanda Armstrong.

In the Steer Show, John Marvin Clark's Steer took top honors. Grand Champion Steer and Reserve Grand Champion Steer went to Clark, who also won Senior Showmanship. Junior Showmanship honors went to Nathan Box.

Finewool Lamb Show winners were: Adam Roman, 1st; Mayle McElroy, 2nd; Adrienna Bagley, 3rd and 4th and Susan Bradley, 5th.

Breed Champion in the Finewool Lamb Show went to Adam Roman and Reserve Breed Champion to Mayle McElroy.

Cross, Light Weight Lambs: Adrienne Bagley, 1st; Susan Bradley, 2nd; Michael Lee, 3rd; Brittany Lobstein, 4th and Michael Lee, 5th.

Heavy Weight Lamb Show: David Bradley, 1st; Katie Lee, 2nd; Adrienne Bagley, 3rd; Adam Roman, 4th; Jamie Gallego, 5th and Mayle McElroy, 6th.

Breed Champion was David Bradley and Reserve Breed Champion Katie Lee.

Medium Wool Light Weight Lambs: Mysela Alvarez, 1st; Susan Bradley, 2nd; Adam Roman, 3rd; Drake Bradley, 4th; Michael Lee, 5th and Jayme Galindo, 6th.

Medium Lambs: Adrienne Bagley, 1st; David Bradley, 2nd; Drake Bradley, 3rd; Katie Lee, 4th and 5th and Zack Morton, 6th.

Heavy, Lambs: Marissa Tarango, 1st; Mateo Tarango, 2nd, 3rd and 4th; Susan Bradley, 5th and JoGina Gallego, 6th.

Breed Champion was Adrienne Bagley and Reserve Breed Champion, Marissa Tarango.

Senior Showmanship in the Lamb Division went to Susan Bradley.

Hog Show contestants participated in the annual event Saturday morning and throughout the afternoon.

In the Duroc Light Weight Division: Matt Martinez, 1st; Clay Teague, 2nd; Chris Martinez, 3rd; Justin Lara, 4th; Liza Vejil, 5th; Imari Ornelas, 6th and Nikki Reyna, 7th.

Medium Weight Hogs: Victoria Carrasco, 1st; Emily Rodriguez, 2nd; Derek Teague, 3rd; James Baeza, 4th; Josh Elliott, 5th; Nathan Box, 6th; Joseph Rodriguez, 7th; Clayton Cox, 8th and David Bradley, 9th.

Heavy Hogs: Marissa Tarango, 1st; Jack Bradley, 2nd; Matt Elliott, 3rd; Maritza Sandoval, 4th; Aurelio Lopez, 5th and Zack Morton, 6th.

Heavy Heavy Hogs: Jennie Canon, 1st; Jack Stickels, 2nd; Clifton Brantley, 3rd; Amber Cook, 4th; Jennie Canon, 5th; Haley Kington, 6th and Jack Stickels, 7th.

Reserve Breed Champion in the Duroc category went to Matt Martinez.

Hampshires Light Weight Hogs: Jay Sanchez, 1st; David Bradley, 2nd; Jack Stickels, 3rd; Jennie Canon, 4th and Francisco Ornelas, 5th.

Medium Weight Hogs: Mateo Tarango, 1st; Lauren Elliott, 2nd; Jennie Canon, 3rd; Joseph Dutchover, 4th and Trey Graham, 5th.

Heavy Weight Hogs: Marissa Tarango, 1st; Josh Cobos, 2nd; Clifton Brantley, 3rd; Russell Garlick, 4th; Matt Martinez, 5th; Chris Martinez, 6th; Jack Bradley, 7th; Clay Teague, 8th and Victoria Carrasco, 9th.

Heavy Heavy Hogs: Sarah McKinney, 1st; Derek Teague, 2nd; Dustin Gulihur, 3rd; Clayton Cox, 4th; Tylena Barrandey, 5th; Chris Bowers, 6th; Justin Lara, 7th and Zack Morton, 8th.

Reserve Breed Champion in the Hampshire category went to Jay Sanchez.

Dark OPB Hogs: Jack Stickels, 1st; Jennie Canon, 2nd; Dustin Gulihur, 3rd; Matt Martinez, 4th; Andre Varela, 5th and David Elkins, 6th.

Reserve Breed Champion in the OPB Dark division was Jennie Canon.

Light OPB, Light Weight Hogs: Clay Teague, 1st; Victoria Carrasco, 2nd; Joseph Dutchover, 3rd; David Bradley, 4th; Zachary Bowers, 5th; Geronimo Ornelas, 6th and Joel Martinez, 7th.

Medium Weight Hogs: Marissa Tarango, 1st; Jennie Canon, 2nd; Samuel Urias, 3rd; Levon Barragan, 4th; Mateo Tarango, 5th; Clifton Brantley, 6th; Josh Elliott, 7th and Will Putnam, 8th.

Heavy Weight Hogs: David Bradley, 1st; Matt Elliott, 2nd; Jack Stickels, 3rd; Derek Teague, 4th; Amber Cook, 5th and Bre'Ann Windham, 6th.

Reserve OPB Breed Champion was won by Clay Teague (light).

Crosses, Light Weight Hogs: Josh Cobos, 1st; Chris Martinez, 2nd and 3rd; Isiah Vela, 4th; Jayme Galindo, 5th; Israel Vela, 6th and Sarah Matta, 7th.

Medium Weight Hogs: Derek Teague, 1st; Victoria Carrasco, 2nd; Mysela Alvarez, 3rd; Vanessa Garcia, 4th; Jayme Galindo, 5th; David Elkins, 6th and Ruvel Carrasco, 7th.

Light Heavy Weight Hogs: Marissa Tarango, 1st; Levon Barragan, 2nd; K'dee Gulihur, 3rd; Robert Vasquez, 4th; Jack Bradley, 5th; Dominique Vejil, 6th and Kaci Harrison, 7th.

Heavy Weight Hogs: Julia Garlick, 1st; Clay Teague, 2nd; Ryan Bustamante, 3rd; Ariel Garcia, 4th; Matt Martinez, 5th; Jack Stickels, 6th; Jesse Hanks, 7th and Russell Garlick, 8th.

Heavy Heavy Weight Hogs: Jack Stickels, 1st; Kaci Harrison, 2nd; Tylena Barrandey, 3rd; Lauren Elliott, 4th; Will Kington, 5th; Matthew Lindemann, 6th and Zack Morton, 7th.

Breed Champion went to Jack Stickels, (heavy heavy); Reserve Breed Champion, Derek Teague (medium); Jr. Showmanship, Derek Teague and Sr. Showmanship, Jack Bradley.

Children's choir from Uganda in Pecos

PECOS, Jan. 20, 2003 - A Children's Choir that is traveling throughout Texas will be in Pecos for a performance this Wednesday.

The group, called the Watoto Children's Choir, brings with them harmonic perfection, blended with the exotic rhythms of Africa. The "Concerts of Hope" were brought to the Texas area beginning in November.

They will be performing at 7 p.m., Wednesday at the First United Methodist Church at Third and Elm Streets. The concert is free and a love offering will be taken.

Presented by Watoto ("children" in African) Child Care, the youngsters live in Watoto children's villages near Kampala, Uganda, in eastern Africa. The village was created by missionaries in 1994 to take care of the thousands of Ugandan children left orphaned by the AIDS epidemic and the civil war in that area. Currently, nearly 1,500 children are cared for in the villages and the goal is to build homes and schools to care for 30,000 of the orphans.

"Our goal is to equip these precious children with the essential moral values and life skills," said Gary and Mary Skinner, directors and founds of the Watoto Child Care Ministries, "that will enable them to make a significant and lasting impact on the future of their country."

African drums resound during the concert, and one by one the children come dancing down the aisles in their Ugandan costumes. Throughout Watoto's "Concert of Hope," Skinner said individuals experience the energy and sense the joy and hope that these beautiful Ugandan orphans have found.

Approximately 60 children a year are trained to tour.

Tim and Aimee Skinner directors of the choir. "One of the most heartwarming aspects of this choir is the fact that these children, who may have been eating out of a garbage heap one day, are given the opportunity of a lifetime to train with the adult leaders of the choir and tour around the world," Aimee said, while Tim added, "It's an experience that is life-altering."

Funding for the ministry is made possible by the giving of concerned individuals, churches and communities, through an offering at the end of the performances. The villages consist of single-family dwellings housing eight children and a house mother. Each home costs $10,000 to build. Local families can support the orphans for a $25 per month contribution.

Bodies of Midland minister, family found

PHOENIX (AP) - A hiker found a plane Sunday evening that crashed about eight miles north of Flagstaff, Ariz., nearly two weeks ago, Coconino County sheriff's officials said.

The twin-engine Piper PA-23 was en route from Las Vegas to Midland when it disappeared from radar Jan. 8, said Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Allen Kenitzer.

The plane was registered to the Cowboy Church of the American West in Midland.

Authorities said aboard the plane were believed to be church pastor Monty Price, his wife, Susan; their son, Jake; and Lendon Stovall, who was identified as Jake's girlfriend.

A hiker found the wreckage in a densely wooded and sparsely populated area near Schultz Peak, said Bill Pribil of the Coconino County Sheriff's Department.

Four bodies were found inside the plane that apparently burned on impact. There didn't appear to be any survivors, Pribil said.

Officials plan to remove the bodies from the wreckage Monday, he said. They will be taken to the Coconino County medical examiner, where they will be identified, Pribil said.

Barber Shop burglars cut out with cash, clippers

Staff Writer

PECOS, Jan. 20, 2003 - Ryan's Barber Shop at 216 S. Eddy St. was robbed either on Thursday or Friday night last week.

The robbery was not discovered until Saturday afternoon when Earlie Wilson came in to check on some of his customer's shoes. Wilson has a shoeshine stand in the shop.

"We didn't find out till Saturday since I had a doctor's appointment on Friday," owner Lee Ryan said. Normally he opens the shop Monday through Friday.

According to Ryan the robber's sweet tooth may be his downfall.

"They broke in through the back and you can tell they were real careful not to leave any finger prints," Ryan said. "You could see where they used paper towels and things to move things."

"The police weren't having any luck finding fingerprints until I noticed that all the gum I keep for the kids was gone too."

That's where they found some good prints and there was a coffee cup full of tootsie pops and they took all the tootsie pops. There were finger prints on the cup as well," he said.

Ryan said that the robber or robbers stole several sets of electric hair clippers, a VCR camera and $30 out of the cash drawer.

"It will cost me about $1,000 to replace the clippers," Ryan said.

When he learned of the robbery Ryan first went to his shop and then to Odessa to buy more clippers.

"I wanted to make sure I was open today," Ryan said. "They aren't going to beat me."

Ryan said that he planned on replacing the back door with the glass plane where the robber gained entry with something sturdier and was going to install an alarm system as well.

In addition he plans to start taking his clippers home with him each night.

Ryan opened the doors this morning just like it was any other Monday.

A few of the regulars were there by 10:00 a.m.

"All the important stuff is still here," Ryan said motioning toward the table near his barber's chair.

"They left the dominoes so I'm still in business," he said.


PECOS, Jan. 20, 2003 - High Sunday 72. Low this morning 39. Forecast for tonight: Mostly clear. Lows 35 to 40. West winds 10 to 20 mph. Tuesday: Partly cloudy and breezy. Highs 70 to 75. Northwest winds 15 to 25 mph. Tuesday night: Partly cloudy. Lows 30 to 35. Wednesday: Partly cloudy. Highs 65 to 70. Thursday: Mostly clear. Lows 30 to 35. Highs around 65.

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