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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Renovations shift Mass from Santa Rosa to St. Catherine's

Staff Writer
PECOS, Tuesday, June 18, 2002 -- Robert Munoz will be working for the next two weeks under the watchful eye of the Lord, literally.

Munoz, an employee with Airlawn Furniture, is working on the renovations at Santa Rosa Catholic Church.

Munoz had been an employee with Budweiser before going to work with Airlawn Furniture three months ago, where his experience as a carpenter has come in useful.

"I worked for Budweiser before but I have had five or six years of experience (as a carpenter)," Munoz said. "We do a little bit of every thing here."

Munoz said that his experience came from working with Perkins Construction here in Pecos.

Munoz said that the reason for leaving Budweiser was because he enjoyed the challenge of building things as a child.

"It is something I used to do as a little kid," Munoz said. "I missed the challenge of building things."

Building the new alter for the church is different from anything else he has had to build, he said.

"We are trying to finish as soon as possible, before Sunday, hopefully by Friday," Munoz said. "We want to finish so that there can be Mass on Sunday."

Munoz said that he and his partner Joey Villanueva started Monday after lunch and hope to finish the tile by Friday. If they finish by then, they will begin laying the vinyl on Monday.

Because of the construction Masses scheduled at Santa Rosa Catholic Church this weekend have been canceled.

The schedule has been revised so that Saint Catherine's Catholic Church can accommodate parishioners of both churches.

Confession will only be held at St. Catherine's on Saturday, June 22 from 4 p.m. till 5:30 p.m.

Mass at St. Catherine's will be in Spanish on Saturday, June 22, 7 p.m. and in English on June 23, at 10:30 and at 12 noon.

Santa Rosa will be back on their regular schedule June 29 and 30.

Title I federal funding meeting scheduled

Staff Writer
PECOS, Tuesday, June 18, 2002 -- Parents of Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD students along with other community members are invited to attend a meeting for the school district's Title I program tomorrow.

The meeting is scheduled for 4 p.m. at the Technology Center on Eddy Street.

Newly appointed Special Programs Coordinator Juanita Davila said that the meeting is to discuss the Title I program, which involves all programs provided throughout the district other than regular curriculum.

"We're going to be talking about the Title I programs that the district has," she said. "We are looking for ways to include the parent in the planning process."

Title I is a federally funded grant program that allows school districts to assist students including migrant and delinquent students. Pecos currently has Title I programs that deal with drug issues, child abuse, delinquency and the education of migrant students.

"We're trying to give the parents an opportunity to provide input for all Title programs," Davila said.

These programs are taught to all students in the district.

Davila said she hopes many parents and community members would attend the meeting to develop the Title I programs for the 2002-03 school year.

She said that these programs benefit all the students and help with their overall school career.

"These are programs that will help improve our basic programs," she said.

Task Force makes pot bust

Staff Writer
PECOS, Tuesday, June 18, 2002 -- A load of marijuana that was en-route to Houston never made its destination thanks to the efforts of officers with the Trans Pecos Drug Task Force.

At about 11 a.m., Monday, officers with the local task force working HITA, (High drug Intensity Traffic activity Area) in Culberson County observed a red Chevrolet S-10 blazer truck eastbound on I-10 at mile marker 150, said Trans Pecos Drug Task Force Sergeant Investigator Kevin Roberts.

The officers stopped the truck for making an unsafe lane change and spoke to the two individuals in the pickup truck.

The driver, Rene Martin Fierro, 27, and passenger, Hector Ismael Gloria, both of El Paso, gave officers conflicting stories. The two admitted that they were headed to Houston from El Paso, Roberts said.

Officers asked for consent to search the vehicle, after speaking to the two. A Border Patrol Agent and his canine, came out to the scene. "He ran his canine through the truck and immediately the dog jumped into the pickup through the back window," said Roberts.

Roberts said that the dog quickly alerted to something in the back seat of the SUV.

The truck was then taken into Van Horn for a more thorough search.

Officers located a bundle under the carpet in the rear portion of the blazer. "They started drilling into the floorboard, which revealed the marijuana bundles," said Roberts. "We used the Jaws of Life to extricate the bricks," he said.

Roberts said they had drilled for a while when they ran into the trap door. "We had already cut and cut when we finally found the trap door," he said.

The officers uncovered 16 bricks, totaling 83.70 pounds of marijuana, with an approximate street value of $41,500. The charge is a second-degree felony and both the driver and the passenger were transported to the Culberson County Jail, he said.

Roberts and Trans Pecos Drug Task Force Sgt. Mike Henderson were assisted by Border Patrol Agent John Urias and his dog, "Black," from Marfa.

"Our officers did an excellent job in working with other agencies," said Trans Pecos Drug Task Force Lieutenant Larry Arredondo. "In working with other agencies, we have established a great relationship, because we are all working towards the same cause," he said.

High school prom meeting

PECOS, Tuesday, June 18, 2002 -- A meeting for all high school seniors and their parents is scheduled for 7 p.m., Tuesday, June 25, at Anabel Aguilar's home, 2100 Plum Street.

The meeting will cover topics such as the prom and the senior class trip.

For more information call 447-6016.

Golden Girl tickets on sale

PECOS, Tuesday, June 18, 2002 -- Tickets for the Golden Girl of the Old West Revue are now on sale at the Pecos Area Chamber of Commerce Office, 111 S. Cedar.

Ticket price is $8 and the Golden Girl of the Old West Pageant will be held at 7 p.m., Friday, June 28, at the Pecos High School Auditorium.

Tickets will be sold at the chamber office until June 27 and at the door the night of the event.

Ghost Writer

Legend and superstition

PECOS, Tuesday, June 18, 2002 -- How do you separate legend from superstition? What legends and superstitions do you believe and what are their origins? Our country is replete with stories, past and present that some people believe and others scorn. Legends and superstitions are religious as well as secular. Is "Water witching" legend, superstition or foolishness?

Water witching has nothing to do with witchcraft. The name came from the name of a tree wic and the witch hazel shrub with limber limbs. The practice goes back to the sixteenth century and came to this country early on and is said to work more often than not. I watched a man wander around the Davis Mountains, forked stick in his hand, witching for water. It cost a lot of money to prove that he could not find water. Not believing at first and certainly not believing after the failure. I talked to a geologist and he thought that there was some value to the practice.

Mr. Elton Miles in his book, Tales of the Big Bend writes that he has held one end of a wire and a water witch held the other end and the rod in his hand twisted and the witch's hand never moved. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas experienced the same thing while he was in Alpine.

Guy Fenley was a fourteen-year-old boy who could see through the surface of the earth and tell where the water was and how deep it was. He successfully found water on many ranches in the Big Bend country. Newspaper articles told of the boy's ability and said the Honorable John Nance Garner, the State Representative, from Uvalde and later Vice President under FDR, confirmed it.

According to Mr. Miles book, Mr. Perry Cartwright was a noted water witch. He said that it made no difference in the fork you used it was the man. He used copper wire with a little loop in the fork end. The fork dipped when he found water and a four-foot copper wire told him the depth. He would sit on the ground and, with both hands, hold the four-foot wire in front of him. The rod would dip for every foot of depth. When it counted off the depth of a stream it would wave back and forth and start bobbing again until it found another source of water.

When looking for oil, the fork dips and stays that way until you cross the pool of oil. When looking for water, the fork dips and comes right back up. If you want to know the direction the water flows in a stream flows, turn the fork sideways and it will point the direction of flow.

Has this story changed you mind about legend or superstition? A Supreme Court Judge and a U.S. Vice-President could not be incorrect.

One dead in I-20 accident

Staff Writer
PECOS, Tuesday, June 18, 2002 -- An Arizona man was killed and a young boy seriously injured after a guardrail pierced through the vehicle they were in early this morning at Wickett.

Albert La Mere, 57, of Huachuca City, Ariz., was pronounced dead at Ward Memorial Hospital at 2:37 a.m., this morning and Andrew Gammon, 11, is in critical condition with head injuries after being airlifted to Odessa Medical Center after they were involved in a one vehicle accident.

The accident occurred at 1:25 a.m., today on Interstate 20 in Wickett involving La Mere, Gammon and three other passengers.

According to the Department of Public Safety report La Mere was driving a 1995 Chrysler 4-door with his wife Betty Jean, 56, and three minors including Andrew Gammon, Kelsey Gammon, 5, and Joshua Gammon, 9, all of Junction City, Kan.

La Mere, who was retired from the military, was driving in the westbound lane of I-20 when the vehicle drifted right onto the shoulder of the roadway.

The report states that the vehicle then struck a guardrail before becoming airborne and turning 90 degrees to the right.

A portion of the guardrail pierced the driver side door and penetrated the driver in the chest before continuing to the rear passenger seats striking Andrew in the head.

The other passengers are in good condition with cuts and bruises at Ward Memorial Hospital.

La Mere and all the passengers were wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident.

The DPS report said that all passengers were asleep when the accident occurred and according to one passenger La Mere was sleepy and trying to find a rest stop.

La Mere's body was taken to Harkey Funeral Home in Monahans.

DPS Trooper Rodney Tucker out of Monahans investigated the accident.


Clyde Fortune

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