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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

wards given for Fair’s craft, cooking events

Staff Writer

Birdhouses, Afghans, jellies and paintings were just some of the items judged and ribbons awarded during the 61st Reeves-Loving County Fall Fair.

Second Grade Fall Fair Birdhouse winners included, Best of Show: Benjamin Madrid. In the Small Wood: first place - Eric Medellin; second place, Cindey Leos and third place, Adriana Anchondo.

Medium Wood: first, Daniel Vasquez; second place, Fidel Lujan and third place, Alexis Jimenez.

Large Wood: Second place, Aaron Villescas and third place, Kaitlin Rayos.

Extra Large Wood: first, Nydia Natividad; second, Nathaniel Sandoval and third, Isabel Martinez.

Natural Division: first, Will James Fernandes; second, Janet Jasso and third place, Joseph Nunez.

In the Small Paper Division: first, Jasmine Lopez; second place, Andrew Rodriguez and third, Sergio Fierro, Jr.

Medium Paper: first place, John C. Hernandez; second place, Edward Esparza and third place, Clarissa Flores.

Large Paper: first, Odalys Rodriguez; second place, Jesse Marquez and third place, John A. Rodriguez.

In the Extra Large Paper Division: first, Brianna Pelham; second, Jessie Martinez and third, Donovan Salgado.

Afghans: Baby: Millie Jackson Virginia Pena Margaret Ryan Regular Afghans: Juanita Arredondo Elisa Mendoza Arlene Bragg Best of Show: Virginia Pena Knitted: Millie Jackson Crochet: Dolls and Clothes B.J. Bruning Crochet: Hats and Ponchos: Best of Show and 1st, Janet Prewit Christine Murphy Janet Prewit Doilies: Best of Show, Mina Morris Kay Peterson and Karen Hornberger Embroidery: Best of Show, Joyce Morton Pillow cases - Colleen Paschal Table runner - B.J. Bruning Cup Towels - Blanca Avila Clothing: Mamie Clary Allison Espinosa Pillows: Lorna Navarette Bessie Osborn Best of Show, Ava Gerke Cross Stitch: Towels - 1st place, Melissa Contreras Pillow - 1st Bessie Osborn Cross Stitch Pictures, Linen Best of Show, Laura Teal 2nd - Vera Sellars Cross Stitch - Aida Cloth Margaret Ryan Laura Teal Mamie Clary Hobbies and Crafts: Joel Ramirez - Police Centerpieces Ella Sue Johnson - Kit Kat Cake, 1st and 2nd, football man 1st, Birdhouse, 2nd, Birds on Log, 2nd Flower arrangement, 3rd flower arrangement. 1st Terri Spence - CD Christmas Tree 1st Larry Busby - Scale Mode Plan Sculls - Youth Emmi Goldsborough Michael Faulk Sculls Adults: 1st & Best of Show: Christine Murphy 2nd Christine Murphy 3rd Christine Murphy 1st Justin Murphy 1st Cookbook - Karen Hornberger 1st Scrapbook - Lisa Contreras 1st Stamp Collection: Clay Teague Woodworking: Cathy Teague Men: Best of Show, Jamie Cranfill Bart Parker Delfin Esinosa Delfin and Allison Espinosa Farm and Garden Products: Dianna Renz - Pomegranates David Teal - Pomegranates Doris Tillery - Pomegranates Cathy Teague - Tomatoes Barbara Creager - Tomatoes Cathy Teague - Banana Peppers Cathy Teague - Jalapenos

County getting cash to change voting machine

Staff Writer

An agreement for new voting equipment, along with over $300,000 in funds for Reeves County, was approved by county commissioners on Monday morning, along with the date for a golf scramble at the Reeves County Golf Course.

Commissioners met Monday morning during their regular meeting to discuss a few items on their short agenda, including approval of a resolution for the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), for new voting equipment that has already arrived at the courthouse.

The equipment replaces the punch card voting machines the county has used for years, but which were banned from further use by the federal government at the end of 2005, as a result of complaints following the contested 2000 presidential election. Reeves was one of only 13 counties in Texas using punch card ballots at the time of the 2000 election.

“We already have the new equipment here, but we need to approve the two resolutions in agreement with HAVA,” said Reeves County Clerk Dianne Florez.

In the resolution, Reeves County Commissioners agreed that the expenditure of the funds in accordance with any agreement between Reeves County and the State of Texas, Office of the Secretary of State pursuant to Title I, Section 101 and Title II, Section 251 of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), Public Law 107-252, shall be, or in the case of retroactive payments, was in consultation and agreement with the county election officials and the county financial officer of Reeves County.

“They awarded us $302,000,” said Florez.

Florez said that they have already received $152,460 in equipment and will use the rest of the funds for training and incidentals.

“We need to adopt both these resolutions for compliance of the voting equipment for Reeves County,” said Reeves County Judge Jimmy B. Galindo.

Florez said that the people from the voting equipment company would be in Pecos to provide the training and that they would hold a “mock election,” to demonstrate it. Commissioners also approved a golf tournament for Saturday, Nov. 12.

The Thursday Night Scramblers held a similar tournament recently, which proved to be a success.

“We did have a good turnout, we are a good organization and wanted to ask for the golf course for one day,” said one of the organizers for the event, Larry Levario.

He said that they would provide food and fun. “We won’t have any music this time, but I have already received inquiries from some people in Odessa that want to participate,” Levario said.

In other action, an oath and deputation for Malissa Roberts to work at the Reeves County Sheriff’s Department was approved.

The group also approved re-hires at the Reeves County Detention Center III, at a starting pay of $22,800. Re-hires included: Rosendo Galindo, Chad Bickle, Jacob Esparza and Frank Ramos III.

For the Reeves County Sheriff’s Office, Tiffany Boicourt was approved as a part-time receptionist at $5.25 an hour.

Cold, rain unseals street recoating efforts

Staff Writer

It’s back out to the street and back to the drawing board for Town of Pecos City crews this week, after cold, rainy weather that hit the area late Wednesday ruined the seal coating work the city had just completed on Walthall Street.

The 11-blocks of new paving was pulled up by passing cars, after the cold temperatures and water caused the base to lose its grip on the paving below.

“Today we’re going to start scraping the rocks off Walthall Street,” city utilities director Edgardo Madrid said Monday morning. “We had some damage on the seal coating. The problem was when we were doing the seal coating there was some traffic on the seal coat, and the weather was cold the following day.”

Walthall is one of the main streets connecting Eddy and Cedar streets, and for drivers south of Walthall trying to go east to Cedar there are no other nearby options. As a result, a number of drivers ignored barricades and drove on the street just after the new surface was put down. After the rain and cold weather hit, the street was left with a washboard-like surface as the new paving came off the surface.

“The area with the vehicles, that’s where the damage was,” said Madrid. “I’m not saying the drivers were responsible; it was the weather that caused the problem; but the problem occurred where the cars had been driving.”

Two other streets on the southwest side of Pecos that were also seal coated in recent days did not have the same problem as on Walthall Street, he added.

Madrid said last week the seal coating needed two days of warm and dry weather, and while the new surface was laid last Tuesday, the cold front came in late Wednesday and during the early morning hours on Thursday, dropping temperatures from the mid-90s to the upper 40s and dropping between 1 and 1 1/2 inches of rain on the city. A similar problem seven years ago on Interstate 20 forced closure of the highway in western Reeves County for several days, until temperatures warmed and a new surface could be put on the roadway.

Madrid said city officials have discussed what their next steps will be after the loose asphalt on Walthall Street is cleaned up.

“We had a meeting with the general foreman and with Martin Arreguy (in charge of the city’s clean-up program). He has some experience with street improvement when he was in California. We’ll come up with some ideas on how to improve the situation.”

Madrid said the city wants to try and resurface Walthall again, as soon as the weather improves, and plan to publicize the situation before any action is taken.

“We’re going to call the fire department, police department and radio station, and let them know we’re working on the street,” said Madrid, while adding that the problems on Walthall may prevent any other street resurfacing until next year.

“At this point, seal-coating Seventh Street may be in jeopardy, because of the weather. We may have to wait on that,” he said.

Orla group takes top prize at cook-off

Newcomers to the cooking arena took the Grand Champions honors on Saturday, at the Annual Barbecue Beef Cook-off held this weekend at the Reeves County Posse Arena.

The Hegar Cooker’s Camp, with Louis Hegar as head cook, took the Grand Champions Honor for the event, which began on Friday under cloudy and cold skies, but which saw the weather improve by Saturday morning.

The Hegar Cooker’s Camp is from Orla and came to Pecos to participate in the yearly event.

In the Rib Category, the Dairy Queen Camp, with head cook Ray Pena placed first; second place went to the Big Dogs, with Melvin Orona cook; nobody claimed the third place award and fourth placed went to the Hegar Cooker’s Camp.

Brisket results included first pace winners, The Three Amigos, with Mike Garcia, cook. The group took top honors at last year’s event, along with the Grand Champion award. Second place in the brisket category went to the Hegar Camp; third place, The Three Amigos and fourth place, The Ramos Camp with head cook, Pete Ramos, Jr. The Best Camp award went to The Nabors Camp. The company set up a winning camp on the north side of the arena, offering plenty of hospitality.

Organizer Lee Ryan handed out a belated award at this year’s event. “There was a mistake last year and the award for best camp went to the wrong people,” said Ryan. Best Camp for 2004 went to the Da’ Boyz Camp.

A raffle was being conducted for several weeks prior to the cook-off and the winner of that was Al Gomez, who won a large barbecue pit.

Ryan thanked all the sponsors and entrants for their participation.

Portillo, Vasquez crowned at Homecoming

Balmorhea held their Homecoming this past weekend and included the 2005 Balmorhea Bears Homecoming Little Prince and Princess.

The first place winners received a $100.

First place and crowned Bears Little Prince and Princess are Aryn Portillo and Daniel Vasquez III, “Little Danny.”

Runners-up and winners of $50 were Fatima Orozco and Joshua Guebara.

Third place and winners of $25 were Thais Zuniga and Josiah Garcia.

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