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Thursday, June 13, 2002

Council working on new dump, Duncan wants more money

Staff Writer

PECOS, Thurs., June 13, 2002 -- The Town of Pecos City Council met with Duncan  Disposal representatives during a special lunchtime workshop yesterday  at City Hall.

Duncan Disposal General Manager Jack Burns requested that the Council consider giving their company a rate increase.

Burns said that his company is losing money each year with the transfer station located just south of Pecos on Hwy 17.

"I'm put under pressure because we are losing money every month," he said.

However, Burns does understand that the city is currently trying to get approval from the state to build a Type I and Type IV Landfill and said he's willing to work with the city by dropping the increase from 20 percent to 3 percent until the landfill opens.

Burns said that Duncan has been in contract with Pecos since 1996 and they have only come before the Council one time since then to ask for a rate increase.

"We did not come back to the Council until four years into the contract and then requested a 22 percent rate increase," he said. "We received a 3.4 percent increase."

City Manager Carlos Yerena explained that he and Finance Director George Bejarano have been meeting with Burns about Duncan's contract, which is a five-year contract that automatically, rolls over.

However, Yerena said that the city would like for Duncan to take a look at a few problems the city has with their service.

"We also want them to hear our issues," he said.

Yerena explained that the city would like Duncan to be more consistent in their trash pick-ups and would like to see better customer service. He explained that many people are having problems with the 800 number.

Burns said that Duncan would address those problems but would like for the Council to consider an increase.

"We have the privilege or right to come before you and ask for an increase," he said. "If you give us anything we still have honor the contract."

The Council could not take any action as to whether or not they would give an increase or not since the meeting was a workshop.

In response to Yerena's concerns, Burns said that Duncan is doing everything they've always done.

"Our service has not decreased," he said.

Under contract, Duncan is obligated to go down each alley at least once a month to pickup bulky items that will not fit in a dumpster.

Burns said that Duncan employees continue to do that as they always have even though it may not seem like it.

He also said that many people still do not understand what Duncan can and cannot pick up.

Burns offered a solution that would inform the public of the items that may be picked up.

"We could go to a call in reservation system," Burns said.

He explained that customers could call the Transfer Station, which is run by Alonzo Munoz, and set up a time where Duncan employees would be able to pick up any bulky items including a description of those items.

"Every customer is entitled to have one large item pick up a month," Burns said.

He explained that more than one item might be set out each month rather than several items throughout the month "so we don't go back to the same place everyday."

Burns said that with a certain time scheduled the customer would not have to put the items in the alley until the afternoon before.

"That way it'll keep the alleys clear and just keep the city looking better," he said.

Items that Duncan is able to pick up include bulky items such as furniture, mattresses and household appliances with the exception of refrigerators and air conditioners.

"The only appliance we can't take are refrigerators and air conditioners if they still have Freon in them," he said.

Duncan can also pick up yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves and shrubbery clippings (all must be bagged) and tree limbs or tree trimmings. The tree limbs and trimmings must be cut into four-foot lengths or shorter and tied securely together.

Duncan will not pick up construction debris or any liquid waste, tires, batteries, paint or freon.

Yerena said that the city plans to clean up the town once the Type I and Type IV landfills are open.

Pecos does not currently have a landfill because the previous landfill was shut down by the state because of a change in regulations, according to Yerena.

The city has applied for permits for the two types of and are waiting for Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission approval.

A Type I landfill would hold household garbage and landscaping debris. A Type IV landfill would hold demolition and construction debris such as remnants of burned or condemned houses.

Yerena said that the city is just waiting for TNRCC approval to begin construction of the landfills.

During the regular Council meeting this morning, Frank Spencer of Spencer & Associates asked the Council to approve an amendment that would allow his company to draw up plans for construction of the two landfill trenches.

Spencer explained that once TNRCC approves the city's landfills the construction should go by fairly quickly because a change in regulations has made it easier and cheaper to construct the trenches.

"It looks like we could have the trenches ready by March 2003," he said.

However, until then the city will continue to use Duncan Disposal and the transfer station and hopes people would be responsive to the new reservation system.

Burns said that that system should be up and running by July 1 and anyone wishing to have large items picked up may call Munoz at the transfer station at 447-9133.

Melodrama spuddering along

Staff Writer

PECOS, Thurs., June 13, 2002 -- Windmill Square Players are busy practicing for their annual  Melodrama which will be held at the State Theater for the third year in a row.

Performances of the melodrama will be held at 7:30 p.m., on Monday, July 1 and Tuesday, July 2. A matinee performance is scheduled for 3 p.m., Thursday, July 4.

This year's melodrama is titled, "Heaven Help the Po Taters _ or I'd-a-Hoe The Taters, but they just won't grow," by Billy St. John.

Tickets for the event are $5 each and can be purchased at the Pecos Insurance Agency and the night of the events at the theater.

"We are encouraging people that want to attend the matinee to purchase their tickets early, because last year it was close to a sell-out crowd," said Reita Prewit.

"Everything is going smoothly," said Prewit. "It's just fantastic and we're really excited," she said.

Prewit said that this summer there is a big class reunion planned and that more people are expected to be in Pecos during this time. "With this reunion, there may be a lot of people who incorporate this play into their summer plans," said Prewit. "That's why we want to encourage people to purchase their tickets early," she said.

Prewit said that the group also has a "surprise" cast member. "We have someone who is anonymous, our maitre `d," she said.

514 cowboys signed up for rodeo

Staff Writer

PECOS, Thurs., June 13, 2002 -- A new stock contractor will be on hand for this year's West of the  Pecos Rodeo events and plans are already underway to make this year's event  a successful one.

Terry Walls Rodeo, of Stephenville, will be joining Pecos in making this year's rodeo one to remember.

Tickets are already on sale at the Pecos Area Chamber of Commerce and Debbie Thomas at the West of the Pecos Museum has box seat tickets.

Individuals can also call 1-800-588-BULL for more information or to purchase tickets, or the Pecos Area Chamber of Commerce 1-915-445-2406.

Signup sheets for the local events which include Wild Cow Milking and Wild Mare Race are at the chamber office, located at 111 S. Cedar.

"We went up on the local events entry fee to $100," said West of the Pecos Rodeo President Trevor Teague. "The reason for that is that we want to make the payout amount bigger," he said.

Teague said that about 514 contestants have already signed up to participate in this year's events.

Clowns Mark Callahan and Rodney Gaston will be out in the arena with the cowboys and Terry Walls will also be bringing one of his own clowns.

Bob Berg is making the buckles this year and will also make a commemorative buckle that individuals will be able to buy a chance for and win. Chances cost $1 and can be purchased from any rodeo committee member.

"That Saturday, we will feature the West of the Pecos Team Roping Classic, a local roping contest, and the finalist will get to rope Saturday night," said Teague.

Teague said that a special thanks goes out to Russ Salcido and the Reeves County Road and Bridges crew. "They're doing a great job out there, getting the arena ready and making sure everything is in order," said Teague. "They are all working very hard and we really appreciate it," he said.

"I also want to thank Smokey Briggs, Cody West and Kevin Duke for all the work they've done on advertising," said Teague.

Teague said that a lot of volunteers have helped promote this year's event and thanked them for their hard work and dedication to the community.

"We also want to encourage businesses to set up their banners," he said.

Dancing under the stars after each rodeo night will be held at the Reeves County Sheriff's Posse, located next to the rodeo arena. Cooder Graw and No Damn Clue (NDC) will perform on July 3 and No Damn Clue will be performing solo the 4th, 5th and 6th .

Cooking demonstrations held on Thursday

PECOS, Thurs., June 13, 2002 -- Cooking demonstrations will be held at the Texas  Cooperative Extension, 700 Daggett.

The demonstrations will be held at 5:30 p.m., on Thursday, June 20 and Thursday, June 27; July 11, 18, and 25 and Aug. 1.

Everyone is invited to come out and learn tips on cooking healthier Mexican foods for your family.

Enjoy the demonstrations and stay to eat.

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